Best Foundations for Melasma: Reviews and Buying Guide

Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover foundation

Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover foundation

It has broad-spectrum SPF 15
It comes with a satin finish, which is the best of dewy and matte, both
It provides maximum coverage and keeps your skin hydrated
It looks light and natural
It is the best foundation for melasma
Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation

Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation

It is a liquid-based foundation for dry and normal skin types
It comes with SPF 20
It is a paraben-free product
It can last for 24 hours and it is water-resistant
It is the best drugstore foundation for melasma
Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation

Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation

It gives an HD look and looks like a second skin
It has a smooth texture that is not too liquidy
It blends flawlessly with your skin tone
It gives a natural complexion
It’s formulated with a 4K complex
Glo skin beauty liquid foundation

Glo skin beauty liquid foundation

It is a liquid-based mineral foundation
It has a broad spectrum SPF 18
It is rich in vitamins A, C, and E
It regenerates skin cells and nourishes the skin
It is a cruelty-free product
Maybelline dream urban cover foundation

Maybelline dream urban cover foundation

It is city tested and is not affected by pollution
It has SPF 50 which is hard to beat
• It is also water-resistant.
It has a matte finish and gives full coverage
It is a lightweight product

Melasma is a skin condition that can be diagnosed in anyone. It is a kind of hyperpigmentation. People who are diagnosed with melasma have dark patches on their skin. They are usually a darker shade than your natural skin tone. Women and men alike are always looking for the best foundation for melasma that covers the dark spots evenly.
It is a harmless condition and does not arise due to an underlying disease. These patches are caused due to the hormonal imbalance in someone’s body. It mostly affects pregnant women or women who take birth control pills because both of these cause hormonal changes. Additionally, sun exposure might also cause this. Ultraviolet rays affect the skin cells that control the pigment of the skin.
This condition mostly goes away on its own after the birth or when you stop taking birth pills, but until then, you need a good foundation to cover the dark patches that form on your face and arms. A foundation will help you to cover the spots but there are some things to consider before buying one.

Best Foundation For Melasma – Buying Guide

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for cosmetics. There are many kinds of foundations available in the market and we want you to find the best foundation for melasma. Decide which product you want to buy based on the factors mentioned below:

Factors to consider

1. SPF- This condition is not always caused by hormone changes. Its other cause is too much sun exposure. When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, then the skin cells that are responsible for skin pigmentation are affected. That is why melasma can worsen in summers. The treatment prescribed for melasma patients is to lower sun exposure and always wear SPF rich make-up which grants protection against UV rays. Sun protection will help to lighten the discolored patches on your skin and might stop melasma from returning. Although melasma can’t be cured, some preventive measures might be able to control it and keep it from spreading more.

2. Paraben-free– An additional cause of melasma is estrogen sensitivity. Paraben is a chemical that is widely used in cosmetics and beauty products as a preservative. It can also be found in some edible food items. It is known to mimic estrogen, which can cause changes in hormones level. Paraben also increases the cell damage caused by UV rays, which can cause an even more intense case melasma. The cell damage causes the skin to become more sensitive and maybe the reason for some allergies. If you have melasma, then you are strictly recommended to avoid paraben in cosmetics. Many herbal and mineral products still have paraben, so be sure to check the label for any sign of paraben. Avoiding paraben will surely yield good results. The best mineral foundations for melasma are paraben-free and made from natural oils.

3. Long-lasting-Melasma causes discolored patches on the skin, especially on the face. This might make some affected people self-conscious. It drops the confidence level of a person and affects the quality of life. Applying make-up will hide the dark spots and will boost your confidence. When you go out, you want the make-up to last longer and not start fading in a couple of hours. The makeup should be long-lasting because you want it to last for 24 hours. It should also be waterproof so that it does not dissolve if a person starts sweating.

4. Color range-Applying makeup is an art. If done correctly then it can give a bounce in your steps that only comes with finely applied makeup, if not done properly then it may look bad. When you are shopping for cosmetics, don’t you peruse through all the shades available until you find that perfect shade that matches your skin tone. And don’t you keep going back to that same brand again and again because finding the perfect shade that suits you can prove to be a very tedious task. Covering up the melasma patches is the main purpose of applying makeup. So you need to choose the shade carefully. Choose a shade that blends in with your skin tone and does not look mismatched. Try to choose only one or two shade above your natural skin tone.

