The Best Steam Straightener of 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Magicfly’s Highly Rated Steam Straightener

Magicfly’s Highly Rated Steam Straightener

Ceramic tourmaline plates
Temperature adjuster
Improved flexibility
Automatic shut-off
Madami’s Multi-Functional Steam Straightener

Madami’s Multi-Functional Steam Straightener

Tourmaline ceramic plates
Can adjust temperature
Lockage plates
60 minutes auto shut-off
Solofish’s User Friendly Steam Straightener

Solofish’s User Friendly Steam Straightener

Advanced ceramic plates
CE&ROHS certified
Automatic temperature shutoff
Maxius’s Professional Steam Straightener

Maxius’s Professional Steam Straightener

Suitable for all hair types
Steam feature adds bounce and shine
Easy to use
60 minute shut-off

Everyone has one product in their daily hair care routine that they think will safeguard their hair from all the heat. With the amount of hair care products available in the market, it is very confusing to choose which one suits our hair the best, what ingredients it has, and is it exactly for heat protection.

Adding those products to your daily hair routine and following through the full routine can sometimes be hectic with the busy lives we all lead. So instead of adding these products have you ever thought of changing your styling tool? or opting for a less damaging and healthier option. If no, then why not? And If yes, then you have come to the right article.

In this article, you are going to get introduced to the idea of the best steam straightener. Now as the name suggests, the tool straightens your hair with steam and not by directly heating.

Defining the term best steam straightener

A steam straightener is similar to a simple straightener but it just uses steam to heat the hair. It is a hair tool used to straighten the hair. The steam straightener is considered to be the healthier option for a regular straightener. Aside from the looks, the straightener only has one difference to simple straightener and that is the steam straightener has bristles inside. The bristles are attached from top to bottom.

Best Steam Straightener – Buying Guide

The steam straightener can hold water in the hair for 15 minutes. The straightening from this tool has to be done from top to bottom and the only difference is that in the steam straightener water is supposed to be added in the water chamber before using the straightener.

Factors that are needed to to be considered before buying the best stream straightener

Some factors are needed to be considered, before buying the best steam straightener. The factors are listed below:

Size: The typical size of the hair straightener is dependent on hair type and length. For short hair a slim plater iron up to 1” is suited. For shoulder-length hair, medium plates 1.5” is suggested. And for long and thick hair a wide plated iron measuring from 2” to 2.5” is considered. For the thick and long hair, straightening must be done top to bottom, so the hair is straightened thoroughly. These are some of the sizes available and choosing the one best suited for you is important as using the wrong size can harm your hair.

Texture: The texture is equally as important as the size of the straightener and here’s why. The thick and long hair needs a straightener that heats up to a high temperature. As contradictory to that, the high heat hugely damages fine and thin hair. So for thin hair, a ceramic-plated hair straightener should be used. These straighteners protect the fine hair from damage.  They reduce frizz and add a shine to the hair. The ceramic material is suitable for thin and fine hair as the straightener can bear with heat and heat can be distributed properly without getting burned.

The titanium plates are considered for long and thick. In comparison to ceramic-plated straightener, the titanium-plated straightener heats up pretty well and maintains the heat in the plates for a long time. These plates are preferred for long and thick hair. The long hair smoothens hair efficiently.

Tourmaline-plated hair straightener is used for damaged hair, these tourmaline-plates are called as “ionic plates” The tourmaline-plated hair straightener is known for producing more negative ripple than positive. The tourmaline-plated hair helps add bounce and volume.

Best Steam Straightener Reviews

1.   Magicfly’s Highly Rated Steam Straightener

best steam straightener

The company Magicfly is known not only for hair care products, they are also popular for craft accessories, sewing machines. The Magicfly’s star products are acrylic paints and color pencils. The motto of the company is similar to the name of the company. The company aims to add magic to people’s lives with the art products and give them the wings to fly with the hair products that boost confidence with bouncy and shiny hair.

