American Crew vs Suavecito: Which Hair Product Is Best for Your Hair?

American Crew vs Suavecito Both the products are as popular as other cosmetic brands. But, recently they have gained much popularity due to the significant features and benefits they offer to the users. American Crew Vs Suavecito has been in demand, so we are here with the perfect comparison of these two brands. Both the brands have been delivering exemplary products to their customers. It has helped in satisfying their customers and establishing a reputation among them. Today, in this article we will compare these two brands for their products and will find out the best one.

American Crew Vs Suavecito

American Crew vs Suavecito

These two brands have been offering great hair products for their users. When it comes to providing the best products for hair, these two emerge as the first choice. Despite being a little recent in the cosmetic industry, they have established so much in less time. In this article, we will try to see the differences in the products of these two brands. American Crew fiber is a hair cream used to keep them in shape and providing an elegant look. Similarly, Suavecito is also a well-recognized hair product brand that offers a large variety of water-based hair products. If you are looking to find the best between these two, keep reading.

If we talk about the hold of these products on your hair, Suavecito offers a more flexible and stronghold on your hair. Though, the hold also differs with the different qualities of hair. So, if a product is giving a good hold to your friend’s hair, it doesn’t mean you will get the same hold. If we talk about the old American Crew fiber, it offers a medium hold to your hair.

Another thing people want to know about this hair product is the amount of shine they offer to hair. American Crew offers more shine as compared to the Suavecito. Some people like shine on their hair, while others prefer not to get shiny hair. So, it also depends on the consumer to consumer. What are you looking for, shiny hair or non-shiny hair? So, choose according to your needs.

Now, let’s talk about the fragrance. Does fragrance matter to you? Do you want to hair to have a nice fragrance? If yes, read this comparison carefully. Suavecito has more fragrance as compared to the American Crew fiber. If you are someone for whom hair fragrance matters, go with the Suavecito.

American Crew Vs Suavecito Pomade

Pomade is a substance that is greasy or wax-like and is used to apply to hair. Both the brands offer pomade products to their customers. Their pomades are used by millions of people every day. Have you heard about them? Do you want to know which one is the best? Keep reading to find the comparison.

The basic difference between the products of these brands is that American Crew’s Pomade offers some shine on the hair, whereas Suavecito claims to offer no shine in its product. Moreover, American Crew makes your hair a little thicker to help them stay in place. While on other hand, Suavecito gives a little flexibility to your hair while keeping them pleasant all day. Another important difference is between the price of both the products. Suavecito is slightly more expensive than the American Crew brand. Despite being expensive, Suavecito has more popularity as compared to the American Crew.

American Crew vs Suavecito

No matter how different these two products are, the ultimate decision lies with you. On one hand, the American crew makes your hair thick and helps them remain in place throughout the day. And, on the other hand, Suavecito helps you to give your hair a natural and effortless look the entire day. Both the products are excellent and fit the specific needs of a person. If you want to keep your at one place and give them a hard look, go with the American Crew. However, if you want to get a soft and flexible look on your hair, Suavecito would be a great choice.

Another essential observation is that Suavecito use water-based pomade. This makes it easy to wash out and don’t create many complications. However, American Crew’s pomade is made from oil and is an oil-based product. So, if you want to get a traditional and old-fashion look, American Crew must be your choice.


Is American Crew Fiber bad for your hair?

No, American Crew Fiber is not bad for your hair. Instead, it gives them a strong and thick look. You can completely rely on this product.

Is Suavecito water based?

Yes, Suavecito is a water-based product. So, it is easy to get out from your hair. It is also one of the reasons that it doesn’t make your hair hard.


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