The Best Shampoo for Bleached Hair – Find the Perfect Product for Your Hair

Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

startlingly useful ingredients
natural qualities
hair looking dazzling
bleached hair
hampoo is both sulfate and paraben free
Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo

Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo

professional hair care
hair to moisturize
cleansing and conditioning
unbelievably soft
softness into the hair
TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

cleanse your hair
hair brass-free
frizz-free and anti-static
soft and healthy
purple toning pigment
JoicoColor Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

JoicoColor Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

shampoo and conditioner
shampoo cleanses
nourishes and softens
cleanse and condition your hair
ultimate hair care
Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo

colour enhancing, toning
cleanses gently
various ingredients to replenish
colour correcting
factors of cleansing

Bleaching hair has become a popular trend as of late. People bleach their hair to express their individuality or stylistic choices in society. Bleached hair looks unique. It looks like fun. It looks easy, but it’s really not. The entire process of bleaching requires constant maintenance and care from the best hair products in the industry. Bleached hair is sensitive, so it is required that you give it enough protection to prevent unwanted damage and deterioration.  

The first thing you should consider once you’ve bleached your hair is to use the best shampoo for bleached hair available in the market. By using shampoos that are designed to cater to bleached hair, you can keep your hair healthy. This, in turn, positively reflects on how your hair looks and feels.

A lot of people opt to get their bleached hair get the best care by spending quality time at salons and stylists. However, doing serious maintenance and developing a regular hair care routine is just as important to care for your bleached hair. Bleached hair can easily go from white to a dirty yellow tint over time, and taking a trip to the salon every other day isn’t always possible- resources like time and money are limited, after all. However, you can manage your hair right from home with the best shampoo for bleached hair. A simple shampoo with purple hue can help retain the fresh, bleached tint of your hair and prevent the yellow quality from taking over.

Shampoos for bleached hair are also referred to as purple shampoos and should be used every week to get rid of brassiness and give your hair a protective layer. Thus, choosing the best shampoo for bleached hair is an essential part of the bleached-hair lifestyle. On your search for such shampoos, you’re likely to come across many substandard shampooing products that don’t work as promised. In this article, you’ll only find the best of the best shampoos that not only concern themselves with bleached hair, but also other problems like frizz split ends, and other forms of hair damage!

Best Shampoo For Bleached Hair – Buying Guide

Factors To Consider While Buying A Shampoo For Bleached Hair

  • Price and quality:

Bleached hair is a lot to look after and requires the finest high-quality hair products that are available for use. When you bleach your hair, it becomes very visible and easily damaged. Any blemishes and mishaps can not only occur easily due to the sensitive nature of your hair but are also easily noticeable- which can become quite embarrassing.

Thus, this reinforces the need for good shampoos that protect and keep your hair in top-notch condition. High-quality shampoos can be quite expensive, but they are all worth it in the end.

  • Chemical compounds:

Bleached hair can usually result in the prevalence of dry and brittle hair that is vulnerable to all sorts of breakage, damage, split ends, and other unwarranted hair conditions. Such mishaps need to be handled efficiently and professionally so that the defects can be effectively removed.

Your bleached hair is, this, extremely porous and is prone to damage by the wrong chemical agents. Shampoo products made up of aggressive chemical compounds can dull the color of your hair, and leave it looking extremely boring and bland.

When you’re on the lookout for the best shampoo for bleached hair, you should look for one that is made up of gentle compounds that won’t have any negative impacts on your scalp and hair. These shampoos will ensure that your hair gets proper nourishment. The will also moisture your hair with healthy ingredients that reduce all chances of breakage and damage and will leave you with shiny and silky hair.

  • Purple Shampoos

As you know, bleached hair is prone to damage, breakage, and decoloring. It has a tendency to develop a yellow tinted layer that can look ugly. The brassy look can be really unnatural and out of place, resulting in tepid irritation, which is why you should make sure to buy a purple shampoo when looking for the best shampoo for bleached hair.

A purple shampoo is really helpful because it removes and reduces any orange undertones that may become evident over time, and leaves your hair as amazing as it was when you first got it bleached.

  • Moisturizing agents

Moisturizing agents are an important part of any shampoo that pertains to bleached hair. This is because bleach in itself is a dehydrating agent. It can quickly dry out hair and leave you with rough patches and frayed ends. The only solution for dry hair is to really moisturize. Fortunately, many shampoos come geared with essential oils and conditioning polymers that restore moisture deep in your hair follicles and keep your bleached hair fresh and soft.

