7 Best Baby Finger Nail Clippers

When fingernails and toenails first make an appearance in your newborn, it does well to remember that they are in their most primal form- soft, flexible and vulnerable to bruising. Baby fingernails are plaint and small and may lead you to think that there is no cause for concern or regulation for them. Well, here’s a myth buster: baby nails can grow at a surprisingly fast pace and hurt easily as they grow sharper and become riskier to keep.

These newfound fingernails are usually subject to whacky handling by your child- who doesn’t understand the developments in his/her body. Furthermore, babies cannot control their movements yet. They flail around a lot. During this process, they could scratch or claw at their face a lot, the consequences being bruises and a couple of tears.

To prevent such a scenario, most parents are advised to look into fingernail clippers designed exclusively for these newborns. These nail clippers are made to nurture delicate and small baby fingers. You can use the clippers to keep your baby’s nails trimmed and safe. Due to their speedy nail growth, it is recommended that you cut your baby’s fingernails for more than once a week to keep up your child’s health and welfare. To help you, here’s a list of the best baby finger nail clippers:

Top Best 5 Electric Nail Trimmer :

1. The First Years American Red Cross Nail Clipper

baby finger nail clipper

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper serves all your baby’s nail needs right from the get-go. The clipper is structured to trim tiny bits of nails without any accidental injuries. The clipper is equipped with a magnifier, so that you don’t have to squint uncomfortably to tend to your baby’s needs.

  • The fingernail clipper features blades made up of stainless steel. They can cut through your baby’s nails in one go.
  • The body is made up of plastic. This means that the clipper is light enough to carry around. You can whip it out to attend to your child’s needs anytime and anywhere.
  • This nail clipper comes with a 4x magnifier to prevent any strain on your eyes. The magnifier can be folded away too.
  • Fingernail clippers can be tiny. However, this clipper ergonomic structure lets you have a secure grip on the product.
  • The clipper is small and appropriately sized for tiny baby nails.

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2. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

The Safety 1st Sleepy baby nail clipper is exactly what it sounds like. This clipper prioritizes your child’s safety over everything else. The miniature blades help to cut your baby’s nails into the perfect shape. You can take this clipper anywhere- one charging session will power a lifetime worth of service.

  • The cutting edges are curved to turn your baby’s nails into perfect and well-rounded structures.
  • The clipper features a built-in light at the tip. This gives you a perfect view of your child’s nails and leaves absolutely no room for accidental injuries. 
  • A single charging session is enough to last for a long time. This is a delightful feature as growing babies need regular nail trims.
  • The clipper has an ergonomic structure that facilitates easy handling.

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3. BblüvTrimö Electric Nail Clippers

Electric Nail Clippers

This electric nail trimmer provides painless and gentle care for your newborn baby. Ever heard of “nail goals”? Well, that’s what your result will look like after using this device. As one of the best baby finger nail clippers, it makes your baby’s nails an instant hit among friends and family with sleep, polished nails!

  • The clipper handles your baby with the gentleness of a mother so that your child experiences a safe and painless trim. You can achieve thoroughly polished fingernails without running the risk of cuticle injury.
  • This fingernail clipper is near noiseless while trimming. You can successfully let your trimming session cut into your baby’s nap time without waking them up.
  • The sure-grip design ensures that this small device doesn’t slip off your fingers during use.
  • You can operate the two-speed levels in the device through a single switch. You can alternate between these speeds to achieve smooth and soft nails.
  • Durability is this clipper’s remarkable feature. It offers four filing discs that can replace each other to be at their best performance. 

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4. Baby Comfy Safety Nail Clipper

Safety Nail Clipper

Among all the best baby finger nail clippers, BabyComfy Safety Nail Clipper is the perfect gift at a baby shower or birthdays. This brand prides itself on efficient nail trimming. It delivers clean results and ensures that your baby isn’t hurt in any way while trimming. This minimal clipper comes in a large packaging so that you never lose your grip during use.

  • The single blade technology cuts into your baby’s nail and trims the edges off at one go.
  • This is the first nail clipper to feature a “bottom safety ledge” that separates your baby’s fingertip skin from the nail so only the former gets cut.
  • Taking the safety element a step further, the clipper protects the sensitive nail buds too so that the cut isn’t uncomfortable for the baby.
  • This clipper has a larger-than-most technology. It ensures that you have a firm grip on the device at all times.

