Best Leave In Conditioner for Black Hair: Get Soft, Shiny, and Healthy Hair

As I Am Leave In Conditioner 

As I Am Leave In Conditioner 

hair care
attractive features and reasonable price
preparing the hair for styling
keeps the frizzy hair away
Lightweight and soft
Design Essentials Silk & Natural Bamboo Leave-In Conditioner 

Design Essentials Silk & Natural Bamboo Leave-In Conditioner 

hair care product
smoothening and softening hair
Prevents static
Has a gel-like consistency
deeply conditions the hair
ORS Black Olive Oil Repair 7 Leave In Conditioner 

ORS Black Olive Oil Repair 7 Leave In Conditioner

customer base
easy to apply texture
thermal styling
promotes hair growth
Adds shine to the hair
Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Leave In Conditioner

Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Leave In Conditioner

identify your best leave
brand Creme of Nature
good reviews
ingredients are pure honey
very lightweight
Design Essentials Natural Kukui & Coconut Leave In Conditioner

Design Essentials Natural Kukui & Coconut Leave In Conditioner

hair care brand
good ingredients
positive reviews
conditioner for black hair

Hair is an asset everyone holds dear to their heart. Even in this fast-paced life, most of us find time to provide some sort of rejuvenation to our hair. 

Hair care is extremely important for repairing the damage one brings to his/her hair. And for this, we need to choose the right product. A major hair product everyone must possess is the conditioner. Conditioners are either normal (which are rinsed off) or leave-in (which stay on until the next wash). 

So, here, we will talk about the best leave in conditioner for black hair.

Why are we specifically going to discuss about black hair? 

Out of all the natural hair colours, blonde is the thinnest and most fragile and red is the strongest (according to certain online sources). Lying in the middle is the black colour. It might be stronger than blonde but you still cannot neglect it because damage is damage no matter what the colour is.

Plus, we have chosen leave-in conditioners because they are comparatively better than the rinseable ones and give better results.

Best Leave In Conditioner For Black Hair – Buying Guide

So, the first thing is to identify what makes up the best leave-in conditioner. And then, we will take a look at a few of the leave in conditioners that are quite affordable and have remarkable features, so that you can decide which is the best leave in conditioner for black hair

Factors to look for in a leave-in conditioner for black hair

Leave in conditioners are found in the market in the form of creams, sprays and lotions.

There are a lot of ingredients and other factors that should and should not be present in a leave in conditioner for various reasons. 

Let’s see the more important ones.

  • Hair type

Every leave in conditioner does not fit every hair type. Thick hair needs a lot of conditioner to tame while thin hair gets over weighed if a lot of it is applied. Overall, people with thicker hair can opt for cream-based and lotion-based leave in conditioners, while thinned-hair people can buy spray or mist.  

But, what’s more important is to identify your correct hair type. According to the extensively used Andre Gray Hair Typing System, hair type is broadly into 4: 

  • Type 1 – Straight 
  • Type 2 – Wavy 
  • Type 3 – Curly
  • Type 4 – Kinky

These types are further divided into 3 sub-categories each. They are:

  • 1A (thin-straight), 1B (medium-straight) & 1C (thick-straight),
  • 2A (thin-wavy), 2B (medium -wavy) & 2C (coarse-wavy), 
  • 3A (twirly-curly), 3B (spirally-curly) & 3C (coily-curly), 
  • 4A (coily-springy), 4B (coily-crimpy) & 4C (coily-Z-shaped).

So, check the type and the sub-type that corresponds to your hair type and do the rest of the searching accordingly. 

  • Ingredients

Since whatever is applied to our hair will also have the power to hurt us, it is important to choose the appropriate ingredient(s). There are a lot of ingredients that contribute to the different aspects of a leave in conditioner. 

First of all, we all know our hair is mainly composed of a protein called keratin. While combing and styling, a lot of this protein is lost. So, leave in conditioners contain hydrolyzed proteins which replenish the vanished proteins of our hair.

These ingredients are hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed oat protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, etc. These are especially great for moisturizing dry hair and also for hair that is damaged by bleaching.

