The Best Cream Bronzer for Oily Skin: Our Top Picks



Keeps skin moist
Matte finish
Lotion type
1 count
Oily skin
6 types of tones


Round packing
Butter bronze collection
Even skin tone
Nourishes skin
5 types available
BROWN Sugar Bronzer

BROWN Sugar Bronzer

Lotion type
Medium skin type
Coconut cream base
Argan extracts
Golden Rose bronzer

Golden Rose bronzer

Golden tan
Light on skin
Even tone
Dazzle bronze
Lotion type
Fake Bake Bronzer

Fake Bake Bronzer

Compact in size
Dark pigmentation
Toxin free
Long lasting
Even skin tone
YLNALO bronzer

YLNALO bronzer

Natural tanning
Moisturized skin
Tanning mitt
Organic ingredients
Medium and light tanning
Vitamin E for hydration
TOO Faced bronzer

TOO Faced bronzer

Peaches and cream collection
Radiance booster
Even skin tone
4 colours of skin tone
Compact and easy to use
Safe for skin

Appearance has always been one of the most crucial parts while conversing with anybody. People value appearance as it gives a little background about how the person is and their behavior. Though appearances can always be deceptive, they may also be an important tool to assess the condition of an individual. Figuring out the importance as we live in this modern-day society, people have started to give a lot of attention to their facial appearances and features. Most of the people around even opt for plastic surgery and other methods to make their faces anything close to perfect. Women and men alike also have the use of make-up in their daily lives to ensure that they are dressed to impress. The list goes on and on and can include a plethora of items right from powders to creams. One such very important cosmetic is catching the eye of people on the market. People are lining up to have the perfect skin tone for their faces with the help of the best cream bronzer for oily skin.

A Better Skin Tone Solution

Now you may be wondering why would people want a better skin tone and something so different from their own. It is often known that grass is always greener on the other pasture. A fair woman might want a little tanned skin and vice-versa. Now, realistically speaking changing your color tone is nearly impossible without very complex surgery. This means changing your entire appearance and could definitely have some side effects. People tend to not choose this option because of the risk involved in it. However, when a temporary solution to this problem comes up that is both safe and easy to implement people seem to want it. This is the exact case with a bronze used for the skin. One can achieve a much better tone for a little time and simply wipe it off without causing any harm to the skin. It also ensures no long-term effects.

Before one looks into acquiring an item or something they need in their daily life you would wish to know a little more about that product. The urge to know about the product in question is the primary reason to provide the reader with an article like this. Moving forward we could learn more about the product by viewing the basic factors that must be kept in mind while looking for a bronzer.

Best Cream Bronzer for Oily Skin – Buying Guide

Just like all other products, while purchasing a bronzer it is important to keep several determining factors in mind. With the help of these factors, we can decide on a final choice based on our needs and necessities. Below are listed some of the general factors that can be used for the determination process:

Factors to Look for While Purchasing a Cream Bronzer for Oily Skin

  • Quantity of bronzer: Quantity and size of the pack does play an important role when it comes to cosmetics. This s simply because purchasing in bulk amounts usually amounts to it being left out around the place unused. One must make sure that they buy the exact quantity of cosmetics that they need for their face. Some of them come in grams while some in ounces. One must make sure about the required amount based on the brand being a local one or one from abroad. Along with the quality, the quantity too must be of the right amount. This is a very important factor while considering your choice.
  • The Price Point: The cosmetics industry is a very modern industry when it comes in terms of sales. People have been flocking to buy cosmetics because of the obvious reasons that surround them. The cosmetics like creams and make up can vary based on the brand that is in question. Some of the cosmetics are of a very high range which keeps the price always higher. Whereas, some products are simply cheaper because of their local production. Based on your budget, the choice must be made paying heed to the price point which can go to a higher amount based on the product details.
  • Effects on the Skin: Skincare products and cosmetics are usually applied to the face and parts that are visible on the outside. Comfort is a must when it comes to a product that comes in contact with the body. Some of the bronzers and creams have certain ingredients that could cause allergic reactions to the skin. Some chemicals can be harmful to the skin and cause different types of diseases in the long run. One must do good research based on this condition and ensure that their skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients in question. The harmful cosmetics must be kept aside while making a choice and it will be done so in the list below to ensure that you get the best cream bronzer for oily skin on the market.
  • The Colour/ Appearance: The final and important factor is the look and aesthetically presented by the bronzer. When it comes to an item that can be personalized or visible on the outside the appearance and look of it matters. The quality as well as the color must be one that is suited by the user. Be it light brown or dark brown or even tan, the color must give a classy look to the face and provide elegance to the look. The color and appearance provided is the main factor in the decision-making process. Most of the options available below have a wide range available in them to choose from.