5. Consistency-Sometimes when you over apply foundation, it looks really cakey and uneven. That is not a look good on anyone. It looks unnecessarily heavy. You don’t have to apply too much makeup to cover up the spots. Just a normal amount of foundation, when blended evenly, gives a good and consistent look. It does not look tacky at all. It will give a light and even look, which is just perfect. But you need to apply only a light layer of foundation. A thick layer of unevenly blended foundation will look blotchy in certain places and look cakey. Take into account the consistency of the foundation when buying it. Make sure it is light, blends smoothly, and yields high coverage.
Before starting to review some products, let’s first look at some different kinds of foundations that are accessible. There are high-end products in the market and then there are products from not so well-known brands. They are different but they do give the same result sometimes. They each have their advantages. We will review two such kinds and see their examples.

Best drugstore foundation for melasma

Drugstore foundations, as the name suggests, can be found at any cosmetics shop at a lesser price. It will give the same results as high-end products, maybe even better than them. The best drugstore foundation for melasma or any other condition is Revlon liquid foundation. CoverGirl is also considered to be a good drugstore foundation. We will review these in detail later.

Best mineral foundation for melasma

Mineral foundations have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in them. These minerals act as antioxidants and revitalize the skin cells. They slow the aging of the skin and keep it moisturized. The best mineral foundation for melasma is the Dermablend foundation which is free from all harmful chemicals and is tested for sensitive skin and allergies.

Best Foundation For Melasma Reviews

1. Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover foundation

best foundation for melasma
Estee Lauder is a unisex foundation. It can be used by men and women alike. It has SPF 15 and provides protection against UV rays and pollution. It comes with a satin finish which is kind of a mix of matte and dewy finish foundations. It is the best of both. It is very light and does not look heavy at all. They also moisturize your face and minimize the formation of wrinkles on the skin. It will make your face glow. It is a liquid foundation. Liquid foundations are usually light-weight. It is designed to provide maximum coverage and is perfect for camouflaging the melasma spots. A little goes a long way. It spreads nicely and evenly on all surfaces. It lasts for a long time. It is suitable for all skin types. This is the best foundation for melasma or any other type of skin condition.
• It effectively covers age spots in older people.
• It spreads evenly on the face and does not give a cakey look.
• It looks natural and light.
• It will last all day.
• It has broad-spectrum SPF which protects from UV and UVB rays.

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2. Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation

best foundation for melasma
This is a liquid foundation for normal and dry skin types. It gives a natural finish. It will give medium to full coverage with just a small amount. This one comes with SPF 20. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are minerals found mostly in sunscreens. They protect from ultraviolet radiation. These minerals are very gentle and that is why they considered best for redness-prone skin. They help soothe sensitive skin. It decreases aging and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Its application is really easy and can be done by your fingers or a sponge or a brush. It is also paraben-free, which is an added advantage. Paraben-free foundation help lighten the melasma patches. Revlon is a great brand that is available in many drugstores. It has a wide range of shades, light and dark alike. It is a difficult task to find darker shades in a foundation and many brands don’t have them, so it is a relief to know that there is a shade for skin color.
• It can last for 24 hours and is water-resistant.
• This provides medium to full coverage with a natural finish.
• It perfectly conceals all patches, freckles, and blemishes.
• It is an oil-free liquid foundation that keeps the skin hydrated.
• This one is the best drugstore foundation for melasma or any other skin condition.

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3. Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation

best foundation for melasma
It is a revolutionary product that will always yield good results and will always satisfy you. The bottle of the foundation comes with a pump. It is quick and dispenses the foundation without any mess. The name of the product is ultra HD because it gives such a natural look, almost as if you are wearing a second skin. It has a smooth texture but not too liquidy. It can last for up to 24 hours. It is waterproof and can only be removed by a makeup remover. So you don’t have to worry about refreshing your makeup every hour when you are out. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself because this foundation will not let you down. It is formulated with 4K complex for comfortable makeup. It would seem like the makeup is actually invisible. It is suitable for all skin types. This foundation provides full coverage.
• It covers melasma patches nicely. It is a good fix for concealing spots and acne marks.
• It gives a natural-looking complexion
• It has a light texture and does not look cakey when applied.
• The liquid foundation keeps the skin hydrated.
• It is developed with the most advanced technology.

