Nail It With These 6 Best Hard Gel Nails

If you love painting your nails, chances are that you too (like us) yearn for that perfect salon finish manicure. And what are perfect manicures without remarkable nail enhancements really? Nail extensions are of three kinds – gel, acrylic and fiberglass.

An amateur or a professional – you will agree to the fact that hard gels – the most common type of gel used for extensions – offer the finest of nail extensions.

The best hard gel nails are more durable than the other types, have a natural look with a glossy finish, are more flexible, cure faster, and when primed correctly, will not cause any damage on the nail bed.

In other words, hard gel is the strongest form of gel polish out there. When you first dabble with nail enhancements such as hard gels, there is often the fear of damaging your nails with all the chemicals and strengthened hard extensions.

While some inexpensive products might be made from cheap ingredients but there are a multitude of options now available that have organic ingredients and will not harm your nails. The key is good products and tools, quality experience in faultless application and careful removal.

Also, there is always the importance of moderation involved – that you should take breaks between your gel enhancements to let your nails rest and grow. It is always in your best interest to follow your trusted nail professional’s advice.

But with a plethora of options available in the market, it becomes difficult to figure which genuine product would suit you the best. But worry no more! To help you pick your hard gel correctly, we have curated the following list of top products. Get ready to flaunt the flawless set of nails in town!

The Best Hard Gel Nails For You

1. IBD 60402 Builder Clear Gel

  • This IBD UV builder gel is an amazingly clear gel that will provide high gloss shine to your nails.
  • Its transparency provides outstanding luster that will remain intact for a very long time and is very durable.
  • If you cannot stand the smell of acrylic nails while building out your nails, this gel is a great choice as it is odorless i.e. it does not have any strong smell.
  • Made with special self-leveling, high flow formula; its application becomes very easy to achieve that smooth finish you will love to sport.
  • Specially formulated for nail extensions, tip overlays and sculpting, this stylist-approved product is suitable for both, salon and home use.
  • This builder gel is perfect for first time users as the spread is nice and smooth, and does not require effort for leveling.
  • One of the best hard gel nails, it can cover multiple sets so you can actually use it frequently, without worrying for your pocket for more than a couple of weeks!
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2. Makartt P-21 Poly Nail Extension Gel -Natural Pink

Best Hard Gel Nails - Makartt-P-21-Poly-Nail-Extension-Gel-Natural-Pink
  • If you fear the use of strong chemicals on your nails then Makartt Poly nail builder gel is your pick. The ingredients are 100% organic so you can remain sure about not damaging your nails at all.
  • Makartt’s extension gel not only offers high sturdiness but also more flexibility than other nail extension products.
  • With proper nail care like filing, buffering and cleaning, these will last for up to more than a month!
  • For an even enduring life-term, you may use Makartt’s nail dehydrator and primer along with this.
  • To avoid the gel sticking to your brushes or tools, you can use slip solution or a 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Multiple application techniques makes it one of the best hard gel nails available in the market. You can apply the poly gel with dual forms, with nail forms or as an overlay.
  • You may also use a nail paint remover or alcohol instead of slip solution to pick and form this extension gel easily.
  • The wonderfully natural pink shade helps your nails look beautiful in any choice of your shape.
  • For removal, carefully file and buffer them the poly gel down by hand or use a nail drill machine instead.
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3. Gershion Clear Poly Extension Nail Gel

  • This Gershion Acrylic Poly Nail Gel is a professional alternative to both gel and acrylic.
  • The AcryGel’s consistency isn’t runny. Hence, you could suitably control the flow and set it into shape without rushing against the clock.
  • After forming the extensions, the curing time is around 30 to 60 seconds for an LED lamp and 2 minutes for a UV lamp.
  • These nail extensions are flexible yet stronger and better yet, lighter on your nails when you wear them.
  • These could as well be your best hard gel nails purchase as with proper filing, buffering and cleaning, they will last up to more than a month!
  • You may use a nail dehydrator along with primer to strengthen the adhesion more and extend its lifetime.
  • When your nails grow, the gap between the extension and the new cuticle can also be simply filled in about every two weeks.
  • You can use this product with dual forms, nail forms or use it as a gel paste drill to give you the flawlessly natural looking, pretty and glossy appearance which you will love.
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4. OPI Natural Nail Treatments

  • It is no wonder that this amazing OPI 3-in-1 start to finish nail treatment made it on to our list of best hard gel nails.
  • This compact complete pack includes base coat, top coat and strengthener to provide protection to the nail plate while strengthening the adhesion, prevents yellowing of your nails and seals the enhancement in the shape you give.
  • It only needs two coats and you will find your nails in the ultra shiny, attractive natural look that you will fall in love with.
  • Its compactness makes it ideal for travel use as well.
  • OPI has been awarded by the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards in 2015! What more reasons do you need?!
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5. Young Nails Nail Protein Bond, Superior Bonding Primer for Acrylic and Gel

  • Young Nails lets you bring your salon home for those impeccably finished set of nails we all want.
  • This little Protein Bond bottle is an adhesive that not only anchors your acrylic or gel extension to the nail bed but also acts a primer.
  • Its special acid-free formulation makes it corrosive-free and bonds with the keratin between your natural nail and enhancements. This makes your natural nails stronger and does not harm them.
  • Always clean the nail surface before application to ensure maximum adhesion.
  • Two coats of this long-lasting bond will keep your enhancements from lifting for sure!
  • Use with Young Nails Acrylic System to get the best hard gel nails.
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6. Gellen Professional Extension Poly Gel Soak Off UV Builder Gel Set

  • Gellen’s range of poly nail extension gel is great fir DIY manicures at home.
  • This product package is a set of four different colors – pearl, soft pink, clear, and violet – that help you create your own natural looking nail art.
  • Since these builder gels dry relatively quickly, the curing time for these is only 30 to 60 seconds under an LED light, and two minutes under a UV light.
  • Its application will not make your nails feel heavy. Yet, despite the lightness, it forms stronger nails than acrylic nails.
  • It is convenient to use and with proper care, can last about for 1 month straight.
  • This product comes with a detailed instruction manual, making it easy for even first timers to get their beautiful nail extension without any difficulty, giving them the best hard gel nails ever!
  • It is recommended to not over-work the gel to avoid air bubbles getting trapped, and even to use enough gel over your nail plate to avoid shrinkage during cure.
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It is important to understand that branded gel systems are designed to work perfectly together. Therefore, for best results, one should avoid mixing products from multiple manufacturers. There are a few things that most expert nail professionals recommend:

  • Application of hard gel is suggested with a high-quality synthetic or natural-hair brush that has a littler, steadier brush head. This will give you maximum gel control.
  • What lamps you use for which product is also of significance. More often than not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for curing times, and changing bulbs regularly will give you best results.

Hard gels make your life easy by providing you with not only one-step application but also a great option for people who may have lifting problems with acrylic. The most loved qualities of hard gel are self-leveling and being easy to manipulate, and the fact that you can form your extensions with gel until you are really happy with what you see, and then cure it.

Finally, remember that for most times, natural nail damage does not occur from the use of hard gels. Instead, it is the improper removal that hits the nail.Refrain from over-filing or prying off gels to avoid severe damage to the nail plate.If appropriate care is taken, your nails will reciprocate the love with them being naturally healthy, so you can flaunt them anywhere, anytime. Happy manicuring!

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Nail It With These 6 Best Hard Gel Nails

Check out the best hard gel nails and make the right decision before purchasing.

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