The Best Korean Face Masks to Refresh and Revitalize Your Skin


Best Korean Face Mask for Whitening

Dermal Full Face Mask Sheets

24 cotton padded sheets
A mixture of Collagen and Vitamin E
Aloe vera and collagen is the main ingredient
Friendly to all skin types
Very moistures

Best Korean Face Mask Sheet for Oily Skin

Celavi Facial Face Mask

12 sheets
Free Thai facial pack
For dry, oily, and sensitive skin
Each face mask is different from the set
Removes antioxidize

Best Korean Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Ebanel Collagen Face Masks

15 sheets
Free from animal cruelty
100% vegan
100% alcohol-free
Unisex face mask

Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

Medieval Intensive Mask

Dermatologist and aesthetician reviewed
Boosts hydration
100 % cotton pads
The primary ingredient is witch hazel
Best for dry skin

Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

CeraVe Face Sunscreen Moisturizer

16 sheets
Thin layered comfortable sheets
For dull and dry skin
Increases collagen
Free of alcohol

Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

Eppielle character sheet masks

6 sheets
Cute animal charactered mask
Clear and fairer complexion

Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

LAPCOS Milk sheet masks

The primary ingredient is milk
For dry skin
5 sheets
Eliminates dry skin cell
Completely animal friendly

Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

Balloon Blanc Therapy Face Mask

6 sheets
Uses Cupra sheets
Treats blemishes
Cures sunburns
Treats all skin type

Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

Bamboo healing masks

10 sheets
Primary ingredient is bamboo
82% of bamboo water
Restores skin nutrients
27ml bamboo essence in every sheet

Everyone, from celebrities to bloggers these days has been using and positively spreading the use of the best Korean face mask. Even small, regular teenage children these days would have used Korean face masks at least once to keep up with the trend.

But apart from following the footsteps of famous people or being attracted by the advertisements, you see on television; do you know the true benefit of these masks?

What is a Korean face mask?

Korean face masks are single sheets of cotton pads that have been soaked in powerful skin rejuvenating solutions. Korean face masks are the easiest DIY facial treatment method. They are suitable for any skin type. These masks are so craftily designed that they can easily fit any face structure.

Korean face masks are very easy to apply, and they start showing improvement on the skin immediately after use. They are also commonly known as “sheet masks”. True to their name and their image Korean masks are full of rejuvenating serum. All you have to do is soak your face well in it and relax.

Due to the increased demand and liking for these masks, there is a lot of mask flavors and varieties available. There are fruit masks, anti-tan masks, coal masks, and so on. The list is too long!

Benefits of using a Korean Face Mask

Let us look at some of the major benefits of using a Korean face mask:

  • Total Cleansing

Korean masks do not just cute on the face they also have a lot of benefits. Korean face masks illuminate their oils and nutrition into the skin and deep cleanse the pores on your face.

  • Rejuvenates skin

Similar to other masks a Korean face mask also needs to be kept for a minimum of 20 minutes on your face. The reason why these masks get all the brownie points and stand out from the rest is that unlike other masks like the mud pack or other facial masks available in the market, Korean face masks do not dry on your skin. Other masks usually dry on your skin within the first 10 minutes itself. This makes the skin harsh and rough.

A Korean face mask is so full of rejuvenating nutrients that it always stays moisturized and keeps your skin soft and moist. Since it remains wet and slimy the entire time it also acts as a barrier between your skin and blocks any room for any air and dust particles within it to enter your skin. And protects your skin throughout.

  • Anti-Pollution

The most important reason for using Korean face masks is pollution. A body part that gets the most affected because of the pollution is your skin. Your skin is a very delicate and easily affected body part. It needs proper nourishment. Due to pollution, every time you go outside you invite dirt particles to your skin. Washing your face with soap and water is not a permanent remedy. It just cleans the outer portion. But your skin needs much more than that. It needs its nutrition and moisture. By using a Korean facemask, you re-energize your skin and hydrate it back to its original form so that it starts to look better and fresh again.

