9 Best Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair

INFINITIPRO by Conair Curling Iron

INFINITIPRO by Conair Curling Iron

Appropriate barrel size
Temperature settings
Good buttons placement
Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
Safer Storage
BaBylissPRO Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron

Variety in Barrel sizes
Adequate Heat settings
Tangle free cord
Quality results
Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

Extra Ceramic Coating
Heat Settings
Fast heating
Turbo heating
Anti-scalding tip
Button design
Hot Tools Curling Iron

Hot Tools Curling Iron

Barrel sizes
Fast heat up
Good cord length
Duomishu Curling Iron

Duomishu Curling Iron

CHI Curling Iron

CHI Curling Iron

Remington Curling Iron

Remington Curling Iron

Barrel sizes
Ceramic technology
Heat Control
SwanMyst Curling Iron

SwanMyst Curling Iron

Heat resistant tip
Tourmaline and Ceramic
Barrel sizes
Auto shut off
Heat resistant gloves
Hoson Tourmaline Curling Iron

Hoson Tourmaline Curling Iron

Tourmaline Ceramic Coating
Barrel sizes
Quick temperature heat-up
Temperature control

Coming back from a salon treatment, you realize you spent a hefty amount just for one session which will last you for about 3 to 4 days a maybe longer if you spent even more than that hefty amount. Buying yourself the best curling iron that won’t damage hair is far more of a better option.

However, with time the quality of your hair only degrades because of the harsh chemicals leaving your hair frizzy and brittle. So overall the parlor appointments start seeming like more of a waste of time and money than it is doing you any good. So why not just get yourself a professional curling iron? These days the choices in the market are not only affordable but also the quality of the products is jaw-dropping. With a little bit of extra hair care, you get professional quality results for almost free as compared to what you spend in salons.

If you have been styling your hair for a long time or you are thinking about starting now, you probably already know about the aftermath of using too much heat on your hair. Constant, unregulated use of heating products leaves the cuticle of your hair exposed by damaging them. And this then results in the dissolving of protein out of your hair.

Different hair types need different products and hair care. So, it is very important to know what your hair type is which will help you reduce the damage that is caused by styling your hair. Trying to find a heating tool that will cause no damage to your hair is almost like trying to squeeze water out of a stone. But there is always a correct way that you can go for while choosing your heating tool to reduce the damage to quite an extent.

With the up-gradation of t safer materials technology, the curling irons are being designed with safer materials, better temperature control, and just with overall better safety to protect against any kind of scalding.

Best Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair – Buying Guide

Finding yourself the best curling iron that won’t damage hair will help you reduce the risk of your hair quality wearing out. With that, you need to keep some essential points in mind while you look for the best curling iron for you. Once you get one, you will need to follow some preparation tips and post styling tips.

Let us cover that for you in detail.

Factors to Look For

Keeping some key points and mind while finding yourself the best curling iron that won’t damage hair, making sure that you prepared well before the styling, and taking care of your hair afterward will help you protect your hair while you get gorgeous curls or waves. There are certain features that you need to look for in a curling iron. For instance, the correct material for your hair type ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, or maybe the combination, flexibility in options to control the temperature, the size of the curling iron et cetera.

Your hair type: Determining your hair type is the first step in the process. This will not only help you while buying yourself the curling iron but also the right hair protectant products that you can use and that you should use.

If you are unsure about what it means to find out your hair type, this is what you are looking at. Determine the thickness of your hair. Is the diameter of your hair on the thinner side or more on the thicker side? How dense is your hair? Thin, medium, or thick? Does your hair often get greasy or remain dry for the most part? Once you have got that part down, you will make the process of finding yourself the curling iron much easier not overwhelming at all.

Right Material: So now that you know your hair type, it is time to find the right material used in the curling iron for your hair.

