Best Concealer for Melasma: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Shade

Dermablend Concealer

Dermablend Concealer

Paraben-free product
Protects the skin from sun damage
Dermatologically tested product
Gives 16 hours of full coverage
L’Oréal Paris full wear Conceale

L’Oréal Paris full wear Conceale

Available in 25 unique shades
Lasts up to 24 hours
Non-greasy and creamy in texture
Revlon Concealer 

Revlon Concealer 

Easy to blend with Fingers
Lightweight & full coverage concealer
Available with a sponge tip wand applicator
Bobbi Brown Concealer 

Bobbi Brown Concealer 

Gives a lasting fresh Look
Sweat and humidity resistance
Lightweight and creamy in texture
Maybelline New York  Conceal Makeup 

Maybelline New York  Conceal Makeup 

High coverage formula
Camouflages dark circles and dark patches
Gives up to 24 hours of a lasting fresh look

Melasma is a skin problem that is more likely to develop in women. It happens because of hormonal changes, sun exposure which leads to brown patches on specific parts of the face. It is even referred to as hyperpigmentation. This can be covered with the use of makeup. To get the radiant and naturally flawless look, you need to search for the best concealer​ for melasma for your skin tone.

Concealers can be used to color correct skin problems. Melasma leaves a lasting impression on the person’s self-esteem and they tend to become subject to personal criticism. While talking to someone or clicking pictures they start feeling awkward and socially insecure. It lowers their self-confidence which ultimately affects their personality.

Best Concealer For Melasma – Buying Guide

Many treatments are even​ done to get rid of it but this can be quite expensive. It is not affordable for everyone. Natural homemade methods can also be used but it takes a lot of time to get cured. If you are having this skin problem then you don’t need to worry so much, just by keeping some factors in mind while buying concealer and with the right technique, even you can get beautiful even-toned skin.

Factors to look for when buying the best concealer for​  melasma 

  1. Skin tone– Every one of us has a different skin color from a light shade to a medium / dark skin shade. When buying a perfect concealer for yourself, avoid buying the one that matches your exact color of melasma as it will make the face look darker. Always choose a shade lighter than your natural skin hue. But the shade should not be much lighter as it will make your face look ashy & artificial.
  2. Blendability – High coverage concealers are best which lasts for a long day’s busy schedule. Makeup is all about blending. A good brand high coverage concealer offers good blendability when done properly. It gives a perfect matte finish look while covering every pigmentation. On the other hand, buying a local concealer can clog pores and has a rough texture.
  3. SPF – SPF is considered to be the skin’s best friend because it​ protects your skin from damage caused due to sun exposure. An SPF concealer is the best choice for everyone especially those with hyperpigmentation. So, to protect your skin from any further damage always choose a concealer with an SPF of 20 – 50.
  4. Texture – Along with these factors, the texture is of equal​ importance. Generally, for covering those pigmented areas concealers with a creamy and smooth texture are most appropriate. Also, the one with a lightweight formula is the best option for everyday use to get a non-greasy and moisturized look that will be lasting the whole day.

Best Concealer For Melasma Reviews

  1. Dermablend Concealer

best concealer for melasma

Dermablend Quick Fix is a full coverage concealer makeup stick perfect for dark circles& melasma. It conceals any hyperpigmentation, blemishes, scars, and spots. Because of its creamy texture and high coverage, it blends easily with your skin. It is also available in a wide range of shades.

  • ​ It protects the skin from sun damage as it has​ SPF 30
  • It is one of the top dermatologically tested​ product and is suitable for every skin type.
  • Gives 16 hrs of full coverage without leaving any cakey effect.
  • Does not clogs pores.​It is a paraben-free product and can be​ blended using a finger, brush, or sponge.

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  1. L’Oréal Paris full wear Concealer

best concealer for melasma

It is a non-greasy and creamy concealer that lasts 24 hrs. It is available with a large applicator that does not let a single drop to be wasted and can be easily applied. Along with concealing it highlights and contours the face.

  • Non-greasy and waterproof lasts up to 24 hrs.​
  • available in 25 unique shades for every skin tone.
  • Perfect for everyday use to get a naturally​ flawless look.

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  1. Revlon Concealer 

best concealer for melasma

It is a light texture full coverage concealer. The product is magical in covering every little imperfection. It comes with a sponge tip wand applicator which makes it easy to apply and blend.

  • Smooth & light texture.​
  • Available with a sponge tip wand applicator.​
  • Gives flawless coverage.​
  • Easy to blend with fingers.​

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  1. Bobbi Brown Concealer 

best concealer for melasma

It is perfect for covering dark uneven skin and hyperpigmentation. Its lightweight, creamy, and smooth texture helps to resist sweat in a humid climate. It gives a long-lasting fresh look.