  • Relaxation

Unlike other masks that form a putty on your skin and harden around your face restricting you from talking as well, a Korean face mask works absolutely in the opposite way. It allows your skin to breathe and also relaxes every muscle on your face rather than making it strong as a stone. The enriching nutrients from the face mask also allow cools down your eyes and affect your pleasure nerves directly sending you into 20 minutes of relaxation bliss automatically.

Major Ingredients Used In Korean Face Masks

Here are a few ingredients that you should look for in your face mask for use

  • Honey

Homey is a natural skin cleanser and most effective in hydrating and making your skin look pumps up. Honey has natural traits to soften and moisturize your skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

This is great moisture holding serum. It is most widely used in all Korean face masks as it is a must-have nurturing oil in your skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid also commonly called hyaluronan is very important for your skin as they improve your skin elasticity. That is why make sure you find this ingredient in your face mask.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is primarily used in all kinds of k-beauty products and is the most essential nourishing ingredient for the face. It affects the face humongous. Vitamin C is used in every beauty product because it reduces aging in the skin and helps in making the skin look young.

  • Snail mucin

As weird as it sounds snail music is a widely used ink-beauty product. The sticky mucous produced when a snail move is trusted by k-products because they help in healing the skin cells and improves skin regeneration. No snails are harmed or killed during the extraction of their mucous making it an even friendly ingredient.

They are also packed with Vitamin A, E, and zinc which makes them even more beneficial for beauty products.

  • Green tea oil

Tea oil is rising to become an important ingredient in all kinds of beauty products because of its non-inflammatory and anti-microbial abilities. This helps in reducing acne on your face. Green tea oil in your face mask will your pores and treat them and make sure non-useful particles do not enter your skin pores.

  • Rosewater

Koreans are unbeatable when it comes to skincare and products. It is also trusted by a lot of people worldwide even without proper and confirm information. The reason behind this is that they use natural, organic ingredients that enhance and improve and cure the facial tissues and clean impurities.

Why are Korean Face Masks so popular?

The reason why Korean face masks are getting so popular is that it is made keeping in mind the youth of today who wants to take care of their skin but does not have time to look after it. They provide various benefits and use different nutrition combinations on their sheets. But you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits until and unless you know your own skin. Knowing the best masks for your skin type is really important.

Knowing your skin type is all the more necessary because that helps you understand which is the best Korean face mask for you.

E.g.: If you have pimples, pores, and want to get rid of that junk food aftermath glowing on your face, you will need a relieving mask, one that has ingredients to calm you like oatmeal, aloe vera.

If you have dry skin and want to re-extract its shine and glow then you will need a deeply effecting face mask to clear the pores from your skin and reproduce its natural oils.

If you have a regular skin type, and just want to rejuvenate your face, apply any fruit mask. A fruit mask will detoxify your skin and rejuvenate all the pores on your face.

People facing acne-related skin issues should opt for a mask rich in green tea oils, Salicylic acid, and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great beauty enhances and it glows your skin internally and improves impurity. Green tea oils reduce puffiness around the eyes and other corners of the face that has puffed up tendencies.

Best Korean Face Mask – Buying Guide

Now that you know the benefits, flavors, ingredients let us consider some of the factors while buying a Korean face mask.

Factors to look for while selecting the best mask for you

  • Ingredients

Make sure to have at least a few of the ingredients mentioned above in your face mask sheet for results and benefits on your face. Every ingredient has a different use and benefits different skin types differently. E.g.: the effect of tea oils in a Korean face mask will affect a face with acne and pores differently and much more effectively than compared to a clear face.

  • Skin type and mask selection

If you are looking for a face mask for serious benefits and not just for the sake of using a face mask and for the fun of it, do some serious thinking about your skin type. Every skin has its flaws and points of improvement. Consider them all and choose a face mask that will help you solve them all gradually.