If you have thin hair, the ceramic curling iron will work the best for you. The protection provided by the ceramic layer of coating on the curling iron will protect your hair from heat damage while making sure the curling iron glides smoothly through your hair. For thin to medium hair type, go with the tourmaline curling irons. Your hair type will need more heat for getting those perfect curls or waves. The heating tools emit a large number of positive ions of which are one of the prime reasons for your hair damage. Tourmaline emits almost a million of negative ions and infrared rays along with the positive ions. These counters the effect of positive ions on your hair. If your hair is slightly thicker than medium, the culling ions with tourmaline and ceramic will work best for you. For thicker and more coarse hair type, titanium curling irons are the best. Titanium heats up faster than all the other materials but this can be more damaging for thin hair type.

Barrel Size: Different barrel types in curling irons give different types of hairstyles. Small barrels make tighter and smaller curls than the ones with bigger barrels. Different varieties in curling irons are related to their barrel sizes. If you want to go for more perfect small curls, a 1-inch barrel would do the work. For messier, beach waves a 1.25-inch barrel would suffice.

The barrel length is also important if you want to reduce the hassle. Longer hair types need longer barrels.

Temperature controls: Some low-quality curling irons, heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit without giving you much of a control over the option of controlling the temperature. This is one of the worst enemies of your hair. With better Technology, more curling irons with proper temperature controls have been introduced in the market. That is a very essential feature to look for while finding the best curling iron that won’t damage hair as it gives you the option to control the temperature of the heating tool according to your hair type.

Button complication: With these styling tools getting more advanced, one of the important factors that you should look for is the ease in usage. Many times, even with quality curling irons, the buttons are just so poorly placed that you end up messing the settings up while being in the middle of styling. Conveniently enough, most brands have taken the design culpability into account and made the buttons better placed. This ensures that you don’t accidentally end up switching off the curling iron and notice it way too later when you realize that the iron seems to be cooling down unexpectedly. Or even worse, you end up increasing the temperature higher than needed or desired.

Budget: Conventionally, the more expensive curling irons are, the better protection they provide. This is only because of the materials that are used in the curling irons. However, with increasing options in the market, you don’t have to pour money down the drain without giving it a proper thought. So, decide on your budget and you will find the best curling iron that won’t damage hair within that budget or pretty close to that range.

Heat Protectant Tools: Styling your hair takes up a while. During this time, the curling iron heats up significantly. This could be dangerous for your skin or your hair as well. Make sure you have prepared for this by buying yourself a pair of heat resistant gloves for the protection of your hands. For your hair protection, get good quality heat protectant serums and hair sprays for before and after using the heating and styling tool on your hair.

Any curling iron or a styling or heating tool can never be safe for your hair. But with good and reliable quality curling irons you can surely significantly reduce the damage in your hair. Other hair care practices like oiling, applying regular hair masks, letting your cuticles and scalp breathe every once in a while, and such will ensure the repair process in your hair after you style your hair. Some curling irons are safer than others in case you have to use them on your hair daily. The titanium hair curling irons should not be used daily. Still, the daily application of heating tools is not at all recommended.

Best Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair Reviews

1. INFINITIPRO by Conair Curling Iron

best curling iron that won't damage hair

With the appropriate pricing and quality result received by this professional curling iron, INFINITIPRO is one of the best and quite highly rated products in the market. This curling iron is tourmaline and ceramic coated. If you want tight and gorgeous curls, go with this product blindly.

Appropriate barrel size: There are three varieties according to the barrel sizes in this product. 1 inch, one and a half inch, one and a quarter inch, and 3 by 4 inch. The 3 /4-inch variant is perfect for tight and gorgeous curls. For more free and Wavy results you can buy by other variants. The biggest one is one-inch barrel size.

Temperature settings: The five temperature settings allow a good range of options for temperature control. Starting from 310-degree Fahrenheit and heating up to 400-degree Fahrenheit, you can choose the appropriate heat settings for your hair. For daily usage, try using at a minimum temperature of 310 degrees.

