Amlactin vs Aveeno: Which Moisturizer is Best for Your Skin?

Looking for a body lotion but confused with all these great options in the market? Well, to make the right choice we always recommend understanding your skin and then understand the product. In this article Amlactin vs Aveeno, we are going to choose the one that you can vouch, for the longest time.

A perfect skincare brand designs products to cater to all kinds of skin needs from oily and sensitive to dry. They create keeping in mind the diverse users of the product with different needs.

Amlactin vs Aveeno

Amlactin is a brand that ranges if products for all needs like foot repair, rapid relief, ultra-smoothening, and even a daily use lotion.

Its products contain lactic acid that is a major moisturizing factor and helps in various ways in keeping the skin intact.

  • The faster skin rejuvenation process
  • Softer appearance and texture of the skin
  • Skin brightness
  • Locks the moisture compared to other products

When lactic acid is utilized in a greater concentration i.e than 10%, it helps achieve the best results. The Amlactin products contain 12- 15 % of lactic acid hence proving the benefits.

On the other hand, the brand Aveeno is known for products designed out of nature’s ingredients. They go through plenty of tests, are clinically proved, and are safe to use.

The brand believes in balancing the skin with the right ingredients of nature and science. Their products pay significant attention to the products they design and their impact.

Amlactin vs Aveeno lotion

Amlactin Lotion

The body lotion is a part of every skincare routine, and the Lotion we choose, should always procure to our needs and at the same time not harm nature.


  • Ingredients- The Amlactin body lotions contain glycerine and lactic acid as two crucial ingredients. Glycerin plays a role in forming a layer to keep the moisture content locked. Whereas, lactic acid helps with dry skin and discoloration.
  • The texture on the skin- The Lotion has a perfectly silky texture on the skin. It provides a glowy look while still being non-greasy. It gets absorbed into the skin, not feeling heavy but lightweight instead.
  • Cost factor- The Lotion, even though very effective and exceptional is still cost-effective.

Aveeno lotion

Amlactin vs Aveeno

Aveeno moisturizing lotion contains both natural and chemical ingredients like blended oatmeal and rich emollients. These products help in keeping the moisture intact.

  • Ingredients- in the Aveeno lotion, the oatmeal ingredient helps in retaining the moisture by forming a protective layer. It is a great ingredient in lotion for people with sensitive skin.
  • Sensitive on the skin- Many of us have skin that is sensitive to lotions with great products. But Aveeno is not one of them. This Lotion can be used easily on sensitive skin and does not cause irritations.
  • Non-greasy texture- The Aveeno lotion is also lightweight, similar to the Amlactin lotion. It is not heavy on the skin and is absorbed easily.
  • No fragrance- The lotion also has no fragrance hence is greatly preferred by a lot of sensitive skin users.
  • Cost- Aveeno lotion is also similar to the Amlactin Lotion in terms of cost and is budget-friendly.

If you are a skin enthusiast or are looking for a lotion to fit perfectly into your everyday routine, we recommend you check out both Lotions. Understand their differences, ingredients, prices, and other factors before picking a lotion.

Both Amlactin and Aveeno lotion are great in rejuvenating the skin, and keep the moisture content locked while catering for even sensitive skin.

Aveeno has ingredients that are very natural and are used to balance the chemicals used. It is a perfect lotion for people who pay attention to which products impact the environment.

Whereas Amlactin lotion is known for its ingredients and lactic acid concentration, which has proven to be effective.

What lotion do dermatologists recommend?

Still confused as to choose between Amlactin vs Aveeno lotion, dermatologists recommend choosing a lotion not based on the cost factor but its effectiveness.

Skin type is vital in testing the utmost capability of a lotion. Hence make sure to check what ingredient will suit your skin, and will be the most effective.

Trying out both the lotions is also a great choice, to pick the one you can rely on to be a part of your routine.

Aveeno lotion even though is a popular choice, has the best ingredients.

Amlactin Lotion is also known to be effective, and its non-greasy formula is what is attracting its consumers.

Dermatologists recommend both Lotions and advice choosing a Lotion on the preference of the use.


  1. What is amLactin Lotion used for?

AmLactin Lotion can be utilized, for rejuvenation of skin and even skin renewal. People with dry, rough skin can apply this Lotion regularly to achieve the acquired results.

This Lotion helps in retaining moisture and can be used on skin with eczema.

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