  • Price and packaging

These days packaging is paid more attention than the actual product. So do not let them misguide you. Make sure you check the ingredients and the brand and all the necessary ingredients properly before buying one. Consider proper online researching for your favorite choice to indulge in the best Korean face mask

Some of the Best Korean Face Masks 

  • Collagen boost face mask

Collagen is a natural skin enhancer in the face. Due to pollution and other unwanted chemicals, we apply on our faces, collagen-building cells sort of loosening its quality. Collagen cells are important natural nutrition boosters as they are responsible for the 3 major changes in our face; suppleness, firmness, and elasticity of the skin.

Lack of proper working of these cells resit in the early arrival of aging skin and causes loos skin as there is no control on the elasticity of your facial features. That is why every working woman (and man) should at least once a month applies this face mask to pump up your collagen cells.

  • Anti-acne sheet mask

Witch hazel, parsley, rosemary, and willow bark are some of the greatest relaxing ingredients used in any k-beauty product. We all have suffered acne on most important days and these ingredients are said to have the best effect on our uninvited friends.

These items have soothing components that bring back the balance of the skin. They are also infused with salicylic acid, argan oil, and hyaluronic acid to reduce the eruption of acne and also to keep the skin hydrated and fresh.

  • Fruit masks

A lot of beginners who just want to be a part of the trend and use a sheet face mask should apply this mask. It is great for regular skin. Fruit masks are used widely as they hydrate the skin and make you feel good. They also have an after use tangy fruity smell that stays on your face for a long time.

Those who are new to face masks can start by using a mild fruit mask to see if their skin can accustom to the moisture released by a sheet mask. 

Best Korean Face Mask Reviews

Korean products are very hard to beat when it comes to skincare. They always top the chart and are the best skincare products. When it comes to face masks, Korean face masks are gaining a lot of popularity from the rest of the face masks available.

Best Korean Face Mask for Whitening

Amongst the rest of the best Korean products, the best Korean face mask for whitening is the Dermal Full Face Mask Sheets.


  1. Dermal Full Face Mask Sheets

best korean face mask

This product offers a combo pack of 24 collagen sheet masks. It is a great product that takes care of every skin problem by the woman of today.

  • It has 24 different facial sheet masks of different flavors.
  • Each mask is a boosted combination of collagen and vitamin E.
  • It is fully soaked in moisture and remains wet for a long time.
  • It moisturizes, soothes, repairs, and helps in anti-aging and firming the skin.
  • Has honey, aloe vera, pomegranate, wine, cucumber, milk, apricot, and charcoal face packs amongst the rest.
  • It is very easy to use and has aloe vera, collagen as primary ingredients.

best drugstore setting powder for dry skin

Best Korean Face Mask Sheet for Oily Skin

One ingredient known to soak away the oily particles and remove puffiness from the face is green tea leaves. And one product best known to produce face masks of this ingredient is the Celavi Collagen face mask. It is undoubtedly the best face mask for oily skin.

  1. Celavi Facial Face Mask

best korean face mask

It is a pack of 12 sheets with lightening, softens, tightened, and moisturizes the skin.

  • It has 12 sheets
  • Balances pigmentation, and controls dark spots on the skin.
  • It immediately helps in reducing blackheads and puffiness
  • Works great on dry, oily, and sensitive skin.
  • Infused with honey, avocado, cucumber, green tea oils, and charcoal.
  • It also has an additional Thai facial mask free within the kit
  • It is a great product which is boosted with antioxidants and natural botanicals that help in anti-aging and helps in maintaining the firmness of the facial tissues.
  • Each sheet from the pack of 12 has totally various ingredients, a class apart from each other for new trials every time.

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Best Korean Face Mask for Glowing Skin

The best Korean face mask for glowing skin is the Ebanel Collagen Face Mask. It removes all antioxidants, rejuvenates the skin. It boosts up the collagen cells and improves the glow of your skin.

  1. Ebanel Collagen Face Masks

best korean face mask

This Korean mask product is an amazon choice product and is one of the best Korean face mask products.