The above factors must have given you a clear-cut image of the kind of cream bronzer you might be intending to purchase. Well then, let’s look at all the best deals and options available for you on the internet. We will be viewing this in 5 separate sub-headings based on the functionality and place of use.

Best Cream Bronzer for Oily Skin Reviews

Best cream bronzer for medium skin

  1. COVERGIRL Clean Matte Bronzer

best cream bronzer for oily skin

The first bronzer on our list is also one that is used for oily skin. It has a very unique packaging and a color scheme making the packaging extremely attractive. The bronzer is also water-based and with an oil-free finish. Some of the other features of this product are:

  • This bronzer has a packaging in a tube bottle which can be applied easily.
  • It is water-based in oil which helps make it easy to apply to the skin without much smudging.
  • The total effect that the bronzer gives J’s a matte finish to the skin.
  • It has the main ingredients of Glycol and Talc that help the skin breathe and also keeps it extremely fresh even in times of sweat.
  • The color of this is called Fair – 510.
  • It is also available in a variety of other colors including 6 other shades to match the perfect skin tone.
  • It makes sure that the pores of the skin are not clogged by the extensive layer on it.
  • It has a quantity of 1 FL Oz. which is also called 1 count.
  • The following product does not have a return period of 30 days like other products.

best cream bronzer for oily skin

  1. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

best cream bronzer for oily skin

Just as the name suggests it is very popular among people who are well versed with the cosmetic industry. The bronzer is also classified as a deep bronzer and comes in a round packaging with a plastic capping. The variety available in this make keeps it in the race to easily be the best bronzer cream. Some of the other features of this bronzer are:

  • The look provides a glow that is radiant along with a finish that is a little glossy in its make.
  • The pigments which have a soft-focus tend to brighten the skin along with giving an even shimmer to the skin.
  • It is made with a separate blend of different types of butter like murumuru, cupuacu, and tucumaca.
  • Fatty acids and vitamins present on the pack help in nourishing the skin and keeping it fresh.
  • The ingredients are specially made for an even skin tone which makes them perfect to avoid skin allergies than may arise.
  • The body is encased in a circular container with a plastic capping as well as an attractive design on the top.
  • Any skin tone can easily blend into this make of a bronzer making it a great choice as the best cream bronzer for medium skin.
  • Once bought this item cannot be returned to the company.

best cream bronzer for oily skin

  • Best cream bronzer for dark skin

  1. Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Bronzer

best cream bronzer for pale skin

A name that comes along with all the different ingredients placed inside Ives up to the make. It is made up of only natural, edible ingredients. This ensures that all the items go well with the skin and do not cause any harm because they are organic in nature. The bronzer is placed in a lotion shaped bottle which is white in color. It does serve a good quantity which makes it perfect for purchase. Some of the other features are:

  • Brown Sugar has presented a bronzer with solely natural ingredients mainly being coconut milk.
  • The quantity of the bronzer present inside is 13.5 ounces and the bottle with the item inside weighs 0.84 pounds.
  • It is very useful for Normal or Medium skin tone which is important to know as it cannot be used by someone with sensitive skin.
  • The main ingredients include Antioxidants and sugars which keep the look fermented.
  • The Argan extracts present inside the bronzer keep the skin pores from being blocked and allow them to be aired which makes it one of the best cream bronzer for dark skin.
  • The tan is maintained and is easily allowed to blend in with the skin tone of the user.
  • 200X is the item code and it cannot be returned unless the packaging has been damaged.

best cream bronzer for pale skin

  1. Golden Rose Diamond Breeze Shimmering Body Bronzer

best cream bronzer for medium skin

This bronzer is classified as a dazzle bronzer and can be used to give a very shimmering effect to the tan required on the face. Packages in the color it provides itself the product speaks of itself as a higher-end bronzer in the cosmetics industry. The self-tanning nature of the cream keeps the skin healthy and out of the use of other chemicals. Some of the other features are:

  • The Golden Rose bronzer provides a very exquisite look to the face by ensuring an even skin tone application.
  • The application itself is very simple as it can be spread over the required area and kept for a few seconds to dry.
  • It is not meant for a specific skin type as such but can be easily adaptable to different skin types around.
  • Being light on the skin allows the user to have very little feeling of makeup that keeps the facial muscles relaxed.
  • The pores are aired ensuring that the skin breathes easily.
  • The gloss is provided as an effect by the tan and bronzer.
  • It is available in 2 variations in the form of speedster skin tones.
  • Any one of them cannot be returned after delivery unless already opened pre usage.

best cream bronzer for medium skin.

