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Makeup is now a magically incredible tool that transforms men or women, into a work of art. With a bad reputation, for many, it is an act of tricking and deceiving but in fact, makeup is a form of art that needs to be acknowledged more. All those familiar with it know how important it is to find the right shade and products for their skin. With hundreds of celebrities and makeup artists tempting regular folks with their skills, love for makeup has reached an all-time high in recent times, almost all across the globe.

An important part of the makeup process is contouring. Gaining wide popularity with growing makeup trends, it helps in enhancing the bone structure and mimics the natural shadows which are usually done with a matte powder. By highlighting, it builds an illusion and lights on the face in order to not only accentuate looks but also to enhance or hide some facial features. Finding the best drugstore contour stick which is affordable is never easy and the list below helps you in doing exactly that, giving details about the aspects to keep in mind while buying a contour stick, as well as summarizing the list ofproducts to choose from.

Factors to look for while buying the best drugstore contour stick:

Nothing is worse than a makeup done right, with the wrong shade, and that is why the most important factor to consider while buying a contour stick is finding the right shade. Here is a list of points to check before deciding upon which contour stick you want to buy.

  • Choose the right shade: it can not be emphasized enough, that how important choosingthe right shade matching your skin tone is. It is always advised to test multiple colours on your skin to find the best shade that compliments your skin tone. Generally, one or two shade darker contour is preferred with a correct undertone.
  • Brand and the product: along with choosing the right shade it is important to select a brand you trust and a product which is easier for you to use.
  • Price and worth: affordable options with the quality product should be preferred over unnecessarily expensive ones.

Given under is the list of products to choose from that are based on preferences and demands and helps you find the best contour sticks whichareeasily available and that helps you bring on the professional magic of contouring all by yourself.

1) Maybelline New York Makeup Facestudio Master Contour

A top and trusted brand Maybelline brought this master contour V- shape duo stick, which became an instant hit and is considered amongst the best drugstore contour stick available in the market. It helps you get the professional look all by yourself and makes the process of contouring a less complicated one, even for beginners. Few of the many reasons to buy this product are:

  • The creamy texture allows it to mix easily and create an illusion of structure and lift.
  • It is easy to glide and the two sides provided are for highlighting from the light side and contouring from the dark one.
  • Different shades available ranging from light to medium to deep, making it an option suitable for different skin tones.
  • It provides a sculpted V-shaped face structure, with highlighted facial features and chiselled jawlines.

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2) Kiko Milano cream contour stick

Kiko Milano is a popular choice amongst all the makeup enthusiasts. Listed below are a few reasons why one should consider this product while buying a contour stick.

Kiko Milano cream contour stick

  • The African walnut oil and soothing pistachio extracts makes it super easy to use and ensures great blending ability.
  • The creamy texture provides great coverage and gives a professional matte look.
  • Features are fairly spotlighted because of the well-balanced contrast scale, giving the face a sculpted and professional look.
  • The after-use look is luminous, long-lasting and intense creating just the desired outcome.
  • Powder eyeshadows are not required to set the texture.

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3) CC beauty Contouring Stick

Another option for all those in search for drugstore contour stick is this product with two in one feature of a highlighter as well as a contouring stick that brings professional makeup look at the convenience of one’s home. Some of the features that make CC beauty contouring stick preferred option are:

CC beauty Dual-ended Wonder Makeup Contouring Stick

  • The dual-purpose highlight and contour stick provides a cream finish that highlights, conceals and contours effortlessly.
  • It creates the illusion of sharper jawline, slimmer nose and chiselled cheeks, providing depth and definition to the facial features.
  • Available in four different shades, to suit all type of skin tones.
  • Easier to blend and full coverage amplifies the desired look.

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4) NYX professional makeup wonder stick

This ultimate dynamic duo is the answer to all the highlighting and contouring problems. It gives a perfect professional matte look, saving all the extra bucks charged by makeup artists. Listed below are some of the reasons why it is considered the best drugstore contour stick.

3. CC beauty Dual-ended Wonder Makeup Contouring Stick

  • The creamy texture makes it easy to blend and gives a sleek contour.
  • It helps you highlight through one side and contour through the other, making it easy to create a sculpted makeup look.
  • It is available in 6 colour coordinated shade earring making it much more preferable.
  • All the products are PETA certified making it cruelty-free and not tested on animals.
  • Its long-lasting effects make it a better option to choose.

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5) LA girl velvet contour stick

Contouring made easy with this another product launched by LA girl Velvet, that aims at providing the easiest and best way to contour. It has all the features that make it worth buying. Here are some of the reasons to lean you in favour of purchasing this product.