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4. Glo skin beauty liquid foundation

best foundation for melasma
It is a liquid mineral foundation that provides full coverage. Its active ingredients include titanium dioxide which provides protection from UV rays and prevents sunburn. It will perfectly conceal all the dark patches on your skin. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to soothe sensitive skin. It has the power of SPF 18. It is created from light-diffused diamond powder. This powder has many advantages. It converts ultraviolet light into blue light. This reduces the wrinkles and melasma spots on the skin. It also contains a mixture of vitamins A, C, and E which nourishes the skin and replaces the dead cells. This formula rejuvenates the skin and gives the skin a glowing and radiant look. This brand is cruelty-free and does not test on animals. It is also paraben-free which reduces the risk of skin cancer and diminishes melasma.
• It is also gluten-free and talc-free for anyone who might be allergic to either of these things.
• It gives a natural complexion and makes your skin look luminous.
• It is formulated with moisturizing agents that keep the skin young.
• It has a dewy finish.
• It has antioxidants that reduce skin inflammation and repair cell damage.

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5. Maybelline dream urban cover foundation

best foundation for melasma
It is a liquid foundation that is city tested, which means that it protects against pollution. It lasts for a long time, almost a whole day. It is also water-resistant and does not get washed away by sweat. It has a broad spectrum SPF 50 which protects against UV and UVB rays. This product contains antioxidants that revitalize the skin and prevents the deprivation of natural ingredients. It is a lightweight foundation that gives a natural look. It has a matte finish and makes the skin look radiant. Its many benefits include acne control, protection from harmful radiation, and providing hydration and moisture to the skin. It looks flawless and will perfectly conceal the fine lines and shadows on your face. This one is suitable for all skin types like oily, normal, and dry. They have a wide selection of different shades and textures. It gives full coverage.
• It’s tested and recommended by top dermatologists.
• It is a mineral foundation and is paraben-free.
• It has all shades varying from light to dark.
• It’s developed with antioxidants yet it feels light and smooth.
• It gives full coverage.

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6. CoverGirl clean makeup foundation

best foundation for melasma
This is a natural finish foundation. It can last for a long time. It is suitable for normal skin types. This is a water-based foundation that gives a smooth look and melds smoothly. It gives a radiant look and does not look cakey. It provides light coverage. The foundation is non-comedogenic. This foundation comes with eleven other shades that also come with a matte finish. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are earth minerals. They act as a sunscreen and protects from UV and UVB rays. They slow down the aging process by regenerating skin cells and repairing cell damage. The makeup doesn’t even show and looks like a second skin. The clean liquid formula gives you a younger look. This product is also available for oily and sensitive skin types. It will even out your skin tone and cover any dark patches. It is lightweight and will make you look flawless.
• This foundation will keep your skin hydrated and won’t let it dry.
• Only a little amount will spread out evenly on your face.
• It feels refreshing and is scented.
• It will not cause any irritation in the eyes or skin.
• It is also allergy tested and is safe to use.

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7. Wet n Wild photo focus foundation

best foundation for melasma
This foundation gives a matte finish. All the products from this brand including this foundation are 100% cruelty-free and are PETA approved. Your skin will only get better after using this product. It yields highly satisfying results and has happy customers coming back again and again. It protects from UV and UVB rays. It will give you an even-toned look. It is a very lightweight foundation and blends in smoothly with your natural skin tone. You must have noticed that if the foundation is not evenly applied then it looks cakey in pictures and create white spots on your face. But that will not happen with this foundation. It is formulated with a light-diffusing complex to give a radiant look and makes you look good in any type of lighting. It gives full coverage. It will match with your undertones and look like a second skin.
• It will blend in smoothly with a flawless finish.
• It can last for a whole day without dripping off.
• It will not settle on any fine lines.
• It can conceal melasma patches or any other spots and shadows.
• It can be used for a combination skin type.

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8. L’Oreal Paris age perfect foundation

best foundation for melasma
This foundation is specially designed for mature skin. It is formulated from vitamin B13 and hydrating serum to keep the skin young and healthy. It keeps the skin moisturized and repairs cell damage. It is lightweight and gives an even-toned look. It is a radiant serum foundation that provides hydration all day long. It has SPF 50 that keeps you safe from harmful radiation. It is best for covering wrinkles and other age spots. It evens out nicely and does not settle into fine lines. This foundation comes with an assortment of 30 shades. There is a shade for everyone. It will completely match your skin tone and undertones and give you a naturally luminous look. It has medium to full coverage and is very buildable. It is PETA approved and all the products have been cruelty-free for 30 years. It will give your skin a glowing and healthy look.
• It has proven to be really good for dry and oily skin.
• The medium coverage is buildable and gives a dewy finish.
• It will not give a white cast in pictures.
• It will make your skin silky yet light.
• It is good for mature skin and gives a young look.