Good buttons placement: The buttons are designed in such a way that you don’t accidentally end up changing the settings of the curling iron value using it.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology: To combat excess positive ions produced on heating of the product, this curling iron is coated with Tourmaline. Tourmaline is known to produce a large number of negative ions of which counters the effect of the positive ions. For shiny, frizz-free curls, ceramic coating technology is used.

Safer storage: This INFINITIPRO curling iron comes with a protective shield, to make sure the product is not damaged during the storage.

best curling iron that won't damage hair

2. BaBylissPRO Curling Iron

best curling iron that won't damage hair

The main feature of this product is the Nano Titanium barrel which helps in the even heating of the curling iron. It is also easy to use and customers have found it to be of good, professional quality. Check out the reviews by following the link above.

Barrel sizes: The variants that this product comes in are 3/4-inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/4-inch, 1 inch – 1/2-inch tapered barrel, 1-1/4 inch – 3/4-inch tapered barrel. This wide range of barrel sizes is all you are going to be looking for.

Heat settings: Very conveniently, the lowest heat setting is 50-degree Fahrenheit. The maximum heat setting in this curling iron is 450-degree Fahrenheit.

Tangle free cord: Each variant has a good 8 ft. cord swivel and tangle-free cord length. The length is perfect for a good quality curling iron as it makes it much easier while you are traveling.

Quality results: The infrared technology makes sure that you receive shiny, frizz-free, and gorgeous looking curls with just one glide into your hair locks.

best curling iron that won't damage hair

3. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

best curling iron that won't damage hair

Another curling iron that makes our list because of its professional like results. The quality, the built, everything about this product is perfect. Conair Double Ceramic Curling iron is one of the most recommended products by the professionals that will not damage hair.

Extra Ceramic Coating: Ceramic is known to protect hair while you style it using the heating tool. It also leaves the hair, shiny, and frizz-free after you are done curling it.

Heat Settings: The Conair double ceramic curling iron has 30 heat settings for you to choose from. This allows you to set the temperature as you desire according to your hair type.

Fast heating: Well, this is another reason why this is one of our favorite curling irons. The fast heating technology is responsible for the fast heat up so that you don’t have to worry about being late in the morning or to a party because your curler won’t heat up.

Turbo heating: In case a section of your hair needs a little extra heat than the rest, you can turn on the turbo heating to boost up the temperature to up to 27 degrees.

Anti-scalding tip: While you curl your hair locks, it is very much possible that you end up burning your hand because of the tip of the curler as it is pointed outside towards your hand. The cool tip ensures that that does not happen.

Button design: To avoid accidentally shutting off your hair curler, the buttons must be placed in the correct position for you.

best curling iron that won't damage hair

4. Hot Tools Curling Iron

best curling iron that will not damage hair

First of all, just one look at this curling iron and how exquisite it is. Secondly, Hot Tools is another favored brand by a huge number of customers and also, professionals. The curling iron comes with an amazing hear conducting technology, ensuring that the temperature is distributed equally from start to finish, so every hair is completely gorgeous, curled, and steady. Here are the other features.

Barrel size: The very appropriately designed barrels with just the right length and diameter maintains the look that you are going for and perfectly.

Fast heat-up: This Hot Tools curling iron heats up to your desired temperature in just 30 seconds. And then it remains constant so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature in the midst of styling your hair.

Cord length: And of course, since the design in this curling iron is immaculate, the cord length is another perk that comes with it. So, you will get a cord length of 6 ft. on every variant of the curling iron.

best curling iron that will not damage hair

5. Duomishu Curling Iron

best curling iron that will not damage hair

At this price what you will be getting by the brand Duomishu is no less than a steal. And that too, with the extra protection of our favorites: Tourmaline and ceramic. Let’s check out what you will be getting in this buy:

6-in-1: Starting with our favorite part. So, all the other curling irons ells variants of their different barrel sizes. But Duomishu gives all its 6 different tourmalines and ceramic-coated barrels in just one. So now you don’t have to worry about deciding and sticking to one style.