Purple shampoos, for instance, not only retain the natural colour of bleached hair, but also carry moisturising agents that give your hair the hydration it needs.

  • Vitamin rich formula

Bleached hair is a disadvantage in a way that it completely changes your hair’s natural attributes. It can leave your hair porous, inelastic, brittle, and weak to the slightest damage or change in surrounding factors. Products that counter these effects and work towards restoring your hair’s natural vitality are the go-to, the ones you should be looking for.

Usually, protein-filled shampoos that impart strength can greatly improve the condition of your hair. A must-have feature of the best shampoo for bleached hair is that it is vitamin-rich so as to fill your hair with antioxidants and nourishment for the best results.

  • Cleansing and conditioning agents

Your bleached hair is an easy target for dirt and dandruff. Thus, it is important to look for shampoos with cleansing agents (like sulfates) that thoroughly clean your hair in one wash. However, while sulfates are incredible to get your hair squeaky clean, they can also make your hair squeaky dry…which can lead to more of that dryness and brittleness. A cycle you don’t want to repeat. On the other hand, sulfate-free shampoos are also inconvenient because they don’t clean your hair well enough. You should look for a shampoo that can clean well without stripping your hair of its natural colour and oils. A shampoo that perfectly balances cleansing and conditioning agents is optimal for your bleached hair.

Best Shampoo For Bleached Hair Reviews

1. Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

Uniq Purple Shampoo

The Bold Uniq Purple shampoo is above most. It has startlingly useful ingredients that help retain not only your hair colour, but also its natural qualities. The Bold Uniq shampoo comes in a fully recyclable bottle covered by a fully recyclable box in order to manage plastic waste and reduce the effects in the environment.

  • Bold Uniq Purple shampoo is stronger than your everyday blonding shampoo. The purple nature of the shampoo does an excellent job of preserving and enhancing your hair colour and keeps your hair looking dazzling. With the bold Uniq Purple Shampoo in tow, you don’t have to worry about making expensive salon visits frequently for your hair upkeep.
  • The Bold Uniq shampoo is a yellow purple shampoo that gets rid of any irritating and unwelcome brassiness formed in your bleached hair. With the bold uniq purple shampoo, you can develop a high quality hair regime that maintains your tresses right from home.
  • This shampoo is both sulfate and paraben free so as to retain qualities like bounciness and smoothness. Instead, Bold Uniq is completely equipped with Vitamin B5 that softens your strands and gives them a natural shiny feature without tainting the hair colour.
  • Your bleached hair is almost always in the view of damaging ultra violet rays that can cause wearing off and fading of your hair colour. However, Bold Uniq has ultra violet filters that protect your coloured locks.

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2. Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo

Brightening Ageless Purple Shampoo

The Jhirmack Silver Purple Shampoo provides professional hair care that integrates itself deep into your hair to moisturize, neutralize, and recolor. This shampoo is one of the only products that attain the perfect balance between cleansing and conditioning. One wash with the Jhirmack Purple shampoo can leave your hair looking spotlessly clean and unbelievably soft.

  • The Jhirmack Silver hair shampoo is a personalised hair regimen that is ideal for all silver, bleached, and gray hair.
  • The Jhirmack Silver Purple Shampoo is made up of a colour safe formula. It is designed to improve hair texture and restore softness into the hair.
  • The shampoo is made up of an effective violet pigment that helps in neutralizing unwanted yellow tones and reducing any irritating brassiness that gets in the way of showing off your coloured hair.
  • This shampoo also constitutes Green Tea extract and Folic acid. These ingredients are the salt and pepper of dealing with bleached hair, because they strengthen, condition, and add flavour to your hair and make it all the more appealing.
  • The CoQ10 present in the shampoo formula is extremely adept in reducing any damage incurred through styling choices as well as environmental stressors that affect healthy hair inversely.
  • This shampoo also uses Macadamia Nut oil to moisturize your rough and inelastic hair efficiently without inflicting any greasiness into your scalp.