  • Sweat and humidity resistance.​
  • It covers dark circles, blemishes, and spots.​ ·​
  • Easily blendable with a matte finish look.​

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  1. Maybelline New York  Conceal Makeup

best concealer for melasma

It is a full coverage concealer with undetectable traces of fine lines, wrinkles, or any dark spots. Its high coverage formula camouflages every unwanted imperfection and is a favorite of every woman.

  • Smooth and lightweight texture.​
  • Camouflages unwanted dark circles and dark​ patches.
  • Gives up to 24 hrs of a lasting fresh look.​
  • Available in shades ranging from fair to​ medium/ deep skin tone.

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  1. Physicians Formula Conceal

best concealer for melasma

It is specially created for sensitive skin prone to many skin problems like pigmentation, birthmarks, dark spots, under-eye circles. It is a liquid concealer that lasts up to 12 hrs and is made without any harsh ingredients.

  • Gives maximum coverage and is smooth in​ texture.
  • It is free from harmful ingredients like paraben​ , rosacea.
  • Does not causes skin irritation.​
  • A liquid concealer with a non-greasy effect.​

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   7. Bare Minerals  Correcting Concealer.

best concealer for melasma

With SPF 20 it protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun with an even-toned complexion. It has a smooth and lightweight texture.

  • It is a paraben-free product and is formulated​ without synthetic fragrances or artificial oils.
  • Provides maximum to full coverage.​
  • Camouflages dark spots, hyperpigmentation​ and brightens dull skin.

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  1. Milani Concealer

best concealer for melasma

It is a 2-in-1 liquid concealer + foundation. With its two in one feature, it covers any kind of skin discoloration, spots, or under-eye circles.

  • The creamy rich formula is best for all-day wear and beautiful even-toned skin.
  • Available in 45 different shades to get a​ perfect match for every skin tone.
  • A 2-in-1 foundation + concealer gives perfect flawless skin.

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After having attained information about some of the best concealer for melasma and gaining knowledge on how to​ choose a one suitable for your skin type. Now, an important thing to know about is how to apply it to cover those pigmented areas?

To cover melasma it is mostly advised to apply on the problematic area in dots. Under the eyes, it should always be applied with an applicator in an inverted triangle formation. If your concealer is not having an applicator then try using a fluffy eye shadow or a concealer brush to use it in a precise way.

At first, the concealer should always be blended with fingers after which you can select a brush or a sponge. Before using a sponge make sure it is wet and squeeze out the excess water from the sponge. For blending purposes. A damp sponge should be used. If you are using a brush, then it must be used in a circular motion to give your skin an even look and for the most precise application.

Go ahead! and select the best concealer for yourself to cover that melasma. Once you get a flawless, natural, and radiant look your self-confidence will bolster and in the future, you will never have to think twice before going for any function, meeting, or while going out.

Why color correcting is an important step in concealing?

With the use of full coverage concealers, you can conceal the brown patches which appear on the cheeks, forehead, or mouth area. But most of the beauty bloggers suggest using a color corrector before using any concealer to get the desired look. The main difference between them is that correctors are available in different colors which is a basic step in covering blemishes or that rigid melasma.

On the other hand, concealers are always found according to skin shade. It matches your skin tone and is highly pigmented. The process of blending makes it look more natural and seamless. Also, it has a thick consistency and texture compared to correctors. It is even used to highlight specific areas like the nose, forehead. Applying the concealer after the corrector evens the skin tone and makes it appear more natural and radiant.

  • Green corrector- Green color concealer or corrector is used to cancel out any redness on the face. It counteracts and neutralizes active acne, red pimples, or spots. It is even used to cover sunburns.
  • Purple corrector- Purple or lavender is mostly used to brighten dull under eyes or face. It is used to normalize yellow-colored skin imperfections like pallid complexions or bruises.
  • Peach corrector- It is used to cover dark circles or any light pigmentation. This corrector is mostly preferred for people having a cool undertone.
  • Orange corrector- Someone having hyperpigmentation, dark circles are advised to use an orange corrector. It neutralizes the effect and cancels out any greenish or bluish undertone present in darker skin. 

This is all about understanding the color wheel and color theory. These concealing techniques help one to create their ideal look.

Makeup mistakes that aggravate melasma

Even after gaining knowledge and good practice, people make small mistakes that can ruin makeup. These errors get unnoticed but should always be avoided. Some of these are:

