5 Best Finger Nail Clippers

Nails are a part of our body we often forget to care for. In the rush of life’s many adventures, nails may not seem of any relevance. However, you might be surprised- because you couldn’t have been more wrong! Our nails- especially our fingernails- tend to play a role in your everyday routine too. The first thing we do when we meet someone is shaking their hands. This automatically brings their attention to your nails- which is a big tell-all. Proper grooming and nourishment of your nails can indeed say a lot about your personality right from the get-go. Your fingernails shelter your delicate fingertips. Taking care of your nails prevents infection, as well as keeps up appearances. 

To give your nails the care they deserve, there exists a wide selection of nail clippers in the market. Nail clippers, alternatively known as a nail trimmer or nail cutter, are hand tools that are used to groom and trim your fingernails. Just like any other part of your body, fingernails also deserve to be kept healthy and in shape. For this reason, many people often fix themselves as a routine for nail cutting. 

The best finger nail clippers are normally made of stainless steel. They serve more than one purpose. They come with a collection of additional tools that give your nails an extra polishing shine after being done with them. The miniature file manicured the rough edges of your nails, while nail catchers hold your nail in place during a cutting session. Nail clippers can come in convex and concave forms. The latter is used for fingernails, while the former grooms toenails. While many people don’t think actively about investing in good nail care, a cheap nail clipper is simply worse for you than no nail clipper at all. To help you find a nail clipper that makes you want to take pride in your fresh and glossy nails, we’ve compiled a list of the best finger nail clippers to consider purchasing.

Top Best 5 Nail Clippers :

1. Harperton Nail Clipper Set

Finger Nail Clippers

Harperton Nail Clipper set is remarkable for its dual-purpose technology and surgical stainless steel. This nail clipper is a set of two that cater to both your finger and toenail needs. The clipper comes with a smooth handle that cute down nail trimming effort by a ton. You don’t need to twist and turn to reach that one spot when you can simply manhandle this nail clipper to your needs.

  • The nail clipper has a unique handle design that allows easy control and grip.
  • This clipper is made of hand sharpened stainless steel and its blades can cut through difficult and thick nails quite efficiently- a characteristic of the best finger nail clippers.
  • The nail clipper set comes with respective large and small clippers for your finger and toenails so you have the right equipment.
  • This nail clipper set is suitable for all nail types- from babies to grown adults. 
  • The nail file can be used to give you a relaxing trim and pedicure.
  • On purchase, this clipper offers a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is send it back, and the company will fix it. This applies to no particular period of time, i.e, the warranty is available forever.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product in the first 30 days, you are also refunded by the company.

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2. Clyppi Nail Clippers For Fingernails

Nail Clippers For Fingernails

Clyppi nail clipper is used exclusively to protect your fingernails. This nail clipper has a modern and stylish look to encourage the agenda of neat and good-looking nails. The instrument has a flawless matte finish that ensures that you have a strong grip on the clipper at all times of use. The Clyppi Nail clipper delivers clean-cut services- quite literally, and reduces the need for filing by giving you a quality manicure.

  • The nail clipper comes with a two-sided swing out nail file that represents two different levels of roughness so that you can thoroughly file your nails.
  • The nail cleaner tool will clear out any dirt from under your nails.
  • Its egomaniac design fits the clipper into your hand perfectly. It is further suitable for elder and arthritic people owing to the loose but firm lever which can be operated with ease.
  • If you find any issues with the product, you can approach the company for a refund.
  • The matte finish keeps up appearances for the trendy nail clipper.
  • The fingernail clipper is 2.6 inches long, a perfect length to complement and cut off your fingernails.

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3. EZ Grip Toenail Clipper

Grip Toenail Clipper

EZ Grip is another exemplary nail clipper. A prized feature of this clipper is its rotational blade. Due to its flexibility, this nail clipper can be used across many age groups comfortably. Children can also use this clipper to cut their nails securely.

