The Best Electric Nail File for Professional Manicures

A best electric nail file is basically like any regular nail file, but it runs on batteries and shapes nails according to your needs and specifications. This is not to say that manual nail files are bad, but using an electric nail fail actually helps save time and also gives an extra added precision to your nails.

Also, the hassle of going to get your nails done is always there – making it a costly process every month. However, owning an electric nail file helps you to carry out all your pedicure, manicure and other specific nail needs from the comforts of your home. The best part is, you can do it yourself!

Best Electric Nail Files Reviews

1. MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill 

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill 

 Features  – 

• This nail drill is multifunctional. That is to say that, it has 6 different kinds of metal bits as well as 6 sanding bands, which are each used for a specific function, such as – carving, grinding, cutting, cuticle remover as well as polishing for all nail arts.

• Its speed is easily adjustable. Having a speed control button of 0-20,000 RPM, along with an easy speed control button helps make this electric nail file safer as well as easier to polish your nails with.

• It gives out both low noise as well as low heat. Its smart heating dissipation helps to avoid overheating.

• It is both portable and light.

• MelodySusie offers a warranty of six months as well as a free replacement service.

Considered a bestseller on Amazon, the MelodySusie with its features is one of the best electric nail file available.

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2. Electric Nail File from Ejiubas

best electric nail file - Electric Nail File from Ejiubas

Features – 

• This nail file is multifunctional and has 11 drill bits as well as 6 nylon wheels. It is perfect for carving, engraving, shaping, polishing, mould grinding, cutting, sanding, sharpening, removing calluses, polishing as well as pet nail sanding. 

• It is easily operable as well as its speed can also be easily adjusted. With a speed control that ranges from 0-20,000 RPM, it can easily be used to clean rough calluses and delicate areas.

• It has an efficient heat dissipation aluminum body which also aids in the longevity of the nail file

• It comes with 6 optional standard metal nail bits, 5 carbide drill bits, and 6 sanding bands which can be easily changed and require no specific tools.

• It comes with a lifetime guarantee!

As is seen in the specifications above, the Ejiubas is easily one of the superior quality electric nail files currently available on Amazon. You can also consider this as an option.

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3.ECBasket Electric Nail File 

ECBasket Electric Nail File 

Features  – 

• The ECBasket nail file comes with a one-year warranty as well as a free replacement. 

• It is a multifunctional nail file and comes with 150 pieces of sanding bands and 11 drill bits which can be used to grind, cut, carve, polish your nails. It can also be used as a cuticle remover.

• It comes with a speed and direction adjuster. 

• Its aluminum body helps to make almost noiseless and smooth, with low heat.

This is another very good option when searching for the best electric nail file available on Amazon.  

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4. Morpilot Nail Drill

Morpilot Nail Drill

Features  – 

• Its aluminum body helps to dissipate heat and provides for longevity.

• It is multifunctional and helps in pedicure, manicure, shaping, polishing, and removal of calluses.

• It is light and compact. Also, it is extremely quiet and simply produces a slight vibration when in use.

• It comes with a speed adjustable button which ranges from 0-20,000 RPM. There is also a positive inversion button which helps to deal with delicate areas with extreme ease and smoothness.

• It comes in two different colors.

The Morpilot nail drill with its amazing features is another very good option when looking for the best electric nail file. Its longevity ensures that your nails get the best care possible, always.

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5. Phileex Nail Drill

Phileex Nail Drill

Features – 

• This nail drill comes with a 2-year warranty. 

• It is the first of its kind wherein, a single charge lets it run up to 1 to 1.5 hours.

• It comes with a UL certified 700mA+ power adapter, to ensure your safety.

• Its direction and speed can easily be adjusted. It comes with a speed control switch that has powers ranging between 0-20,000 RPM to help you drill bits for your acrylic nails.

• It comes in a portable pen shape which is both cordless and lightweight, making it easily portable to be carried around during travels.

• It is a multifunctional drill that helps to shape, engrave, cut, sharpen, mould grind and sand.

The features of the Phileex Nail Drill easily qualifies it as one of the best electric nail file currently being sold on Amazon.

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The comprehensive list given above includes some of the best electric nail file currently being sold on Amazon. They are not only extremely light and portable, helping you to carry them on travels, but they also come in beautiful vibrant colors too. All the electric nail files mentioned have some unique features to it. One might have a few extra drills, another might have a few more sand bands.

However, what makes all of them similar to each other is that they all come with warranties, they all have speed control buttons in them and they are all equally useful. So, worry not and opt for either of the 5 mentioned above. Trust us, neither you nor your nails will be disappointed.

Happy nail filing! 


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