The Best Foot Spa: Top Rated Foot Spas for Relaxation and Comfort

Foot soaking Bath Basin

Foot soaking Bath Basin

This foot spa is made of thick plastic
The foot spa machine has 7-inch high walls
Use it with salts
This foot spa machine gives you a spa level quality treatment
Nourish and smoothen your feet
Dreshah Large Pink Foot Bath Tub for spa pedicure and massage

Dreshah Large Pink Foot Bath Tub for spa pedicure and massage

Easy to use and comes with a reasonable price
It has massage dots
This foot spa massager is big and roomy with 7’’ walls
This foot massage tub is a one for all
Renpho Shaitsu Foot Massager Machine

Renpho Shaitsu Foot Massager Machine

Has a unique design and structure
This spa massager has a buttoned panel that is easy to operate
This foot spa goes up to men’s size 12
It especially spacious and comfortable for all foot sizes
Conair Foot spa/Pedicure Spa

Conair Foot spa/Pedicure Spa

Hits deeper and fuller with its vibrating foot massage
It has removable rollers
Foot spa with cold, hot, or warm water
maintaining the water temperature as you desire
It comes with a 6-foot cord
Ivation Foot spa massager

Ivation Foot spa massager

This foot spa massager has water jets that allow you to see your stress bubbling up
Regulate the temperature and intensity of your foot bath
Has two motorized massage rollers
You can set a timer for your foot bath and doze off

The daily hustle of life means an overload of stress and tension in our body. These factors can hold back our physical state from functioning to their fullest potential. Thus, it is vital that we take time to unravel ourselves from the strain inflicted on our body. Luckily, a foot spa machine can do plenty to relieve and relax us! Our feet are often parts of our body that we tend to ignore and not care for despite using them on a daily basis. Many fail to understand that feet-rest is an important part of an efficient and healthy lifestyle.

However, with best foot spa machines and massages, you will find that you can get rid of feet numbness, muscle tension, inflammation, and ease up your entire body. Home-based foot spas help in relieving stress and headaches. You can also best foot spas not just for relaxing purposes, but also to make a speedy recovery from foot and ankle injuries. Foot spas are also beneficial in a way that they help reduce and control symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis and various bodily conditions. The best foot spas can really help alleviate troubles of the body.

Best Foot Spa – Buying Guide

What makes a good foot spa the best foot spa for you? Here is a list of qualities you should look for while making your purchase.

Factors to Consider while buying best foot spa

Ease of use: Although foot spas are easy to use in the first place, you might find that some don’t operate as smoothly as others. The presence of a heated water massage feature can determine this. While the best foot spa massages display the temperature of your water and allow you to adjust as per your preference, others completely lack a display. In such foot spa’s, the water continues to heat until you stop it. It is essential to consider this while buying the best foot spa.

Price: With increasing cost, come more features and better programs. Slightly expensive foot spa massagers will come with a digital display and security features. Cheaper foot spas are by no means bad at the service they provide. You will find that you will have just as much of a good experience in a cheaper foot spa, only minus the additional features like displays, thermostat, etc.

Durability: Foot spas usually placed on the costlier side of the price spectrum turn out to be more durable than others. This is because they use thicker and better plastic, that do a great job at dissolving salts and chemicals from your foot care products. However, if used carefully, cheaper foot spas can last for a long time as well.

Massage rollers: Massage rollers also greatly determines your foot spa experience. Massage rollers can be motorized or non-motorized, i.e, some massage rolls will require you to move and push your feet against them, but others are automatic and will do all the work for you! The stationary massage roller models are not particularly great for people with sensitive feet, as they can cause more harm than good. However, motorized massage rollers are always the go-to no matter what kind of feet you have, or what kind of massage you want. Some models offer even two rollers for rough massages, which you can remove if that’s not your cup of tea.

Size: Foot spas are versatile in terms of sizes. This is a huge advantage because this lets you choose from various sizes, and allows more room for comfort and satisfaction. The amount of water your foot spa can hold in one sitting also depends no its size. It is important to make sure that your massage device fits your foot size, and allows you enough space to move your feet over the rollers.

Heat functionality: The heated massage function is quite a popular trope among the masses. To dip your toes into warm water after a stressful day can give you an unrivalled sense of pleasure. All the best foot spa machines will usually have a heating functionality that can come in different forms. Some massagers have a high-quality heater and thermostat which will heat your water up and keep it consistently warm at a preferred temperature. Those that lack a thermostat will need you to turn the feature on and off once in a while to make sure the water retains the same level of heat.

Compatibility with foot care products: Many foot spas can be used along with salts, soaps and other foot care products. However, it is important to keep in mind that some machines will clog up if you use these products.

 Drainage: Some foot spas are comparatively easier to drain and empty. The feature of drain valve is definitely more appealing than having to dump all the used water outside. Make sure to keep this in mind while making your purchase.

Splash guard: The presence of a splash guard limits the amount of water spilt out of the foot spa after every massage session. The splash guard makes things bearable easier for us.

Best Foot Spa Reviews

1.Foot soaking Bath Basin

best foot spa

If you want to kick back after a stressful day to a completely soothing foot massage with salts and soaps, this is perfect for you. Fully equipped with built-in arch supports and a roomy basin, the ‘Foot soaking Bath Basin’ is a perfect foot spa machine to care for your ill aided and callused feet. It also detoxes your feet to get rid of stench and minimizes serious ailments that come from pinched nerves, turf toe and so on.


– This foot spa is made of thick plastic that keeps the machine from wobbling under your feet and enables for an undisturbed foot spa experience

– The foot spa machine has 7-inch high walls. You can fill up the water to your preferred level and let it soak your feet- and maybe even your ankles and calves while you’re at it!

