Amlactin vs Eucerin: Which Moisturizer is Best for Your Skin?

Body lotions and cream for curing Keratosis Pilaris are different from normal cream and skincare products. They have special ingredients for hydrating the body and also help in sebum production. In this article, I would give you a detailed analysis of Amlactin vs Eucerin. These products are really helpful as a major part of your body does not have a sebaceous gland and is generally dry.

Amlactin vs Eucerin for KP (Keratosis Pilaris)

You can consider Amlactin to be a highly recommended brand by a dermatologist. These are best for dry skin. Amlactin works on lactic acid for exfoliating the skin. It will both hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Amlactin has 12% of lactic acid. You have to use it twice a day for few weeks. Try not to use it regularly or more than what the doctor prescribed as it may make your skin sensitive. It can cure all skin problems that involve bumpy skin or red patches.

When it comes to Eucerin, the primary ingredients are lactic acid and sodium lactate. It can easily cure redness and itchiness on dry or cracked skin. It does not have any significant scent.

Amlactin vs Eucerin roughness relief 

Let’s find out which is better – Amlactin Vs Eucerin.

amlactin vs eucerin

Eucerin is more recommended than Amlactin for roughness and dry skin. It has more than one ingredient that you can use for moisturizing the skin. People also prefer this because it is fragranceless.

Amlactin is used on extremely dry skin areas. You have to use it twice a day or as prescribed by the doctor. Make sure to tell the doctor if you are suffering from any allergy, because it may contain certain ingredients which may irritate you.

Which is better Amlactin vs Eucerin?

Keeping your skin moisturized, not only makes it look good but also prevents it from getting cracked. This will also prevent you from getting vulnerable to other skin infections.

Between Amlactin vs Eucerin, Amlactin is more preferred and recommended by doctors. It uses fewer ingredients, therefore can be used for a large part of your body and by almost all skin types. It causes less irritation than Eucerin. It only has 12% of lactic acid. The results of Amlactin are quick and can heal extremely dry skin. It is in a runny form, therefore needs only a few pumps to apply all across the body.

Eucerin is best suitable for use in winter when the atmosphere is all dry. It does contain many more ingredients than Amlactin. This increases the chances of irritation in sensitive skin. This lotion is most suitable for areas that are more vulnerable to the sun, like arms, legs, face, and neck.

Amlactin vs Eucerin Cream

amlactin vs eucerin

Amlactin cream is best suitable for almost all types of skin. The primary ingredient that it uses is lactic acid. So, if your skin is not allergic to lactic acid, you can surely go with this as your skincare cream. But it is recommended not to uses more than a few weeks as it can make your skin sensitive. This is because it exfoliates your skin very well and so you may get sensitive.

Eucerin is not meant for all types of skin, as they use many ingredients and your skin may be allergic to any one of them. They exfoliate and hydrate your skin very well on areas such as legs, arms that are more exposed to the sun.


Both Amlactin vs Eucerin can be used for treating skin conditions. The only thing that should be noted is that you should go with the product that suits your skin. There are more ingredients used in Eucerin than Amlactin, due to which it is not suitable for all skin types. You should tell your doctor about all your skin conditions before using these products. They make your skin glow as they exfoliate it and keep it moisturized.

I hope this article on Amlactin vs Eucerin gave you a better insight on the products and you will be able to choose the better product now. Thank you for reading.


  1. Is Eucerin good for keratosis pilaris?

Ans: Yes, Eucerin is good for curing KP. KP is a skin condition that causes redness and bumps which are although not itchy or something but can be irritating. Eucerin is specially made for dry skin. It can easily hydrate and exfoliate your skin. If uses for few weeks you can see good results.

  1. Which Amlactin is best for keratosis pilaris?

Ans: Sperling is a highly recommended Amlactin lotion. You can use it for curing keratosis pilaris. You should use it only on the doctor’s recommendation as they make your skin sensitive after a certain time.


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