6 Best nail polish thinner for the perfect coat of nail polish

Doesn’t it suck every time when a thick, viscous dab of nail polish comes out from the applicator? After all, who wants to burden the nails and cuticles with the thick layers of tinted nail polish. The irritating part comes when even after we manage to put on those heavy nasty layers, and after a while, it gets chipped and smudged, giving the whole nail a dreadful worn and torn look. And ladies, this could be a massive nightmare and a complete embarrassing moment in the middle of a party. Added to this, it adds a weird opaque look to the nails depriving of its sheen.

To solve this problem, a number of nail polish thinners have been introduced in the market. But, again the problem arises as what to choose from the whole lot. Some nail polish thinners dry out the cuticles so fast that it gives a malnourished look to the nail. And some are needed to be used so much, that a new bottle gets completely exhausted with two or three applications.

So, to make this decision-making process easier, we have selected the best nail polish thinners. They are among the best sellers and are famous in the whole world for its quality and quantity. So, worry not ladies! Give these a try, and it will surely leave your nail polish as new as before.

List of the Best Nail Polish Thinners

1. Gel polish thinner by Glam & glits

gel polish thinner

This nail polish thinner by Glam & Glits is an amazing product to nullify the thickness of the nail polishes and even out it’s every application. It can also be used as a life savior to your dried bottle of nail polish. It extends its life, therefore, making it easy to use it again and again.

This product is one of its kinds and a single drop can work wonders. So, still worrying about your favorite and expensive bottle of nail polish drying out? Go grab this bottle and see its magic with your own eyes.


  • It comes in a blue transparent bottle.
  • Ideal for gel nail polish.
  • You will get a dropper/applicator along with the package.
  • It measures to a quantity of 60ml.
  • It is one of the best nail polish thinner available online.
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2. OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

Best nail polish thinner - OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

This product by OPI is one of the most proclaimed products. Unlike other thinners, it doesn’t degrade the quality of nail polish. On its usage, it restores life to the thickened nail lacquer. Only, 2 or 3 drops are enough to see the magic. It is available in an unbreakable bottle. So, get yourself this bottle and fight with your makeup mishaps smartly.


  • It readily rejuvenates dried bottles of nail polish.
  • OPI is one the best brands for nails.
  • The bottle contains 60 ml of the product.
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3. Nicole Diary’s 20ml Nail Polish Thinner

Nicole Diary's 20ml Nail Polish Thinner

This Nicole Diary’s product is extremely multifunctional. This polish thinner not only makes your old nail polish not so goopy anymore but also makes sure, that after it’s addition, it doesn’t restore to the normal thickened stage.

This liquid is extremely helpful to get back the nail polish to a consistent stage. It can be used again and again as it has a longer shelf life. It is easy to use, not at all clumpy and comes in standard packaging.


  • It is 100% a brand new product and is of high quality.
  • It can easily dilute your nail polish.
  • It is smooth and easy in application.
  • It can be used for both professional and personal use.
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4. Seche Restore Nail Polish

Seche Restore Nail Polish

This product of Seche comes in a transparent glass bottle along with an  applicator. It comes in handy and is very easy to use and apply. This product claims to dilute your nail polish completely, leaving behind the same shine it used to provide.

This is an amazing product to try on and is completely worth the investment. Just apply a few drops of this product and your nails will be ready to get painted with your favorite color of nail polish again and again.


  • The bottle contains 14ml of the product.
  • It is indeed a trustworthy and harmless product.
  • Due to the transparent bottle, you can be aware of its quantity being used and when it’s needed to buy another bottle.
  • It makes your nail polish look everlasting.
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5. Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

This pink colored packaged bottle of beauty secrets will be the perfect addition to your manicure station. Either it’s needed to remove your nail polish or dilute it completely; this product definitely comes in handy. This product has a very smooth and easy application.

It also comes in an unbreakable transparent bottle. You need to take your favorite nail polish, add a few drops, and boom; you have a newly bought nail polish. If used in the perfect proportion, it can be used for a longer time.


  • This product is easy in usage.
  • It comes in a sturdy packaging to make it leak proof.
  • It’s one or two drops are sufficient to get the desired dilution.
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6. Supernail Nail Polish Thinner

Supernail Thinner

This bottle from SuperNails works wonders. It comes in a bottle of a net quantity of approximately 118 ml. On its usage, it makes the nail polish diluted to the right amount and therefore, can be applied multiple number of times. It brings back the consistency of the old dead nail polish and restores their subtleness for a longer period of time.


  • It is a perfect tool for your manicure.
  • It has an everlasting performance.
  • It has a comparatively longer shelf life.
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These nail polish thinners adds life to the old , dried nail paints and have an awesome craze among the people. These products not only stand on their own proclamations but also, increase the quality, longevity, and consistency of your favorite bottle nail polish, which has been kept on the shelf for quite a long period of time.

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