– Use it with salts: With the Foot soaking Bath Basin, take your foot bath with a pinch of salt! You can use this foot spa machine with Epsom salts, essential salts, bath bombs, etc, and without the need to worry about clog ups.

-This foot spa machine gives you a spa level quality treatment that ensures that you don’t blow your money on costly spa days when you have it all right at home with your Foot soaking Bath Basin.

– Nourish and smoothen your feet: The built-in arch support enables you to get rid of dead skin cells and calluses that are hard to reach, helping you to retain smooth skin and youthful feet.

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2.Dreshah Large Pink Foot Bath Tub for spa pedicure and massage

Foot Bath Tub for spa pedicure

The DREShah Large Pink Foot Bath is effectively easy to use and comes with a reasonable price. It has massage dots built at the bottom of the tub on which you can roll your feet and alleviate tension. You can also pamper your feet with bath salts to get a foot bath that pleases all your senses.


  • This foot spa massager is big and roomy with 7’’ walls that let you soak up all the way up to your ankles! The spacious base allows you to move your feet freely and massage without missing a spot.
  • The DRESHah tub is built so lightly that anybody at all can lift and carry it. Feel free to have your quality foot massage anytime, anywhere!
  • With the DRESHah Foot bath, drainage is hassle free. There is a spout built into the corner of the tub which drains out the water without a mess.
  • This foot massage tub is a one for all! It can fit feet size up to men’s size 13 and is favourable to large and small feet alike.

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3.Renpho Shaitsu Foot Massager Machine

Foot Massager Machine

The RENPHO Shaitsu Foot massager provides and exquisite and unrivalled massage experience as it compiles both the factors of heat and air compression into its massages. It is a thousand times easier to use, as it has a specifically designed control panel that makes it’s features adjustable and compliant to your needs.


  • RENPHO Foot massager has a unique design and structure that will reflect your fantastic taste.
  • This spa massager has a buttoned panel that is easy to operate with your feet themselves. You don’t need to lift a finger to get an instantaneous and through massage.
  • This foot spa goes up to men’s size 12, making it especially spacious and comfortable for all foot sizes.
  • You can switch between different massage modes according to your preference. It has 3 levels of kneading and pressure intensities.
  • RENPHO Foot massager also offers an exclusive heat therapy driven massage which is highly beneficial to remove tension knots in your feet.
  • It is a perfect fit for hygiene conscious people, it has a washable cloth in the foot chambers that can be removed and cleaned.

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4.Conair Foot spa/Pedicure Spa

CONAIR Foot spa

The CONAIR Foot Spa is the king of kings. It provides you a full foot spa massage service which will leave you content and stress free. It has countless features like temperature control, vibration, rollers, a splash guard, and is easily manageable with its touch powered control panel.


  • The CONAIR Foot Spa massage hits deeper and fuller with its vibrating foot massage.
  • It has removable rollers which you can use to adjust the intensity of your massage.
  • You can take your massage in the CONAIR Foot spa with cold, hot, or warm water. The massager takes on the task of maintaining the water temperature as you desire. So pour in some water and lay back. The CONAIR foot spa will do the rest.
  • This massage machine has a deep reservoir and allows the water to really soak into your pores and get the best stress relief you deserve.
  • It comes with a 6-foot cord that lets you have your massage at your favourite spots in the house.
  • You can also use this massager with salts, as there are no water jets, and therefore nothing to clog.

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5.Ivation Foot spa massager

IVATION Foot spa massager

Achy feet and toes? Do not worry. The IVATION Foot Spa massager has got you covered. It uses a Multifunction Foot Spa that makes use of heat therapy, acupressure and hydrotherapy that will drive you straight to heavenly bliss. This massage will focus deeply on parts of your feet you didn’t know existed.


 – This foot spa massager has water jets that allow you to see your stress bubbling up. You can also add essential oils to further invigorate your experience.

-The IVATION foot massager has a display that allows you to regulate the temperature and intensity of your foot bath.

– This massager offers you features of both heat and vibration. By combining two individually great components, it makes you a foot bath worth coming home to.

– The IVATION Foot spa massager also has two motorized massage rollers. You won’t even have to move your feet to get a relaxing massage.

 – With the IVATION Foot Spa, you can set a timer for your foot bath and doze off. The timer turns the bath off as soon as it hits the mark and lets you wake up feeling fresh and new.

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Everyone deserves to be tension free. Whether you suffer from foot related impairments, stress, or simply want to pamper yourself with a pedicure, use your very own home best foot spa to relieve and nurture yourself. Feet are an important part of our body; we use them daily. Your feet deserve a break and to be cared for. Use your foot spas with salts and foot care product to get the best out of your massage. These home-based foot massagers will bring a spa like experience to you. Thus, you should know which one is the best bet for you.


What can I use for a home foot spa?

You can use Epsom salts with conjunction to hot or warm water to create a good foot spa experience. Make sure that your foot spa massager has features that prevent it from clogging up and stopping the blood circulation in your feet.

How long should you use a foot spa for?

It is recommended that you use your foot spa for 15-20 minutes to get the most out of your foot spa treatment. This exfoliates your skin and loosens your knots to give you relaxed feet.

Does a foot spa machine help with pain in the feet and legs?

Yes, a foot spa machine helps with aches and pains in the feet and legs. Foot Spa machines with rollers and heat deeply penetrate your feet and focus on getting rid of your stress knots. Additionally, they also clear up your skin from stench and dirt.

How often can you use a foot spa?

As a general rule, you can use your foot spa weekly for between four to six weeks, after which it may be reduced to fortnightly or even monthly sessions. This keeps your feet in good shape and allows you to go about your day easily.


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