NYX professional makeup wonder stick


  • It is paraben-free, which makes it suitable for all skin types
  • The added jojoba and grapeseed oil along with shea butter make it easier to use, providing easy coverage of the skin.
  • The soft powdery finish helps it to blend beautifully and gives a perfect contouring look.
  • The different colour shade ability makes it a much-preferred option for various skin tones.

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6) Wet n wild Megaglodual-ended contour stick

This contour stick by Wet n wild has all the features to make it a preferable choice. It helps you obtain perfectly chiselled cheekbones and sharp facial features all on your own. Few reasons to consider this product are:

Wet n wild Megaglodual-ended contour stick

  • It is paraben, sulfate and gluten-free, that makes it preferable for all skin types and helps avoid allergic reactions
  • With this dual-ended stick, it is easier to highlight and contour to achieve the perfect makeup look.
  • It is easy to blend and the creamy texture provides full coverage.
  • Different available shades help you choose the one best suited for your skin tone.

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7) Boobeen Contour and highlighters stick

Another great hit in the world of contouring sticks is this new product launched by Boobeen. It aims at making the process of contouring a less complicated and tedious one. The double-ended highlighter and contour stick is well suited for all skin types and therefore can be considered amongst the best drugstore contour stick available in the market right now. Some of the features are listed below.

Boobeen Contour and highlighters stick

  • The stick design makes it easy and much more convenient to use, not only for professionals but beginners as well.
  • It is sweat resistant as well as waterproof that ensures a long-lasting smudge-free effect.
  • This double-ended stick is suitable for all parts of the face from making nose slimmer to highlighting clavicles.
  • Enriched with nutritional formula, it nourishes and pampers your skin.
  • The creamy formula is allergy and dermatologist tested which makes it a convenient and confident choice.

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8) Smashbox contour stick trio

Another trustworthy brand Smashbox provides us with this product that redefines contouring. It’s easy to glide movement and availability in three different shades makes it a top choice among the drugstore contour stick. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, this product works like magic for all. The list below has few of the many reasons to consider this product as your next buy.

Smashbox step by step contour stick trio

  • It is certified and allergies tested, that makes it preferable for all skin types.
  • Its easy to glide movement provides precise application and totally even, smudge-free look.
  • It provides a smooth transition that eliminates the look of hard lines along the skin.
  • Its creamy texture makes it easy to blend and cover pores.

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Contouring as a makeup technique has existed for centuries but to a limited extent. But with the recent craze of contouring and highlighting it seems like it is not going away any time soon and has, in fact, become an imperative part of makeup application. It may seem like a daunting task but with so many tutorials and blogs to learn from, regular practice can turn any amateur into a professional.

The next problem to tackle is choosing the right product, with so many options and brands to choose from, getting your hands on something that suits you best turns into a very tedious process.Given above is just one part of the best drugstore contour stick available in the market.

Apart from contour sticks, options for contour palette are also available. While most of the enthusiasts find using a palette much more difficult to handle, it is still an option to check out while investing time to research the market. A thorough analysis of each product is always advised because it helps in better understanding of the product as well as your own requirements and even helps in eliminating options that are clearly not suitable for you. A trustworthy brand and a product with good reviews are always recommended because facial beauty products can harm your skin very easily.

 Ease of use and the right shade should be the key points in mind while looking for a contouring product. Sometimes the shade that looks right on the cards turns out to be a disaster on the skin, therefore it is suggested trying different shades of different brands ranging from two shades lighter to two shades darker, to get a clear idea of the best-suited shade that compliments your skin tone in a beautiful manner. The process can be very exhausting but it is always better to walk the extra mile than be regretfulabout stopping. There is no denying that the struggle is real and that makeup truly is a work of art that requires patience and skills to achieve perfection.

FAQS regarding best drugstore contour stick:

Q1. What is contour stick used for?

Answer. Contouring helps to enhance the bone structure by highlighting specific facial features and creates an illusion of slimmer face, nose chiselled cheekbones and sharper jawline.

Q2. How to choose the best drugstore contour stick?

Answer. Finding a contour stick that suits your skin is the most important task. It is usually advised to research the market and analyse different products of various brands to identify the contour stick that works best for you.

Q3. Which is better, contour stick or palette?

Answer. While it is more of a preference that varies on an individual level, but generally a contour stick is more preferred by beginners as well as professionals, as it provides better precision and finer application.

Q4. How to use a contour stick to get a professional look?

 Answer. Choosing the right product, which is easy to useand mastering this intimidating task, is the first step to get an actuary look. Various tutorials can help you learn the proper skill required for contouring. Once you start practising on your own, it is only a matter of time and practice that you learn to control like a pro.

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