A review of 7 best gel nail polish brands

With a busy life style there is little to no time left to take care of your nails, especially visit a salon to get a manicure done. With the gel nail polishes out there you can get a salon style manicure at home. It would need some time on your part and a gel nail polish from the best gel nail polish brands in the market.

To get you started we have listed the best gel nail polish brands you can choose from.

1.   Sally Hansen

  • One of the greatest problems faced by fashionistas nowadays is poor nail polish. It is hard to find nail polish that won’t immediately chip or fade. Even when you go in for a manicure at the salon, there is no guarantee that you will get a nail polish that will actually last.
  • A great solution to all your nail paint problems is here. One of the best gel nail polish brands, Sally Hansen is armed with great shades to match your every mood and long lasting nail paint to protect your look.
Sally-Hansen: best gel nail polish brands
  • Researchers at Sally Hansen have taken the manicurist out of the equation, and brought the salon to your home. With shiny nails that require minimal drying time, you can finally acquire the professional look without the additional costs.
  • These gel nail polishes deliver a mirror shine to your nails and require no drying time. Once applied, they remain chip free for up to 14 days.
  • With unique shades like ‘Game of Chromes’, ‘Crème de la Crème’ and ‘Cabernet With Bae’, Sally Hansen offers something for everyone.
  • Now you can give yourself a gel manicure without needing the use of any UV lamps, but getting an equivalent result nonetheless.
  • Apply the Sally Hansen Top Coat to get an even smoother finish to your manicure.

2. OPI

  • When we talk about the best gel nail polish brands, it is only natural to talk about OPI. With its world famous OPI Gel Systems, this brand has taken the nail care community by a storm.
  • Its nail polishes have a weightless feel and provide a highly glossy, LED cured look to your nails.
  • Whether you are off on a vacation , or are always running helter skelter for work, the OPI gel nail polish will never fail you. With a guarantee of no dulling, chipping or cracking; you can forget ever worrying about your newly done nails.
  • The Gel color works harder for you than you will expect. It will provide color and shine to your nails for up to 3 weeks, so you don’t need to think about excessive recoloring.
  • With a 30 seconds dry time, OPI’s Gel colors are a manicurist’s dream. You can be done with your nails and not have to think about getting them smudged.
  • These gel nail polishes are odorless – giving a semblance of relief in a world full of headache – inducing fumes from ordinary nail paint brands.
  • Apply a top coat and a base coat for even better shine and long lasting effects.

3.  Aimeili

  • Looking at all the numerous options in gel nail polishes can be both mind numbing and confusing. To remove your confusion, you should look at only the best gel nail polish brands – one of which is the lovely Aimeili.
  • With exotic shades like ‘Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis’, ‘Rosa Rugosa’ and ‘Hyacinthum Oceani’, Aimeili has brought back life and excitement in the nail care community.
  • Its gel nail polishes give a hard shine when applied, and do not chip easily. They have the high finish and great durability of expensive nail paints at absolutely affordable prices.
  • These UV and LED cured nail paints come in various varieties – temperature color changing, glow in the dark, sun UV color changing, galaxy paranoid etc. You can get nail polish for work or party or home at great prices.
  • When applied alongside the Aimeili Base Coat and Aimeili Top Coat, these gel nail polishes truly bring out the best beauty in your nails. They remain unchipped and rock hard for three weeks, saving you a lot of hassle.
  • They are super glossy and contain minimal toxic chemicals.

4.  Elite99

  • Wondering if that gel nail polish you applied could have been harmful to your nails? Wondering if it contains any toxic materials to help give that smooth finish?
  • If you are indeed asking such questions, then it is time for you to change your nail polish brand. Instead, opt for Elite99, one of the most popular and best gel nail polish brands in the world.
  • Elite99 gives you such a variety to choose from, that you will never go wanting for a nail color again. From diamond to color changing to glow in the dark nail paints, whatever strikes your fantasy, they will have it.
  • With exciting shades like ‘Chameleon Temperature Color Changing’, ‘Magnetic Cat Eye Red’ and ‘Super Star Diamond Glitter’, their series of gel nail polishes is a beautiful dream for nail art enthusiasts.
  • The nail polishes are extremely long lasting and dry very quickly. They do not chip easily and are resistant to easy discoloration.
  • You can wear these nail paints for a long time in a variety of situations, there will be no need to hide your hands while working.
  • These odorless nail polishes are completely healthy and eco friendly. They do not contain any toxic materials that could harm your nails or skin.

5.  Gelish

  • Gelish Soak – Off Gel Polish. The one brand and product that revolutionized the entire industry in 2009. On a list of the best gel nail polish brands, it is only prudent to include nail products by Gelish, the answer to your nail art woes.
  • With dedicated nail artists and technicians behind every single product, you can rest assured that your bottle of gel polish will be the best of the best.
  • The Gelish Soak – Off Gel Polish applies easily like polish, and is cured quickly under LED or UV lamps. It stays on your nails for a long time of 3 weeks.
  • You can apply these nail polishes and go to work without any worry in the world. The nail polish will retain itself without any chipping or wear and tear. It will continue to give a hard shine on day twenty one similar to when it was applied on day one.
  • With uniquely named shades like ‘Do I Look Buff’, ‘You’re So Sweet You’re Giving Me A Toothache’ and ‘A Petal For Your Thoughts’; you will never have a dull time choosing between products by Gelish.
  • These nail polishes give a smooth, glossy finish to your nails. They protect your nails from damage and give much needed support to weak nails.
  • They provide you a complete salon experience at totally affordable prices. They are absolutely free of toxic materials and are not harmful for your nails.

6.  Gellen

  • Gellen nail polishes are the go to nail polish when you are looking for gel nail polishes that won’t pinch holes in your pocket. They are some of the most affordable nail polishes on our list of best gel nail polishes in the industry.
  • They last long, upward of two weeks and are not damaged easily. They do not chip or discolor and can be worn for different kinds of occasions.
  • These nail polishes do not contain harmful chemicals. They are instead made of natural resins that are safe to use by human beings.
  • They dry super quickly and can be removed easily too. This saves you the hassle of the time consuming process of removal that gel polishes make you go through.
  • Gellen gel nail polishes come in many different elegant shades. You can get color changing shades or metallic shades or even glow in the dark shades.
  • They are easy to apply and give you a professional manicure experience without the high price. They do not harm your nails, and instead boost them to be able to carry nail polish for long.

7.   CND Shellac

  • When CND launched the Shellac line of gel polishes, it took the nail art community by surprise. With a great variety of long lasting shades, and nail polishes that protect your nails, the CND Shellac line rightfully earned its place in the list of best gel nail polish brands.
  • With ever developing shades like ‘I Blanked Out’, ‘Red-y To Roll’ and ‘Tutu Be Or Not To Be’, the Shellac line offers a variety of opaque, sheer and semi sheer nail polishes for enthusiasts to enjoy.
  • The nail polish lasts up to 14 days without any chipping or discoloring. It does not harm your nails in any way and is completely safe to use.
  • Even removal of the nail polish is very easy and painless. It removes gently, without the need for any scraping or filing. It leaves the nails as healthy as before.
  • With three different choices of top coats, CND’s Shellac range provides you the best options to get a smooth, long lasting mirror shine and glossy finish to your nails.
  • You can choose between cream / metallic / pearl / shine / shimmer / holographic glitter / frost etc to give a spunky edge to your nails and make them stand out in a crowd.

Hope it is a good read and we could help you in some way. Let us know in comments if you would like to know more on something. You can read up on other topics posted at M Beauty Lounge – Because you are beautiful.

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