Aveda Invati vs Rogaine: Which is Best For You?

If you are suffering from thinning hair, you might be worried a lot. Thinning of hair is due to many reasons, like unbalanced diet, alcohol, stress, etc. Let’s see what Aveda Invati vs Rogaine’s comparison says!

Aveda Invati is Aveda’s most trusted product. Aveda Invati uses 97% natural products that help with hair loss problems. Invati doesn’t regrow your hair but strengthens.  Aveda Invati unclogged the pores that help in renewing the scalp. The ingredient turmeric helps in protecting the hair and the scalp. Aveda products are mainly known for preventing hair breakage. There are various hair care products in Aveda.

 Rogaine is the first topical brand that helps hair regrowth. It is a clinically tested brand with 20 years of experience. Rogaine helps hair follicles to revitalize and reduces hair loss. So that your hair regrows and becomes thick and also gets volume. The ingredient minoxidil is the main essence of Rogaine products. Compared to Aveda, Rogaine is budget-friendly.

 Aveda uses natural ingredients whereas rogaine is chemical-based. If you have thinning hair problem you must try Aveda Invati. And if you want treatment for hair loss problems then Rogaine is the best.

Aveda Invati Vs Invati Advanced

Aveda Invati vs Rogaine

From the above information, you can see that the ingredients in Aveda products are natural.  Though Aveda Invati is the best, still they advanced the quality of the products by using powerful formulas to give better results. Hence Invati Advanced was launched by the company to give better results.

Invati Advanced instantly thickens your hair and hair fall is reduced by 53%. You need to use Invati Advance Scalp Revitalizer only once per day instead of twice.   After using Invati Advanced, you will experience instant hair thickening in 12 weeks.  In Invati Advanced, turmeric and amla are the key ingredients that energize and invigorate the scalp and thickens the hair respectively. Thus the difference between Aveda Invati vs Invati Advanced is that Invati Advanced is made with strong organic formulas to give you better results.

Aveda Invati for Thinning Hair

Aveda Invati is the best for thinning hair problems. The natural ingredient Turmeric has the properties to strengthen the hair from roots.   It is to be used twice as directed by the company. Many have benefitted from this product.

But now Aveda has launched New Aveda Invati advanced especially for thinning hair, which is more powerful than the original. You will experience 58% less hair loss and you need to use the product only once as compared to the original. This is the main difference in the products.

Aveda Invati vs Kerastase

Aveda Invati helps in stopping the breakage of hair.  The ingredient turmeric used eliminates the root cause of the problem. So if you are experiencing hair loss due to breakage of hair, then Aveda Invati will work for you. If you want smoother, stronger hair, then you must go for Kerastase. Their thoroughly researched products help in restoring the proteins in your hair. It helps in reducing hair loss. Both brands are effective in quality.

Aveda Invati Thinning Hair Reviews

Aveda Invati vs Rogaine

Well, Aveda Invati uses natural ingredients. So there is no harm in using Aveda Invati. Those who gave reviews for the products say that they have noticed a difference in the rate of hair fall. But to know how it works for you, you need to try it for yourself. There are more positive reviews about the product.

Aveda Invati men’s Scalp Revitalizer Treatment Review

This product has got many positive reviews from its users. They noticed thick hair after using the product, as the natural ingredient Amla is known to strengthen the hair. They also felt that their hair was cleaned completely.  Hence for those who have used the product regularly have experienced positive results.


Can you Use Aveda Invati with Rogaine?

It is best to try 1 product at a time. As you may not get the effective results of either any product if used together. Select only one product that works best for you. So it is best to avoid using Aveda Invati with Rogaine.

Does Aveda Invati Really Work?

Yes. This revolutionary product has worked for many who were consistent with the product. You need to have the patience to see the results and don’t expect the results overnight.

Does Aveda Invati cause Hair loss?

Aveda Invati prevents hair loss. Natural ingredients like turmeric and amla work wonders on hair loss problems. You need to use the product only as directed by the company in the required quantity. There is no reason for Aveda Invati to cause hair loss.


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