  • This clipper has an ergonomic design that floats around its 360 Degree rotational blade. Through this feature, you can make precise strokes to cut your fingernails as you please.
  • You will be delighted to uncover and use the Swivel action feature of the clipper. It is especially useful in reaching places that you would have to bend backward for. However, with EZ Grip- find a comfortable angle and trim your nails as you deem adequate.
  • The handles have a firm but easy grip so that you never mishandle the clipper by accident.
  • The relative ease of use enables people low on flexibility or strength to trim nails with no hassles.
  • The clipper is approximately 4 inches. You can store it in small spaces and take it with you when traveling.
  • This product comes with a nail trimmer, cutter, as well as a nail file to give you a salon-like finish.

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4. FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set

Nail Clipper Set

FIXBODY is our second nail clipper set on the list. This means that you get both a toenail as well as a fingernail clipper upon purchasing this product. The sharp blades are highly effective and give you near perfect and smooth cutting during use. FIXBODY, thus, is featured as one of the best finger nail clippers available for use.

  • FIXBODY Nail Clippers contains a fingernail and toenail clipper as well as a nail file enclosed in a leather case. The fancy packaging defines the fancy quality of this product and its services.
  • The nail clipper is easily portable. Shove it into your handbag or purse and you can carry it anywhere and access it anytime you need.
  • FIXBODY nail clippers come with stainless steel and sharp blades that cut through even thick nails and leave no concern for filing.
  • You want a clipper that is long-lasting and doesn’t decide to bend or slip out of your hands on a whim, FIXBODY nail clipper is exactly that.
  • The lever on this clipper doesn’t need any unnecessary effort. Press the lever at your comfort level and the clipper will do the rest.
  • This nail clipper is especially ideal for older people, who will be pleased with how simple the product is to use.

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5. Seki Edge Nail Clippers

Edge Nail Clippers

Last but the farthest away from being the least is the Seki Edge Nail Clipper. Coming from famous Japanese fusion technology, this clipper makes use of the most in-demand nail clip features to give you a salon-like treatment. From stainless steel blades to a doozy lever, this clipper has it all!

  • The clipper features a curved stainless steel blade that can cut through thick and thin with scarily accurate precision. 
  • With Seki Nail clipper, you don’t have to suffer from unwanted tears and rips in your sensitive nails.
  • The ridges in the clipper’s lever provide an impeccable grip. Thus, the nail clipper becomes a more safe and comfortable pursuit which aims to be non-slippery and the perfect fit for any hand- old or young.
  • This clipper is perfect for anyone with weak hands or senior citizens.
  • When we say irreplaceable steel, we mean it. Japan’s steel has quite a rep for holding steady and being quite of quality. Thus, advance into a superior nail clipper and drop your local drugstore product. The steel will make sure that Seki outlasts your cheap nail clipper by years.

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Whether you realize it or not – Nails are an important part of our body. They are huge indicators of body health and hygiene. A well-bred hand of nails speaks well of its owner. Make sure that your nails say only good things by grooming and pampering them regularly. You can use the above nail clippers for the desired effect of clean and likable nails. We hope you enjoyed these little tips and suggestions on your search for the best finger nail clippers. Happy trimming!


  1.       What are finger nail clippers?

Finger nail clippers refer to handheld tools that you can use to trim, cut and file your fingernails. By doing so, you keep your fingernails clean and cut uniformly to a reasonable length.

  1.       Who invented finger nail clippers?

While finger clippers had been around in various forms before, the developing fingernail clipper (to the model you see today) was patented by Valentine Fogerty in 1875.

  1.       What finger nail clippers are the best?

There are many fingernail clippers out in the market that strive to provide and nourish well for your fingernails. We strongly don’t recommend purchasing a cheap, no-show clipper that does only half a job. Instead, you can check out our list above to identify the best finger nail clippers.

  1.       Can I use/find finger nail clippers for my pet animal?

Yes, you can find many finger nail clippers online that cater to your pets as well. 

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