  • Everyone wants to get a good quality product within their budget. Sometimes, it might happen that the product which is suitable for your skin type is exceeding your budget. Most of the time the cost of the product becomes a restriction. But believe me, once you buy your preferred one even if it high-priced, you will be thanking yourself later. A low-quality inexpensive product can save your money but it will ruin your face.
  • When buying a concealer, it should always be checked on the neck area, right below the jawline. Most people check it on the forearm which is not the correct way. Generally, the forearm color is always lighter than the actual complexion. While choosing a concealer for the face it should be matching the foundation shade. On the other hand, for melasma always a shade lighter than the skin tone should be chosen.
  • Concealers should only be applied wherever necessary. It should never be used on the whole face. After applying to blend is an important step to cover up the imperfections.
  • The incorrect use of SPF can also worsen melasma. If you are having melasma, then you should always choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen and all year round. Otherwise, it will aggravate the problem. The harmful UV rays lead to melanocytes that make pigment in the skin. Most people don’t use sunscreen in winters. Remember, this mistake can trigger the problem leading to sunburns. So, beauty experts advise using sunscreen the whole year.
  • When applying a liquid concealer, it should never be allowed to sit on the face for a long time. This increases the chances of skin getting stained with pigment.
  • A brush should always be used to blend. It is mostly preferred because it blends the product perfectly without absorbing any product. On the other hand, a sponge absorbs most of the product which does not make the blending process perfect.
  • At last, cleansing is the most important step to remove makeup. If not done properly it may settle on your pores which invites many skin problems & allergies. So, deep cleansing is an essential post-makeup removal step. For deep cleansing of pores, a high quality micellar or cleanser should be used.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the best concealer for yourself before the stock gets empty. Along with the medications or natural treatments to cure melasma, these beauty products can help you to get an attractive, pleasing, and natural look.

The most common saying ‘When you look good, you feel good’ is true and it makes sense in our everyday life. You might wear a simple dress but the way you groom yourself speaks a lot about your personality. It enhances your natural looks adding to simplicity and elegance

Makeup enhances self-assurance, helps an individual to embrace themselves& understand their self-worth. Rather than making a person insecure, it leads to the inflow of some soothing vibrant colors. It provides the self- an incentive to take initiatives full of confidence, making a person feel more gleeful. In fact, it enhances your features and makes them more prominent.

A charming personality is always preferred in the outside world. It brings uniqueness, integrity, and adds up to the qualitative characteristics in your job specification. There are certain misconceptions and assumptions related to the makeup which is in the form of a  rubbish stereotypical thought. It says ‘wear makeup to impress others’. This obsolescence prevailing in the thought process of the modern era calls up for a transformation.

Self-love and grooming should always be appreciated as there is nothing wrong with it. The first impression is the last impression and what can be more good than inducing your career and maintaining a good reputation. Obviously, the way your groom will play a vital role in this direction.  Actually, it is a modern introduction of art which even provides some good career opportunities to a lot of people.  A woman chooses to portray herself in a way that makes her happy. It is her personal preference that is most important than anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which color concealer is best for melasma?​

I would suggest Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer is best. Since this is a dermatologically tested product and is suitable for sensitive skin even. This is a paraben-free product and does not cause any skin irritation or allergy. Apart from this, it gives 16 hrs of full coverage resistant to heat and sweat.

  1. What is the best makeup to cover melasma?​

To cover melasma, full-coverage concealers are considered to be the best option. For this, L’Oréal  Paris Concealer and Bobbi Brown concealer are best. With its creamy & smooth texture, it will last up to 24 hrs.

  1. How to cover melasma with makeup?​

To cover melasma with makeup, certain steps should be followed to create your ideal canvas on your face.

  1. Moisturize- This is the first step while doing makeup. It helps to maintain the natural oils of your skin otherwise it can become dry which leads to a breakout.
  2. Primer- After moisturizing, priming is the part of the preparatory stage which is applied to get a silky& shiny finish and the makeup lasts for a long time.
  3. Foundation- a full coverage foundation is best as it blends perfectly with the skin and gives a matte finish.
  4. Concealer- After the foundation is applied, to cover the dark patches, spots, and under-eye circles a lighter shade concealer is advised.
  5. Compressed powder- At last, the base makeup is set with a compressed powder which gives a smooth texture to your canvas along with controlling oil & sweat.

     4. What color corrects melasma?​

A peach/ orange color corrector is used to counteract the dark pigmented areas of skin and to even the uneven skin. Those who have a cool tone should always use a peach corrector while the ones having medium to deep skin tone should use an orange corrector to color correct melasma.

    5. How do I cover my upper lips melasma?

Hyperpigmentation surrounding the mouth area can be uncomfortable at times. To cover upper lips melasma a full coverage foundation, concealer, and a compressed compact powder should be used. To conceal redness a color corrector should be used first. To counteract redness or dark patches an orange corrector should be used. It is usually followed by a full coverage concealer. Color concealers should always be applied to areas in dots and blended properly. After this, you can use a brush or a sponge accordingly.

  1. What works for melasma?

Due to sun exposure or unhealthy lifestyle imbalances in melanin production causes melasma. But it can also be cured just by using good products and staying hydrated. Beauty products or creams containing hydroquinone, hyaluronic acid & antioxidants help to lighten the pigmented area. Also, a sunscreen of SPF between 20 -50 should always be used under makeup to protect the skin from any damage.

If you are going through pregnancy and aren’t sure what to use for melasma you can check out our post on Pregnancy mask for melasma which is the safest solution in pregnancy.


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