Aveeno vs Johnson: Which Brand Offers the Best Skincare Products?

Both Aveeno and Johnson are the brands that every mother considers for the healthy maintenance of her child’s skin and hair. Be, it baby cream, oil, shampoo or anything else both the brands seem to be equally good to the general consumers. However, here we’ll see Aveeno vs Johnsonand we’ll bring you to a point where you can select the suitable product for your child. 

When it comes to kids, we look for the most natural products that are chemical-free and that do not cause children any harm or side effect in any case. Skins of babies are very sensitive and if nourished properly can lead the child to develop into a healthy individual when he/ she grow up. So, the quality of the products that we use for kids matters the most. 

Aveeno vs Johnson

Beginning with Johnson, Johnson has a limited range of products that includes shampoo, powder; massage oils, shower gels, lotions, and wipes whereas Aveeno has a long-range of products included in the stock. So here while looking at Aveeno vs Johnson & Johnson baby products, we’ll see over some limited products of both brands.

  1. Aveeno vs Johnson

Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Bath Wash and Shampoo:-

Aveeno products contain Natural oats extract and so does the shampoo. This shampoo is specifically designed for babies and is therefore natural, hypo-allergic, paraben-free, tear-free. This shampoo is suitable for sensitive hair and skin and has a mild scented smell. The natural oats extract present in it makes the product highly rich for the skin and hair of babies. This baby wash cleanses without drying and has soothing and nourishing properties. It gives a rich lather and cleanses the hair and body of babies properly leaving a light scent after use. This product is free of soap and other chemicals that can harm babies in any way. The pH is balanced and is good for daily use. 

Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Bath Wash and Shampoo

Johnson Gentle baby wash and shampoo

This head-to-toe gentle baby wash and shampoo is to wash away most of the germs from the body of children and is tear-free, hypo-allergic, and sulfate-free. Johnson products are designed specifically for the delicate skins of kids and have fewer ingredients. The product is clinically tested and pH is balanced to provide the baby the comfort he/she deserves. The no more tear formula helps babies to enjoy bathing and creates a bond that stays forever. It gives gentle lather and leaves a mild scented smell after a bath. Johnson products are easily accessible to customers. It nourishes the baby’s skin and gives a soft touch to it. 

Johnson Gentle baby wash

The active ingredient in Johnson Baby wash and shampoo is glycerine and that in Aveeno Baby wash and shampoo is oats. The Johnson shampoo may keep baby’s skin more moisturized whereas Aveeno baby shampoo containing oats extracts may be more nutritious. You may choose the best by going through Aveeno vs Johnson baby wash.

  1. Aveeno vs Johnson

Aveeno Baby moisturizing lotion 

This calming comfort moisturizing lotion comes with relaxing lavender and vanilla scents. It is a non-greasy body lotion that comes with natural oatmeal. It is Paraben-free and is used for treating a baby’s dry skin. The special ingredient in it is castor oil that is highly recommended for babies in their growth years. This lotion is applied to the whole body and helps retain moisture. It soothes the baby’s delicate skin and is hypo-allergic. It keeps the baby’s skin healthy and soft. The lotion is fast-absorbing and is alcohol-free thus suitable for infants and babies with sensitive skin. It helps in preventing dryness of skin and keeps it nourished for long hours. 

Johnson baby body lotion with coconut oil

This bedtime baby lotion containing coconut oil and a relaxing natural aroma is best suited for the baby’s sensitive skin. The natural aroma helps relax the baby and the hypo-allergic property of the product prevents babies from any kind of allergy. This product is paraben-free and is suitable for all ages. The special blend of calming smell and the presence of coconut oil give babies a sound- sleep. It keeps the baby’s skin healthy and soft. The lotion is fast-absorbing and nourishes the skin for a long.


  1. Is Aveeno baby better than Johnson and Johnson?

Ans: It cannot be said that one brand is better than the other. Both the brands have various products and each product comes with varieties of different ingredients. You may choose the best for your baby after reviewing both of them and prioritizing your need in the product.  

  1. Is Aveeno owned by Johnson and Johnson?

Ans: Yes, Johnson and Johnson own Aveeno but both the brands have their specialty and are the competing brands in the market.


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