A leave in conditioner is supposed to strengthen our hair by preventing or reducing breakage. Also, a leave in conditioner should help in easy combing of hair by detangling each strand. 

So, the ingredients that contribute to these aspects are butters like shea butter or mango butter, and oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, palm oil, etc. coconut oil is an excellent choice because it penetrates our hair and enhances strength from inside.

Also, these oils are compatible with our hair because they have constituents that are also a part of sebum (the oil that our bodies produce).

An additional benefit of these ingredients is that they help the hair retain more moisture, keeping it more hydrated and bouncy.

You should also check if the best leave in conditioner for black hair you chose can treat split-ends.

Other helpful ingredients are silicones that add a much-needed shine to the hair. They also protect our hair from the harsh treatments. There are two kinds of silicone – good and bad. The examples of good ones are Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone. 

Such components provide further conditioning to the hair. But, the only downfall of using them is that they are water-insoluble. So, they build up in the hair and attract grease and dirt if their quantity becomes too much.

Thin-haired people are advised against silicone-containing hair products because they can weigh down their hair.

There are also ingredients like panthenol and glycerin that are called humectants. They perform dual roles for a conditioner. One, they prevent the conditioner in the bottle from drying. Two, they retain moisture in the hair.  

These are the main factors that you need to check when you are searching for the best leave in conditioner for black hair. If they cannot fulfil these criteria, you need to go to the next preferred one. 

Best Leave In Conditioner For Black Hair Reviews

1. As I Am Leave In Conditioner

Leave In Conditioner

The first one on this list is from the hair care – products brand As I Am that. This is recommended by many as the best leave in conditioner for black hair due to its attractive features and reasonable price. 


  • It is apt for preparing the hair for styling.
  • Lightweight and soft, and keeps the frizzy hair away.
  • Does not make the hair feel greasy and prevents split-ends.
  • Best results are seen when it is applied to just-rinsed and towel-dried hair.
  • It is recommended to use less initially and then increase its use according to what the hair needs (every hair type requires a different amount of leave in conditioner).
  • It detangles hair and minimizes hair breakage to a great extent.
  • Silicone-free and contains coconut oil and palm oil, amongst other natural ingredients to promote hair growth.
  • Defines curls, giving them a fresh and bouncy look.
  • Also adds a pleasant fragrance to the hair that stays for long.

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2. Design Essentials Silk & Natural Bamboo Leave-In Conditioner

Natural Bamboo Leave-In Conditioner

The second contender for the best leave in conditioner for black hair is from the brand Design Essentials. The hair care product has many ingredients that do wonders to your hair and can easily be your favourite.


  • Rejuvenates the hair with hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.
  • The main ingredients are bamboo (to strengthen and protect the hair) and silk (for smoothening and softening hair).
  • Protects the hair from extensive heat caused by styling.
  • Prevents static (most pronounced during the winter season) which worsens the frizz.
  • Has a gel-like consistency.
  • Penetrates the hair shaft and deeply conditions the hair.
  • Works well on all hair types.
  • Gives a moisturizing and flexible effect to the hair.
  • Keeps the hair from drying.
  • Also works if used for refreshing curls during blow-drying.
  • Very reasonable price.

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3. ORS Black Olive Oil Repair 7 Leave In Conditioner

Oil Repair 7 Leave In Conditioner

The third product on this list is from the brand ORS. This is a leave in conditioner which is very promising and has a customer base that keeps coming back for more.


  • Oil-based leave in conditioner in the form of a spray that has a very easy to apply texture.
  • It can be sprayed on the hair to prevent the damage caused due to thermal styling.
  • Prevents breakage and promotes hair growth.
  • Adds body to the hair.
  • Adds shine to the hair and controls frizz.
  • Softening effect on the hair is very noticeable.
  • Apt for regular use and no side effects.
  • It is very affordable.

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4. Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Leave In Conditioner

Pure Honey Leave In Conditioner

The next one on the list to identify your best leave in conditioner for black hair is from the brand Creme of Nature, which has a lot of promising hair care and hair-styling products that have a lot of good reviews. 