  • It has 15 sheets
  • It is infused with Hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and Vitamin C and E.
  • It helps in anti-aging tremendously.
  • It is one of the best Korean face masks because it shows instant results. After 20 minutes of using it, this product shows huge results on the face.
  • It removes all the antioxidants and allows the skin to breath
  • It is cruelty-free and alcohol-free.
  • It does not contain any oils.
  • This product causes no reaction or irritation and is completely safe to use by any skin type.
  • Guaranteed vegan product
  • Both men and women can equally enjoy this face mask
  • It is rich in chamomile, ascorbic acid, and aloe vera and helps in keeping the skin from aging and helps in the firmness of the facial tissues. It also has edelweiss, tomato, and purslane extracts that keep the skin glowing, soft, and smother.

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Best Korean Face Mask for Acne

A lot of face masks provide acne solutions but one product that does it the best and removes acne and shows the most results is the MediHeal Intensive Mask. It is the best Korean face mask for acne. It has been made under the supervision of dermatologists and that is why can be blindly trusted.

  1. MediHeal Intensive Mask

best korean face mask

This amazon choice product is the best Korean face mask. It has been designed with the help of dermatologists and aestheticians.

  • Best Korean face mask for dry skin
  • It has a pack of 10 sheet face masks.
  • It has amino acids, lipids, peptides, sugars, etc that create glowing skin instantly
  • It intensively hydrates the skin making it look plump than ever
  • With Witch hazel as its primary ingredient, this mask is known to soothe and relax you instantly.
  • It is 100% cotton and charcoal sheets
  • These masks are great in absorbing oils, purifying the skin cells, firming and soothing the skin, hydrating, and removing all the antioxidants from the skin.

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  1. Green Grade Cupra Full Face Mask

best korean face mask

This product has a variety of different masks that are highly hydrating and improve your skin.

  • It has 16 full-face hydrating masks.
  • It has been infused with egg whites, shea butter, argan oil, green tea oils, coffee, charcoal, Vitamin C, honey, and apple among the rest.
  • They are designed to have a very thin layer of cotton pads that feels so light on your skin that it allows the skin to breathe freely while doing its job
  • It has a great collagen boost that pumps up the skin and makes your face feel brand new
  • It is the best Korean face mask for dry and dull skin
  • This face mask instantly starts exfoliating the skin and rejuvenates the facial cells.
  • It is alcohol-free

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  1. Epielle character sheet masks

best korean face mask

This is one of the cutest face mask producers. These masks are designed with cute characters on their body and have a pack of 6 sheets.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It has Alaska Glacier and Botanical extracts that make the skin look glowing and purify the skin for a fairer complexion.
  • It moisturizes and increases the health quotient of the skin.
  • It has animal character packs, Christmas character packs, and Halloween character packs amongst the rest
  • It is a great fruit face mask with a primary focus on fruit extracts, hydrogenated castor oil, glycerine, and fragrance

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  1. LAPCOS Milk sheet masks

best korean face mask

This product’s main ingredient is milk. It is made up of milk and formulates all the benefits of milk.

  • It is best for dry skin
  • Removes dry skin cells and increases moisture in the face.
  • This face mask screams milk, milk, and only milk.
  • Its milk essence replenishes and hydrates all the dry skin cells
  • It has lipid molecules that create a protective layer against the skin
  • Apply this face mask for only 20 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of milk
  • 100% animal friendly
  • It has 12 different flavors

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  1. Balloon Blanc Therapy Face Mask

best korean face mask

This product is a great addition to your facial treatment routine. It has a set of various sheet masks for various skin types.

  • It has 6 cotton-padded sheet face masks
  • It is infused primarily with honey, green tea oil, aloe vera, etc
  • It uses eco-friendly Cupra sheets for better absorption of antioxidants from the skin
  • It has 6different mask types to moisturize, clean, calm the skin, improves elasticity, benefit pores, and nourishes the skin cells.
  • It has special facial masks of egg whites, coffee, Vitamin C, Avocado, honey, and Teatree to get all of its benefits.
  • It is the best Korean face mask for treating sunburns.
  • It also lightens blemishes with regular use

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  1. Bamboo healing masks

best korean face mask

This is the best Korean face mask to take care of acne and sensitive skin. This product is very different from the rest and stands out from its competitors as unlike them it does not use all the regular ingredients but it uses only bamboo as its sole ingredient and extracts all the components from bamboo.