  • Best cream bronzer

  1. Fake Bake Store Bronzer

best cream bronzer for dark skin

Now as we move on with our list we have a bronzer which is a little to the higher end of the market. It has a compact look making it easy to carry around while traveling or in a purse. The brand has made its presence in the cosmetic industry and does not fail to impress with this extremely good bronzer making it the best cream bronzer for oily skin. Some of the other features are :

  • It provides an even sling tone with a hell of its pigmentation that can be used for skin that has a darker texture than usual.
  • Fake Bake provides a bronzer that is free of paraben and also of DMDM hydatoin which harms the skin.
  • The ingredients are very healthy and are all based on natural and organic substances keeping the skin soft and safe.
  • The tan is delivered in a single color which is most suited my people using it.
  • Pigments used by the bronzer keep the skin away from the tan provided by the sun and instead allow it to have an even tan with its look.
  • It comes in a small square-shaped palette with a circular disc from where the bronzer can be taken and applied.
  • It contains ingredients that are controlled by oil to prevent shine and can compliment all skin types.

best cream bronzer for dark skin

  • Best cream bronzer for fair skin

  1. YLNALO Self Tanner

best cream bronzer for fair skin

The next entry is a tanning system by a lesser-known company called YLNALO. The bronzer is available in the form of a lotion that makes it easy to apply and allows the skin to be hydrated.

Its components medium or light tan on any skin type. There is no essential precaution needed to be taken by the user before using it to prevent any type of allergies on the skin making it one of the best cream bronzers for fair skin Some of the other features of this product are:

  • The product is extremely versatile and can be easily used to keep the tanning process in check.
  • It is made up of organic ingredients that give the skin a rich and natural-looking tan.
  • The bronzer can easily be applied because it is in the form of lotion on the body.
  • There is also a mitt provided along with the product that is durable and reusable with a super soft texture.
  • It does not depend on the proficiency of the user as it can easily exfoliate all the skin pores keeping it healthy while blending along with the skin.
  • A dark tan is also an option along with the medium and light ones.
  • Vitamin E is present to keep the skin hydrated and makes sure it gets replenished.
  • It helps keep the person confident by allowing him or her to have the necessary skin tone according to their liking.
  • The customer service is also available that can help use the lotion bronzer correctly making it one of the best cream bronzer for oily skin.

best cream bronzer for fair skin

  • Best cream bronzer for pale skin

  1. TOO Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer

best cream bronzer

This brand is certainly a top-notch one when it comes to packaging as it maintains the same amount of bronzer in a much smaller packing. This keeps it very compact and allows the user to carry it along to any of their travels that they may have. Apart from that, it has a scent of peaches and cream which is also a part of their collection for the bronzer. Some of the other features of this product are:

  • This matte bronzer works very well when it comes to pale skin making it one of the best cream bronzer for pale skin.
  • It is part of the peaches and cream collection which also gives it the name that comes from the collection.
  • It is helpful because it boosts the radiance for the skin type allowing you to have a look without any blemishes.
  • It comes in 4 different colors namely pink candies peach, light brown peach, a golden medium brown, and darker brown peach.
  • The size is about 13.5g in weight and contains 0.5 ounces of bronzer.
  • The packaging is very well done in a circular disc which is plated with metal keeping it extremely durable and easy to carry around.
  • The skin is allowed to breathe with all of the features present on it and also has a mirror attached to the main body.
  • One cannot return the item unless it has been tampered with before usage by the customer.

best cream bronzer 

Having seen all the best cream bronzer for oily skin present on the internet today we have a variety of options to choose from.

Before you sink into your final choice there are a few frequently asked questions that are given below. Do give it a read to ensure you are completely aware of what you are going to be buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the most popular bronzer?

While buying the best cream bronzer,  it is necessary to take into account the various factors that go into deciding this. According to the analysis, we have 2 names that stand out in terms of usage and application namely Physicians Formula and Fake Bake Bronzer.

  1. What is bronzer cream used for?

Bronzer cream is basically a type of cream that can be used as a tanning agent for the skin. A lot of times people do not have an even skin tone or desire one which has more tan than the others. The bronzer cream be it the best cream bronzer for medium skin or the best cream bronzer for dark skin and yet provide an even skin tone for both.


  1. Is cream or powder bronzer better?

The cream can easily be applied to the body whereas powder has to be dabbed upon the face. The cream keeps the face and the pores’ well-hydrated way more than the normal powder. Hence the cream bronzer is better because it can be applied to get an even tone.

  1. Do you really need a bronzer?

People use a bronzer simply to receive an even skin tone when they want a better complexion. Be it any skin type a bronzer can ensure the skin to look much better. Hence it is true that the bronzer is essential. One can simply buy the best cream bronzer for oily skin and use it to know the difference.


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