  • Main ingredients are pure honey (acts as humectants and retains moisture), coconut oil, and shea butter. 
  • Predominantly targets dry and damaged hair.
  • Does not weigh the hair down.
  • Detangles the hair strands with minimum breakage.
  • It is very lightweight and smells amazing.
  • Paraben-free and non-sticky.
  • Softens the hair a lot.
  • Adds shine and curl to the hair, and controls frizz.
  • Does not give a greasy feeling to the hair.
  • Good for every type of hair.
  • Strengthens hair and promotes fast growth.
  • Very affordable.

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5. Design Essentials Natural Kukui & Coconut Leave In Conditioner

Coconut Leave In Conditioner

This is another product from the hair care brand Design Essentials. With a lot of good ingredients and positive reviews, it is a very good leave in conditioner and is also recommended by many hairstylists to their clients for better results. Due to its promising value, this has been the best leave in conditioner for black hair for many people, regardless of their hair texture.


  •  Best works for natural and relaxed hair but is equally good for other hair types.
  • Botanical extracts for softening and moisturizing hair.
  • People with dry and brittle hair can buy this for repairing their tresses.
  • The product detangles the hair and prevents breakage.
  • Softens the hair and adds more radiance.
  • Delicious coconut scent.
  • Very hydrating and moisturizing.
  • Penetrates the hair shaft for maximum repair.

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6. Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave In Conditioner

Creme Leave In Conditioner

The sixth product is from the hair care and cosmetic brand called Renpure. Suitable for more than one hair type, this is a really good product that is highly recommended and has numerous positive reviews.


  • The coconut oil in this conditioner revitalizes the hair by getting easily absorbed.
  • Sulfate-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and gluten-free.
  • It moisturizes the hair and gives it a lot of shine.
  • It can control frizz.
  • It has a mild coconut fragrance.
  • Does not weigh the hair down.
  • For better results, use in a small quantity.
  • Very effective for managing curly hair, and making them soft and silky.
  • Effective for treating brittle hair which is quite common amongst swimmers. 
  • Does not give any greasy feeling.
  • It has a very reasonable price.

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Choosing the best leave in conditioner for black hair or any other hair is extremely important. It may sound silly, but damage to hair is like damage to your self-confidence. You may not realize the value of good-quality hair until someone compliments you or when its quality starts deteriorating due to your neglection.

So, it is better not to drag your hair through all the heat, grease, dirt, and neglection, or atleast prepare your hair before you do so using the right products. Because, in today’s world, harm to the hair is pretty inevitable.

Many people would love to experiment with their hair but are hesitating because they are afraid of any potential damage. After all, our hair is our identity. So, beneficial hair care products like leave in conditioners will prove to be of great help to them. 

Blonde hair might be fragile but it doesn’t have to be bleached much if you want to colour it or do anything else. But people with black or darker hair have to go through a lot even if it is a simple task like hair colouring. That is why we discussed the ways to find the best leave in conditioner for black hair which is not just beneficial for brunettes but also for others. 


  • What is the best leave in conditioner for black hair?

There are many leave in conditioners for black hair. You have to choose them according to your hair type and the ingredients in the product. According to the hair type, you can go for cream-type, spray-type or lotion-type leave in conditioners. For learning more, you may go through the article, search online, or consult your hair stylist or the salon that you regularly visit. 

  • What is the best leave in conditioner for African American hair?

Natural African American hair is mainly of the type 4. It is generally thick, so a dense cream-type leave in conditioner would be great. Avoid sulfates, paraben and other such chemicals because they can damage the shine of your curls and make them frizzy.

  • What is the best leave in conditioner for permed black hair?

You can go for the normal leave in conditioners but just check whether they are good for already permed/bleached hair or hair that has undergone balayage. 

Mostly, the top reviewed products are good for such kinds of hair. One such product is the Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave In Conditioning Mist. This is effective for medium to thick textures. If you don’t like this one, you can always search for better ones through the e-commerce websites.


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