  • Contains bamboo cellulose and uses 82% bamboo water and is the most natural ingredient face mask
  • It helps in healing, restoring, and strengthening all the lost essential skin nutrients that had been locked inside the pores due to all the harmful UV rays to strict out and gives them life.
  • It has a set of 10 facial masks
  • It protects the skin from stress and keeps the skin always hydrated
  • Every mask has 27ml of bamboo essence fully immersed in the face mask sheets and keeps the skin supple

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Korean face mask is the best?

A medical face mask is one of the best Korean face masks. It is the most bestselling and most popularly liked face mask. It has a huge customer response and everyone who has tried this product has only good things to say about it.

Apart from the USA, it has been topping the charts in South Korea as well. This product deserves all the attention as well. After all, it has been effective and popular enough to be featured with the greatest Korean boy band BTS.


  1. Do Korean face masks really work?

Compared to the rest of the beauty products available in the market, Korean face masks so don’t show results as immediately as other products do and it is because unlike other facial masks, they are not highly chemicalized and are catered to keeping in mind your sensitive skin.

These Masks are very effective and have no side effects as every ingredient they use is 100% organic and naturally made.

There is a reason why k-beauty is loved all over the globe and that is because their most important factor for making any product is to not damage the skin. And Korean face masks do a commendable job at maintaining the K-beauty image and replenishing the skin with its best face masks.

  1. Which is the best Korean skincare brand?

Every Korean skincare brand and product can be trusted blindly. They are made to only produce good effects on the skin, unlike other money-making products.

One of the best Korean skincare brands from the rest is Cosrx. This is the most running, most liked, most wanted, and a product with the best positive reviews.

This brand defines itself as the solution to all your skin related issues and has made its motto to solve them all and to produce products to solve every skincare related problem you have.

The greatest quality of this brand is that it does not stack itself up with ingredients. They use the bare minimum ingredients yet prove the maximum results and all of this at the most affordable price.

  1. What is the best Korean face product?

According to the latest surveys and combining sales and customer value of a product, the best Korean face product is the Belief The True Cream. This face cream is the best Korean face product. It is known to last for 24 hrs minimum and helps in rejuvenating the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day and helps in enlightening dull and dry skin.

  1. What is the best Korean moisturizer?

If you love applying makeup then you must base it with a moisturizer. And if you do not apply a lot of makeup, up should still apply a moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin regularly is very important to maintain the health of the skin.

Most people skip using a moisturizer considering it as a lesser important part of the skincare routine whereas it is the complete opposite.

A moisturizer keeps locks the moisture in the skin and allows it to stay hydrated.

Korean moisturizers are very light and feel almost nothing on the skin. They are very mild and breezy that allows the skin to breathe properly while also takes care of the skin.

One of the best Korean moisturizers is the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream. This moisturizer has collagen collected from saltwater fishes. This keeps your skin moist and strengthens the elasticity of your skin. This moisturizer is so powerful that it can repair your skin from all the radiation and pollutions your skin had to suffer.  And it feels very light and does not leave a residue. Within minutes of applying this moisturizer, you will forget you had applied something g on.

  1. Why is Korean skincare better?

The reason why Korean skincare is better and trusted is that they make products with love and understanding of the skin. Korean women from a very young age are taught that true beauty lies within the skin and that is why they take proper care of their skin.

For Korean women, clean and pure skin is of great importance and that is why they produce such products that help them maintain their standard of beauty.

They use very little to almost no chemical ingredients in their products and these products are very soothing and refreshing to the skin.

Therefore, the Korean skincare routine is something that we all should adopt.


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