Temperature settings: Ranging from 300-degree Fahrenheit to 410-degree Fahrenheit, you can choose and work with whatever temperature suits the best for your hair.

Tourmaline ceramic barrels: Now, the combination of tourmaline and ceramic in the curling iron barrels is amazing for your hair. Tourmaline negates the effect of the positive ions that are produced by the heating tools by producing negative ions. Ceramic ensures protection and smoothness in hair.

Insulated tip: For your safety, the curling irons come with insulated tips to not let that part heat up like the rest of the barrel.

Extra safety: The Duomishu curling iron comes with heat resistant gloves. Put them on before handling the curling iron for necessary protection.

best curling iron that will not damage hair

6. CHI Curling Iron

best curling iron that will not damage hair

The tourmaline and ceramic covering in the CHI hair curlers are flawless to such an extent that you won’t feel overabundance static. The even dissemination of the temperature likewise reduces the danger of eft our patches generally. Here are the rest of the highlights:

Non-stick covering: The ceramic layer of the covering and sure that the hair easily gets twisted without any issue and diminishes crimps in the locks of your hair.

Auto shut off: The hair curler is planned to automatically shut off following an hour of usage remembering your safety. So, just in case you forget to turn off the curling iron, there is no safety concern.

Tourmaline Ceramic Security: The CHI hair curler accompanies the assurance of tourmaline and ceramic for extra sparkly, sleek, and smooth hair. This guarantees even temperature dissemination while styling your hair. The tourmaline and ceramic covering produce an extraordinary number of negative particles alongside infrared to ensure your hair gets curled perfectly without harming it.

Temperature control: This hair curler has a maximum temperature up of 410-degree Fahrenheit which is ideal for all hair types.

best curling iron that will not damage hair

7. Remington Curling Iron

best curling iron that won't damage your hair

The very exciting feature about this curling iron is that it is imbued with genuine squashed pearls making quick, salon results that will not damage hair. The temperature lock work permits you to bolt the styler at your favored temperature during styling. Look at the rest of the features here:

Barrel size: The barrel size ranges from 1 inch to 1 and a half. Simply get your hair locks around the curler to make beautiful, disheveled waves without the fear of hair damage.

Ceramic technology: Ceramic additionally delivers negative particles that help with the safety of the hair. So, you get the benefit of pearl and ceramic for your hair.

Heat Control: With an LCD for the temperature, you get a total of ten heat settings to choose from.

best curling iron that won't damage your hair

8. SwanMyst Curling Iron

best curling iron that won't damage your hair

SwanMyst Curling Iron is another stunning product on the list. They are moderately priced with stunning features overall. Let’s look at those features here:

Heat resistant tip: The tip of the hair curler is produced using insulated material for the security of your hand or scalp from the heated barrel.

Tourmaline and Ceramic: For extra glossy and gorgeous curls, the styling iron accompanies multiple times ceramic and tourmaline covered barrel. These aides in the moisturization of your hair that makes it look considerably silkier and brilliant.

Barrel size: There are three size variations in the SwanMyst arrangement with regards to barrels size. The one inch, 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches barrel for the sort of curl that you want. For small curls, pick the 1-inch variation. For medium curls, pick the 1.25 inches barrel size. For bouncier and greater waves go with the 1.5 inches barrel size.

Auto shut off: Following an hour of heating up, this hair curler will consequently shut off. You don’t need to stress whether or not you incidentally left the switch on.

LOC: The temperature handle and the power switch will automatically be bolted following 3 seconds. The display reads LOC. You should press the power button twice to open and resume use.

