Aveda Invati vs Nioxin Hair Loss Brands: Comparing the Top Brands

Hair loss can take a toll on one’s mental health. If you find yourself lurking on the internet trying to find the perfect remedy for your hair loss, you have probably heard of Aveda invati and Nioxin. Find the better option between Aveda Invati vs Nioxin Hair Loss Brands.

Aveda Invati vs Nioxin Hair Loss Brands

About Aveda Invati

Aveda Invati

Aveda Invati is one of the most successful beauty brands in the world. The products manufactured by Aveda Invati are symbolic of the beneficial sources of nature. The manufacturing process honors the environment by keeping the products environment-friendly and green. The products are plant-infused and enabled with utmost sustainability. One of the significant and distinct features of the manufacturing process of Aveda Invati hair care products is that they are made of 90% naturally derived ingredients.

The Aveda Invati products are also vegan and cruelty-free. The Company has been serving the skincare needs of the people since 1978. Aveda Invati contributes significant efforts towards the social welfare of the world. It fulfills the social responsibility duty by providing charity that enables clean water supply and sanitary measures to India, Nepal, etc.

About Nioxin


Nioxin is yet another successful brand specializing in hair care services. Nioxin has aided its services since the year 1987. The years of experience have only added to the expertise of the brand. The Company offers a variety of hair care products catering to the problem of hair loss. It offers effective hair loss remedies and scalp treatments that help redeem the good health of the scalp.

The formula used in Nioxin hair care products works on replacing thin hair with thick hair. It harbors the desire for healthy and thick hair. The service provided by Nioxin more than makes up for the lack of good hair. Nioxin caters to the hair care needs of both men and women. The products aiding hair loss have garnered positive reviews and feedbacks.

Aveda invati vs invati advanced

Aveda Invati’s inventions stem from the healing powers of nature. The brand believes in the power of the environment. The products are nature-based are cruelty-free. Environmental sustainability plays a vital role in the manufacturing process of Aveda Invati. It delivers a great number of efforts towards the environmental wellbeing of the world we dwell in.

In an attempt to eliminate the carbon footprint eventually, The Company supports the innovation of renewable wind energy. The products are manufactured with the help of renewable wind energy. Embracing the natural sources of healing helps in making the products 100% vegan. The hair care formulas are free of harmful chemicals. The Aveda Invati products are not animal tested.

To add to the long list of effective services, Aveda Invati introduced the new Invati advanced. The new range of advanced products helps with the problem of hair loss and thinning. The products deliver the promise of reducing hair loss by 53% Invati advanced proposes a new system that requires an individual to follow the regimen one day at a time.

The system comprises three vital components, the Invati advanced exfoliating shampoo, Invati advanced thickening conditioner and, Invati advanced scalp revitalizer. The three-step process includes exfoliation, thickening, and activation of the hair loss procedure. All the products used in the Invati advanced system are 94% naturally derived. The system requires a period of 12 weeks to show optimum results. The products included in the treatment:

Nioxin treatments

The Nioxin brand proposes a three-part system to help win the battle against hair loss and thinning. The customer can choose a suitable three-part system according to the hair type. The type of damage determines the kind of three-part system required to redeem the health of the hair. To amplify and enhance the results of the three-part system, Nioxin offers intensive therapy treatments as well. Nioxin is home to an extensive range of products catering to the issue of hair loss and thinning.


Does Aveda invati really work?

The products manufactured by Aveda Invati contain the curable values of various sources of nature. It isn’t fair to underestimate the healing power of nature. The ingredient sourcing of Aveda Invati takes place in the arms of the environment. The products contain the remedial value of ingredients like amla, flaxseed, quinoa, mango, Shea butter, turmeric, vinegar, etc. The products are also free from chemicals like parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, etc. The high quality of the products ensures the effective capability of Aveda Invati hair care products.

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What is the Nioxin treatment kit?

The Nioxin treatment kit comprises products infused with the beneficial factors of three different technologies that enhance the growth and thickening of the hair.


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