The Best Lavender Hair Dye for Gorgeous Color – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Loreal Paris Feria
Best Lavender Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Loreal Paris Feria

Multi-faceted hair care
Enhances life of dye
Magnifies hair colorquality thrice
Super shimmery
Best lavender hair dye
best lavender hair dye for grey hair
Manic Panic Silver Stiletto
Best Lavender Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Manic Panic Silver Stiletto

Keeps your skin hydrated
No fragrance added
Control sebum production
BHA and tea tree ingredient
Sooths irritated skin
Refreshed and clean skin
Keracolor Clenditioner ColorDepositing Conditioner
Best Lavender Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Keracolor Clenditioner ColorDepositing Conditioner

Shows instant effect
Works on both dry and wet hair
Flexible with intensity of hair color
Conditions and moisturizes too
Adore Semi-permanent hair color
Best Lavender Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Adore Semi-permanent hair color

Improves hair
No peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol
More than 50 color shades
Punky purple semi-permanent hair color
Best Lavender Hair Dye Brand

Punky purple semi-permanent hair color

Internationally renowned
Uses vegetable ingredients
Rejuvenates hair cells
Leaves no strains
Celeb Luxury Viral Coloditioner
Best Lavender Hair Dye Brand

Celeb Luxury Viral Coloditioner

Has natural hair pomades
Best conditioner
Looks wild on blonde hear
Instant and temporary
Most effective on light hair
HailiCare Instant Colored Hair Color wax
Best Lavender Hair Dye For Dark Hair

HailiCare Instant Colored Hair Color wax

Uses creamcolor clay
Best lavender hair dye for dark skin
Has 12 shades
Professionally chosen
Pranava ChromaSilk Vivids
Best Lavender Hair Dye For Dark Hair

Pranava ChromaSilk Vivids

Award-winning product
Does’t drip
Globally loved
Suitable to all hair color

Hair dye was actually invented to cover white and dry hair. But now it has become a sort of trend to color your hair. It has now become more fashionable and trending to change your hair color.

Today we see a lot of hair colors available in the market. From red to blonde and from pink to green. There are Best Lavender Hair Dye available in every color. There was a time when red and blonde were the trendiest hair colors and everybody warned their tresses red or blonde. But today, the options are vast. The combinations are vast and the creativity is out of the box. The most trending hair color of the current times is lavender.

If you have been wanting to color your hair and are nervous about which color you should choose? The clean and clear answer is lavender hands down.

Lavender has something very different from other shades. It emits a freshness the same as the flower. It is the perfect shade of purple. It radiates the color and texture of purple but is a few shades lighter. Lavender is a shade of purple that is lighter than the actual purple color. It is medium purple or can even be called a little pinkish purple color.

If you have been with us this far, it means that you do have the urge to color your hair purple but aren’t confident to choose such a bold color.

Tips to maintain your lavender hair color:

  1. Don’t shampoo much:

Do not wash your hair very often. Within the first few days of dying your hair lavender, avoid shampoo completely, and let the color set on your hair. Try to shampoo maximum only 3 times a week. You can always use dry shampoo though. It is will absorb oils from your head and allow you to freely roam without washing your hair for a long time.

  1. Do not use heat to your hair:

Applying heat to your head will open the hair pores and will eventually bleed out the color. So, try to avoid a hot water head bath. Reduce blow-drying or straightening. If it is very important, do it at the lowest level possible.

  1. Avoid a lot of sunlight:

A lot of sun exposure affects color. Wear a hat or a scarf to protect your lavender hair color.

  1. Research your shampoo:

Use a shampoo that is gentle and is sulfate-free. Try co-washing. The latest trend of co-washing is just washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It helps in rejuvenating the hair and also increases the life of the hair color

Best Lavender Hair Dye – Buying Guide

  1. Ingredients:

One thing you should always keep in mind before you buy any product is its ingredients. How harmful it is and how such a beneficiary it is. When it comes to products for hair, make sure it does not have ammonia or parabens as they both are very harmful to your hair and cause a lot of damage to the hair.

Opt for products that have natural ingredients and little chemical ingredients.

  1. Your hair color:

For any new hair color shade that you apply, you must remember that the original color plays a very major role in determining how it will end up looking on your head. If you have jet black hair and you make a mix of light lavender then the outcome won’t be as you expected because your black shade will overpower every other color.

The solution to this is using bleaches. Bleaching will decolor your hair and will make it open to any kind of new hair shading.

But do not forget that bleaching is very harmful to the hair

  1. Brand:

Some might not consider the brand as an important aspect to look for while buying a hair dye, but it is actually very important. Do not just go for a product because it is cheap but look at its ingredients, color depth. Choosing any product that might not be the right choice for you can lead to extensive damage to the hair.

  1. The longevity of color:

Make sure you check how long-lasting your brand is. How many washes it is capable of resisting. Check the label of how permanent your hair dye is going to be. Permanent hair dyes should at least last for 30 washes.

  1. Maintenance:

Hair dying a commitment. Regular oiling and maintaining it is very essential if you do not want them to damage your hair. And maintaining your hair well will also increase the life of your hair color.

Pre and post coloring treatment of hair shouldn’t be taken lightly as once your hair is damaged, it won’t retain its polish again.