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3. TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo - Best Shampoo For Bleached Hair

The TIGI Purple Toning shampoo is a uses a perfect mix of gentle and firm operations to cleanse your hair thoroughly while providing it with adequate nourishment. The shampoo uses various ingredients to keep your hair brass-free, frizz-free and anti-static. Use it once a week for consistent results!

  • The TIGI Purple toning shampoo is gentle in its cleansing. It works on bleached hair thoroughly to get rid of any brassy tones that may ruin the entire look. In fact, the TIGI shampoo also refreshes and conditions hair to keep it soft and healthy.
  • Using TIGI regularly once a week ensures that your hair colour doesn’t fade or wear off.
  • The purple toning pigment in the shampoo goes a long way in reducing any yellow undertones appearing in your hair. On the other hand, it enhances cool tones to keep your hair looking freshly bleached or dyed.
  • Polyquarternium 10- an ingredient in the shampoo essentially contributes in the maintenance and prevention of unwanted frizz, static, and flyaway hairs that can get hard to manage
  • The TIGI Toning shampoo takes care not to come off too strongly. It is gentle in all cleansing and conditioning functions, and just adequately provides your hair with the nourishment required.

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4. JoicoColor Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set - Best Shampoo For Bleached Hair

The Joico Purple set is a two in one package that comes with both a shampoo and conditioner. Both products work together to deliver unimagined results that leave your hair in its softest, shiniest and healthiest state. The shampoo cleanses your hair efficiently, while the conditioner nourishes and softens.

  • The JoicoColor balance set comes with one 33.8 ounce shampoo and one 33.8 ounce conditioner so that you can go through both essential processes together. Both the shampoo and conditioner work together to cleanse and condition your hair, forming the ultimate hair care routine.
  • The JoiceColor balance Shampoo and Conditioner set works its ingredients on your hair to get rid of all brassy and yellow undertones that may taint the image of your perfectly bleached hair.
  • It protects your hair color from fading into a dull color and keeps your hair looking fresh and alive for as long as possible using its Multi-Spectrum Defence Complex.
  • The hair products constitute a Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex that is exclusive to repairing your hair from any incurred damage. This formula uses a blend of hair identical keratins that function from within your hair to protect it repair it from breakage.

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5. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Toning Shampoo

Purple Toning Shampoo - Best Shampoo For Bleached Hair

The Lee Stafford Purple Toning shampoo is colour enhancing, toning, and refreshing in the way it works on your hair. It cleanses gently, and helps preserve your bleached hair without fading or brassiness for a long time. The shampoo uses a mix of various ingredients to replenish your hair with the best nutrients for nourishment.

  • The Lee Stafford Purple Shampoo is a colour correcting, violet shampoo that fights yellow and brassy undertones from infesting in bleached or highlighted hair. As long as you use the shampoo weekly, you will be able to preserve the colour of your bleached or dyed hair for a long time.
  • The purple pigments in this shampoo are useful because they tone, refresh, and restore your bleached hair into complete freshness so that your hair looks newly coloured and healthy.
  • This Bleaching shampoo product also incorporates the factors of cleansing and toning to give your hair a protective and preventive finish. These features work interchangeably to preserve hair colour, prevent fading and damage and protect your hair from the effects of UV rays and heat styling.
  • The shampoo uses a blend of Vitamin B5, Chamomile, and Moringa Seed extract to enrich your hair with nutrients, soften it with a natural shine and radiance that makes it glow.

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Bleaching ones hair is a time indulgent and expensive process, so you must make your time and money worthwhile by giving it adequate aftercare. However, to further help reduce expenses due to frequent salon visits, this article provides you with a list of time efficient hair products that help in the maintenance of your bleached hair in a big way. Making the right investments is important, In fact, by buying the best shampoo for bleached hair, you invest to save. So refer carefully to the list above to retain the best characteristics of your bleached hair with the best resources available in the market!


  • How often should I shampoo bleached hair?

You should shampoo your bleached hair once a week to preserve the hair quality and avoid damage from chemicals.

  • Can I wash bleached hair with normal shampoo?

It is ideal to use specialized shampoos for bleached hair that can stop any chemical reactions. These shampoos are designed to prevent dryness and fading concerned with bleached hair. While you can wash your bleached hair with a normal shampoo, it won’t help as much.

  • How to tone bleached hair with purple shampoo?

Most purple shampoos come with internal toning mechanisms and formulas to help tone your bleached hair into its healthiest, smoothest form.


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