5 Best Pigments for Microblading

Microblading needles are those which are specifically used to insert pigments into the skin. There are different types of pigments available, which are used according to the preferences of the artist and user.

However, it is best suggested to be completely sure of the pigment being bought, its specifications as to whether it serves your purpose and is good for your skin. You should also make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or oxides which might end up harming your skin, rather than making it look prettier.

5 Best Pigments for Microblading are listed below –

  1. Mellie – Microblading Medical Grade Pigment Ink Set

M – Microblading Medical Grade Pigment Ink Set

Features  –

  • This specific microblading pigment from Mellie Microblading comes in seven different shades of microblading, suitable for an individual’s specific taste.
  • Colors include – medium brown, blonde, soft brown, warm effect, golden brown, jet black, and medium brown.
  • These microblading pigments are made under strict supervision and are match the standards put forth by the EU. They believe that if they’re unable to use the pigments themselves, they would rather not sell it.
  • This pigment is designed in such a way that it lasts up to 12 months. Also, what makes them stand out is the fact that even with passing time, their color doesn’t change, from what was initially applied.
  • This micro-blading pigment does not require any mixing and can easily be applied using their microblading tool which is disposable. If you’re looking for a professional output, then this is the pigment to opt for.
  • This pigment has been tested and is said to be 100% safe and long-lasting because they use pure and safe non-irritant colorants.

The specifications of this pigment itself justify its presence in a list containing the best pigments for microblading.

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2. Maser 3D Microblading Pigment

Maser 3D Microblading Pigment

Features  –

  • This pigment is made using organic and non-toxic components. Instead, it contains a 100% extra plant material.
  • It is made in the USA out of independent research as well as development.
  • Its ingredients include – Glycerine, Iron Oxide, Distilled Water, Titanium Dioxide and Ethanol. All these ingredients make the pigment non-volatile as well as easy to save.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It can be used for eyebrows, as an eyeliner, on lips as well as in permanent make-up tattoo machines and manual pens.
  • Its advantages include – It is insoluble in water, contains raw materials and has strong stability, it is not easy to decolorize and has no color changes as well as fewer side effects. It is also easy to color and lasts for a long time.
  • They have a brilliant warranty period too. The tattoo power supply machine has a one year warranty, three months warranty on the adapter, power supply cord and other accessories.

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3. Doreme Permanent Makeup, Microblading Pigment Set

Doreme Permanent Makeup, Microblading Pigment Set

Features  –

  • This pigment has been clinically tested and comes in 1/2 oz sized bottles.
  • The brand Doreme is certified by Dermatest – a certification laboratory based in Germany.
  • These boosters help in pigment insertion as well as pigment retention.
  • The pack comes with – a permanent sealer, an eye booster, a lip booster, and an eyebrow booster.
  • It is available in seven different color sets.

A very good option, when looking for all-round microblading pigment boosters. The Doreme Permanent Makeup can easily be considered when looking for the best pigments for microblading.

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4. Sky Beauty Supply – Best Microblading Pigment Ink

Sky Beauty Supply

Features  –

  • The pigment is glycerin-based and since it is a professionally built medical-grade microblading pigment, it won’t dry up during your procedure.
  • Thanks to its perfect consistency and thickness, it doesn’t require mixing and is ready to use.
  • The pigment has a good retention capacity and is long-lasting.
  • It doesn’t contain iron oxide.
  • It is used by professionals around the world and comes in 12 ml bottles.

The fact that professionals like to use it shows why they prefer to term themselves as the – best microblading pigment ink.

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5. Goddess Couture Brows – Microblading Pigment

best pigments for microblading -Goddess Couture Brows – Microblading Pigment

Features  –

  • The microblading ink blends smoothly and seamlessly with the skin and gives a natural and fresh look.
  • This is made in the USA.
  • It has a creamy consistency with fewer passes which helps the user to easily use it during a procedure.
  • This is a medical-grade microblading pigment that is sterile, is free from preservatives, and free from toxic and mutagenic substances.
  • It has no iron oxides.
  • This pigment is FDA certified and has premium organic ingredients which contain no heavy metals, thereby making this pigment non-reactive during MRIs.
  • This pigment is made using natural ingredients which are sure to last for at least 12 months, depending upon the specific skin type.
  • Goddess Couture Brows is specially made for microblading as it goes through rigorous quality protocols which ensures its consistency and efficacy.


Based on its specifications, it can be said that Goddess Couture Brows is one of the best pigments for microblading.


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These are the five best pigments for microblading available on Amazon, at present. They are not only preferred by professionals all around the world but by novices too. They have properties that are not only suitable in tattoos but also for eyebrows, eyeliners and lip liners. Feel free to use them and be confident, because they’re all equally long-lasting and good for all skin tones and skin types. All you have to do is, select your specifications and viola – you have the perfect pigment. 


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