Best Lavender Hair Dye Reviews

Best Lavender Hair Dye For Grey Hair

  1. Loreal Paris Feria

Loreal Paris Feria

This amazon choice product is a multi-faceted permanent hair coloring solution. It is super shimmery. It inspires bold colors and fashionable looks.

  • The product pack has one hair color kit, one shimmer serum, and one shimmer conditioner.
  • It is made up of multiple formulas to enhance the life of your hair color
  • It has a variety of products from permanent, temporary, root cover, semi-permanent colors.
  • It is one of the best lavender hair dyes for grey hair
  • It highlights the color x thrice and makes your hair color look bold and sexy
  • It perfectly blends grey hair and is the best lavender hair dye for grey hair

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  1. Manic Panic Silver Stiletto

Manic Panic Silver Stiletto

This product infuses vivacity into your hair and should be definitely counted as one of your go-to hair dye products

  • It is a semi-permanent hair dye
  • It is the best product for blonde hair type
  • It is free of paraben, ammonia, and gluten.
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • It is a semi-permanent hair dye and lasts for 3-5 weeks and late on starters to fade out.

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  1. Keracolor Clenditioner ColorDepositing Conditioner

Keracolor Clenditioner ColorDepositing Conditioner

This is the best lavender hair dye for temporary results. It is very easy to use and has benefited much more than just changing the color of your hair.

  • It infuses purple color temporarily to all your strands instantly within the first wash.
  • It not only colors your hair but it also nourishes it by cleaning away all the impurity in your head.
  • You can dry your hair a little bit and then apply again to increase the darkness of the color
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • It is a 3 in one product that cleanses; color’s; and conditions the hair
  • It is a three-step process. All you need to do is apply Keracolor Conditioner Colour Depositing Conditioner on dry or wet hair. Let it sit for a few minutes. And then lastly, rinse with cold water to get the best temporary lavender hair.

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  1. Adore Semi-permanent hair color

Adore Semi-permanent hair color

This amazon choice product uses the best natural ingredients to formulate its product. They take very good care and consider every minute details about the design and its use.

  • Enhances the quality of hair
  • Provides rich shine to your tresses
  • It is a semipermanent hair color product
  • It has no ammonia, no alcohol, and no peroxide
  • It has a color shade range of more than 50 colors to choose from

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Best Lavender Hair Dye Brand

  1. Punky purple semi-permanent hair color

Punky purple semi-permanent hair color

This is one of the most internationally renowned hair color brands. It is the best lavender hair dye brand.

  • It is one of the most running hair color brands globally.
  • It uses the friendliest ingredients. Its formulae use ingredients generated from vegetables and are very organic
  • It creates no strains on the scalp
  • It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • It is very easy to apply semipermanent hair color dye

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  1. Celeb Luxury Viral Coloditioner

Celeb Luxury Viral Coloditioner

It is a product chosen by professionals. This dye product not only gives a new color to your skin but it also conditions the hair

  • It is a great choice to bond hair and rejuvenates hair cells
  • This can be used as a conditioner for already colored hair as it helps in looking after the color inside your tresses
  • It creates livid and wild shades on blonde and platinum hair
  • It can be used on dark hair but its most effects will only be seen on light hair
  • It stretches and moistures the hair by coloring it.

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Best Lavender Hair Dye For Dark Hair

  1. HailiCare Instant Colored Hair Color wax

HailiCare Instant Colored Hair Color wax

This product uses natural cream coloring clay and is the best temporary dying solution for any type of hair. It the best hair wax dye

  • It has natural hair pomades that help in hairstyling
  • It is a unisex product. Works equally well on both men and women
  • It is a great solution if you like to dye your hair. It is available in 12 shades. You can have a new hair color every month
  • It enhances the lost shine from your skin and is professionally best chosen for men and women
  • It is the best lavender hair dye for dark hair

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  1. Pranava ChromaSilk Vivids

Pranava ChromaSilk Vivids

It has great award-winning creative products and hair color shades. It provides the best, captivating and long-lasting color to your hair

  • It provides the most long-lasting results
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It does not drip
  • It is suitable for all hair types
  • Within 30 minutes of applying you can see the results
  • It makes your hair look voluminous and luscious

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best lavender hair dye?

The best lavender hair dye is the Loreal Paris Feria. It is the most widely used and accepted hair color product. It is the best lavender hair dye. It has great long-lasting capacities. It does not just come with a color pack but also provides a serum and a conditioner with it

  1. What is the best lilac hair dye?

Lilac is a paler shade of the tacky extravagant purple shade. It has the same color pallet as the flower lilac. It can also be described as lights blue or dark mauve.

The best lilac hair dye is the Celeb Luxury Viral Conditioner. It smoothens and increases the richness of your hair. It looks amazing on any light hair color. Coloring a lilac shade for dark-haired people is a tough task. You will get your desired look only after you bleach your existing color to blonde.

  1. What color does lavender hair fade to?

The color change depends on the intensity of your dye. If you had a strong majestic lavender color then your hair will start looking a shade of blue or a shade most closets to red.

With every wash, you get a little different and a newer version of what color you had applied.


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