Heat resistant gloves: You will get safety hand gloves alongside the bundle for your hands just for that extra safety while you style your hair.

best curling iron that won't damage your hair

9. Hoson Tourmaline Curling Iron

best curling iron that won't damage your hair

In case you have long or medium hair, this hair curler is the best for you because of its barrel size. The tourmaline and ceramic covering give the whole length of your hair an awesome style. Take a look at the rest of the features:

Tourmaline Ceramic Coating: The tourmaline clay covering produces a huge number of negative particles to counter the positive particles. This will give a smooth outcome while curling your hair by eliminating static.

Barrel size The Hoson Tourmaline Curling Iron is 1.25 inches and 8.3 inches which is appropriate for medium or long hair.

Quick temperature heat-up: This hair curler warms up in 60 seconds. In the initial 60 seconds, the temperature comes to up to 225-degree Fahrenheit.

Temperature control: The hair curler has a digital display for the temperature you can control the temperature from 225-degree Fahrenheit to 400-degree Fahrenheit.

best curling iron that won't damage your hair


  1. What is the best curling iron that doesn’t damage hair?

If you have been styling your hair for quite a while or you are considering beginning now, you very likely think about the fallout of using heat on your hair. Consistent, unregulated utilization of heating tools leaves the quality and cuticle of your hair uncovered by harming them. What’s more, this at that point brings about the dissolving of protein off of hair.

Distinctive hair types need various items as hair care products. Along these lines, it is essential to recognize what your hair type is which will assist you with lessening the harm that is brought about by styling your hair. Attempting to discover a curling iron that will cause positively no harm for your hair is practically similar to attempting to squeeze water out of a stone. Yet, there is consistently the right way that you can go for while picking your warming instrument to diminish the harm to a significant degree.

With more innovation, the hair curling accessories are being planned with more secure materials, better temperature control, and just in general better safety measures to ensure against any sort of burning.

That being said, the curling irons in the given list are the most recommended in terms of quality and finish.

  1. What is the least damaging way to curl hair?

Your hair is made up of keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds. At the point when you use heat styling apparatuses, for example, hair curling accessories, they strip your hair of its characteristic oils and proteins by separating its hydrogen bonds. They change your hair surface to accomplish straightness, waviness, or smoothness. But there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to significantly reduce that damage.

  • Hold up your curling process until your hair is dry, or blow-dry your hair on a low setting to speed the cycle along before that. Else, you may end up severely damaging your hair.
  • If you have thick or wavy hair, you may discover you need higher temperatures to accomplish the look you need. If your hair is slender or fine, lower the heat setting because a higher temperature setting can damage hair. It’s ideal to go your characteristic hair type when settling on the most proficient method to style it. Also, start with a lower heat setting and stir your way up the temperature scale if you need it.
  • It’s basic to secure your hair before applying heat. There are numerous hair care items intended for use with heat styling apparatuses. Give very careful consideration and search for items that contain silicone, since silicone can go about as a defensive covering for your hair.
  • Use heat as less as possible when it comes to your hair. So, if you are thinking about drying your hair with a hairdryer daily, reconsider!

  1. Do curling irons ruin your hair?

Not just hair curling accessories all the hairstyling or heating tools are risky for hair. Since these items legitimately influence your foundations or hair follicles which assume a significant part in hair growth. Hair pulling or breakage furthermore prompts hair fall in a huge number of people. In this way, you ought to abstain from curling your hair too often.

However, following the preparation tips and hair care tips you can reduce the hair damage to quite an extent. You should buy just the quality items so you will have the option to shield your hair from breakage. At the point when you select a temperature on your dryer or curler or straight iron, think about the thickness of your hair.

  1. What is better for your hair titanium or ceramic curling iron?

Tourmaline hair curlers are better on the off chance that you have slim and fine hair. At the point when a hair styling gear is heated up, it creates an enormous number of positive particles. These positive particles are answerable for or the dryness and the frizz in your hair as they are known to dry off the moisture from your hair. Tourmaline delivers an abundance number of negative particles to counter the positive particles alongside infrared beams which at that point get injected in the hair to maintain a strategic distance from harm due to styling to a significant degree.


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