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5. Safety 1st Steady Infant Nail Clipper

Steady Infant Nail Clipper

This nail clipper will accompany your child from his/her infant stages up to the toddler years. Easy and steady, this nail clipper handles your baby’s nails with expertise. Sit back and hand over the control to this fingernail clipper for soft and smooth nails.       

  • The nail clipper is designed small to deal with tiny fingers and toenails. 
  • Tiny objects can be hard to handle and control. However, the soft touch handle goes a step beyond to make the clipper anti-slip. 
  • The nail clipper can be used up until your baby becomes a toddler. Once purchased, you don’t need to worry about a new nail clipper for a long time.
  • You can carry it in your bag so that you can give your baby his/her nail treatment whenever she stops fussing around. 

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6. RHOOST Baby Nail Clipper

Baby Nail Clipper

Usually, it is advised to trim your baby’s nails during their naps. However, you can say “no” to that notion with the RHOOST baby nail clipper. Its vivid color scheme is designed to keep your baby busy while you give him/her a general trim. It is made up of strong, non-slip material to assure not just the baby’s, but even your comfort as you trim.

  • This clipper has a no-slip grip feature that facilitates the easy and secure use of the device.
  • The colors on the machine distract your child while you trim their nails, ensuring a tantrum-free cutting process.
  • Made out of pure bamboo, this nail clipper is bound to last you a long time. 
  • The nail clipper cuts through soft and delicate nails without inflicting any damage onto the smooth baby skin.
  • The nail clipper has both style and efficiency. You can confidently take pride in this device as your friends marvel over your baby’s manicure.

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7. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

This trimmer both cuts your baby’s fingernails and protects the fingertips from damage. Little Martin’s Baby Nail Trimmer goes the extra mile to ensure that your baby’s soft skin is protected well. Its noiseless nature and light feature add on to an easy-going trim experience. This nail trimmer can change to fit the needs of your child as well as you.

  • Baby fingertips and cuticles are safe with this nail trimmer. The nail file can be used for a quick trim without worrying about injuries.
  • The clipper is whisper quiet as it operates. You can work on your baby’s nails without any noise irritating their delicate ears.
  • The LED front light makes sure that you get an accurate visual of your baby’s nails as you trim.
  • The baby nail clippers are additionally provided with 3 cushioned sandpapers.
  • You can transform this baby clipper to an adult one whenever you want to use the three attachments.
  • You can switch between high and low speeds for a sleek and polished finish. Two rotational cycles (clockwise and anti-clockwise) can also be adjusted according to convenience.
  • The clipper is powered by two AA batteries and its operation can be controlled through a single button.

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As the rate of nail growth increases, the need to trim and file nails becomes regular. If you’re a parent, you know that sounds like trouble. Cutting nails on babies should be a Nobel Prize category all in itself. Holding a whining and crying baby in your arms and clipping them is a difficult process. Kids will do anything in their power to stop you. However, using the right nail care products on your child can work wonders and keep them happy. Grooming your child’s nails right from birth promotes their health right from the get-go. Regular trimming with the best baby finger nail clippers becomes handy in protecting your baby from infections as your baby begins his/her finger-sucking phase.


  1. When can I trim my baby’s fingernails?

The easy answer to this is to start trimming once you feel your baby’s fingernails harden and grow along the edges. However, baby fingernails can still be extra delicate. You can start using the best baby finger nail clippers to trim confidently once they are about 1 month old.

  1. Why do baby’s fingernails grow so fast?

 The diet of a growing baby usually includes protein and calcium-induced food to strengthen your child as they require. These components also aid in the growth of different body parts, which is why your nails grow big so fast.

  1. How are baby nail clippers different?

Baby nail clippers are specialized to treat baby nails. They are well equipped to deal with tiny nails without inflicting any damage onto the sensitive baby skin. Using an adult-sized nail clipper on your baby would be rash and reckless, and could hurt your child.

  1. Are baby nail clippers necessary?

Yes, baby nail clippers are a necessity when it comes to grooming your baby. From infancy to becoming toddlers, your kids will expressively use their hands as well as suck on their fingers. Treating their nails prevents self-induced damage as well as infections as you keep their nails clean and dirt free.

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