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9. Neutrogena healthy skin foundation

best foundation for melasma
It is a liquid-based foundation. It is a makeup and skincare product. It is formulated from a triple-antioxidant blend that rejuvenates the skin cells and repairs damage if there is any. It will keep your skin hydrated and slow down the formation of fine lines on your skin. You will see the difference it makes in a short time. It improves the tone and texture of your skin and makes it luminous. It has SPF 20 formula. It will feel very light and smooth on your skin. This one has natural coverage with a flawless finish. Your skin will instantly look younger spotless after applying this foundation. It suits all kinds of skin types. It is non-greasy and does not make your face look too cakey. It also includes vitamin E, natural feverfew extract, and natural soy which enhances the quality of your skin and makes it radiant. Some makeup products contain chemicals that deplete the skin quality but this product will only make your skin better, even after you have removed the foundation.
• It is available in 12 new shades.
• You will have younger and smoother looking skin in just 4 short weeks.
• Feverfew is known for its calming properties. It also acts as an antioxidant.
• It will not dry and is tested for sensitive skin.
• It is a hypoallergenic product, which is oil-free and fragrance-free.

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Best Mineral Foundation For Melasma

1. Dermablend cover crème foundation

best foundation for melasma
Dermablend is the number one foundation that is recommended by doctors. It is the best mineral foundation for melasma which appeases sensitive skin. It is cruelty-free. This product is also phthalate-free and triclosan-free. Phthalates are the cause of cancer and toxicity in the body. Triclosan causes hormonal imbalance, irritation in the eyes and skin, and can cause an increase in allergies. Both these chemicals are harmful and degrade the quality of the skin. It is free from sodium lauryl sulfate chemical which depletes natural oils, causes inflammations on the skin, and is the origin of itchy scalp and skin. It is a non-scented foundation. It comes with a variety of 21 shades. It contains high-quality colors that help to cover melasma spots, scars, tattoos, bruises, etc. It has a crème finish which gives a natural look. It can last for up to 16 hours while providing maximum coverage. It contains a broad-spectrum SPF 30.
• It is non-comedogenic which means it does not block the pores in your skin and makes it look radiant.
• This foundation is unisex. It is suitable for a combination of skin types.
• It gives a velvet-smooth finish but does not look cakey at all.
• It is tested for sensitive skin and allergies. It is completely safe to use.
• It is non-acnegenic which means it prevents the formation of acne.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best foundation to cover hyperpigmentation?

Melasma is a kind of hyperpigmentation. It shows in the form of darkened patches or spots on the skin. It is a harmless condition and does not occur due to any disease. It can go away with time but in the meantime, if you are looking for a good foundation to conceal the patches then Dermablend is the number one product recommended by dermatologists. It is available in many skin tones and has been tested for allergies and sensitive skin. It will blend in naturally with your skin tone and not appear too cakey.

2. What color concealer is best for melasma?

A lot of people with melasma or hyperpigmentation feel less confident, especially in public, with the darkened patches on their skin. In this day and age, many advanced formulas help to conceal or diminish the melasma. A concealer is one such tool that helps in covering up the spots completely and gives you luminous looking skin. The bareMinerals concealer and L.A. Girl HD concealer are the best-suited options. BareMinerals concealer is vegan, cruelty-free, and has no paraben, gluten, talc, or SLS. It will cover the fine lines and age spots. It has long-lasting coverage.

3. What is the most effective way to treat melasma?

Melasma can be chronic and might not go away. If it does not go away then are some treatment options for it. Hydroquinone is the number one medicine prescribed for melasma. It will lighten the patches on your skin. It is available in the form of lotion, cream, gel, etc. There are some other medicines like corticosteroids, tretinoin, etc. that help in lightening the skin. But if the medicines don’t work then you can also have procedures done to the melasma spots to remove them. The procedures include chemical peel, laser treatment, dermabrasion, etc. Always get these procedures done by expert dermatologists because, if not done properly, they can cause some serious side-effects.

4. Which vitamin is good for melasma?

Studies show that melasma can be caused by an increased amount of iron in the body and also, by the deficiency of vitamin B12. So it is clear from this fact that your body needs to replenish vitamin B12 amounts and you also need to take an iron-free diet. There are some other vitamins other than this to diminish melasma. Vitamin E is known for regenerating skin cells and it is also an antioxidant. Vitamin E could be the key to treat melasma. If you have pure vitamin E then it is best to mix 2-3 drops of it with coconut oil. It shows the best results when combined with vitamin C.


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