The founder of the company was inspired by Chinese household products. These household products perfectly blend the two things that are nature and the design of the products. The company started shipping products world-wide by manufacturing products that are minimalistic and easy to use. The products are mainly home appliances.  The steam straightener has some best steam straightener reviews. The feature of the same are available below:

  • The steam straightener has a tourmaline ceramic plate. This plate heats up quickly and then makes the usage of the straightener convenient and easy to use. This point has also been mentioned earlier and accordingly the tourmaline ceramic plates release negative ions. These ions help reduce frizz and add shine to the hair. This feature makes the magicfly steam straightener suitable for damaged thin hair
  • Another quality this steam straightener has it that it can adjust the temperature. The following is the ideal temperature for the following hair types: 320 to 374 degree F for fine hair. 392-446 deg F for fine hair and 392 to 446 deg F for thick and long hair.
  • The steam straightener has curved edges for improved flexibility to style your hair more than just straightening. The following are the hairstyles you can style with this straightener: bouncy waves, beachy waves, side-swept.
  • There are some other technical features like automatic shut-off within 60 minutes. When the usage is done. There are lockable plates for even traveling. Some accessories like a heat-resistant glove, a comb, and two clips are also available.
  • The steam straightener uses Vapor which helps to smoothen your hair when you heat style them. This feature also makes hair more stylish and smooth.

best steam straightener

2.   Madami’s Multi-Functional Steam Straightener

best steam straightener reviews

Madami company is an Asian company. The main focus of the company is to produce and manufacture quality hair care products. The company is mainly known for hair straighteners.

Some of its popular products are hot airbrush, ionic dryer. Not much about the company is available but one of the popular products that MADAMI has manufactured is the MADAMI hair straightener.

This straightener is famous among users and highly rated. The straightener has some unique qualities and features. The straightener has some best steam straightener reviews.

The features of the same are mentioned below:

  • The straightener is multi-functional. It can be used in two ways and they mainly are rounded edges and curved designs. They both are suitable for two-in-one straightening and also in curling. The steam button can be used as OFF, MEDIUM, AND HIGH. The straightener can also be used as a flat iron or just a regular straightener.
  • As the product above, this straightener also has the ionized ceramic tourmaline plates. There are 1 ¼ sized ceramic plates. These plates develop negative ions which then are used to reduced frizz and add bounce to the hair. The plate also heats up quickly. The plates get heated up to the maximum time of 60secs.
  • The most important feature this steam straightener has is that it can adjust the temperature. As if the wrong temperature is used then the hair can get damaged. There are some ranges from which the temperature can be adjusted and they are 150-235 degrees C. This temperature range is for different hair types and the different needs the hair has.
  • The steam technology this straightener has is explained further. There are five conditioning steaming vents mounted on the heating plate. These vents emit hot heat vapor and add shine to hair, making the steam straightening a healthy experience.
  • Some features make the product safe to use and they are lockage plates for storage, anti-scaled material,  360° tangle-free power cord, 60 minutes auto shut off.

best steam straightener reviews

3. Solofish’s UserFriendly Steam Straightener

best steam straightener for black hair

The solofish company has a variety of products that they manufacture. Mainly the products are used by women. Some of them are hair straighteners, trunk organizers, and facial cleaning brush.

The company avails to the needs of young girls and women and wants to manufacture products that are helpful to girls. The most popular product that the company manufactured is steam straightener.

The steam straightener is easy to use it also makes sure that no damage is done to the hair. Steam straighteners are supposed to be a healthier choice for a normal heating iron. The steam straightener is the best to steam straightener for curly hair. Along with some features, there are some ratings rated by real users that will help you to understand the product better.

Now that we have discussed the product a little, let’s discuss some features of the same:

  • The solofish straightener has an advanced ceramic heater which heats the plate to 300 degrees F in 15 seconds. Thus this feature helps to save some time and makes it easy to use. This feature makes the steam straightener the best steam straightener for curly hair.
  • The solofish straightener is CE&ROHS certified. There are some functions that this straightener has and they are automatic temperature control and automatic shut-off.
  • The main feature of this straightener is that steam releases steam full of negative ions. The negative ions are known to make hair more bouncy and shiny. The function they perform makes the hair unfrizzy.

best steam straightener for black hair

4. Maxius’s Professional Steam Straightener

best steam straightener for curly hair

The maxius steam straightener is very well known in the hair care industry. There are some features in the straightener that make the straightener easy to use and unique. But before that let us discuss something about the company MAXIUS.

Maxius is founded by a celebrity hairstylist max. The infamous hairstylist grew up watching his mother styling people. Max’s inspiration grew from there. He then went on to style some TV sitcom actors and Hollywood celebrities.

Therefore the products made by him are used personally as well as professionally. The same goes for the steam straightener. Here are some features of the steam straightener:

  • The straightener is suitable for all hair types, the straightener comes with 1 and ½ sized plates and they are suitable for all hair types.
  • The steam feature adds shine and bounce to the hair and has the negative ions emitted which helps the hair to turn unfrizzy.
  • The steam straightener is easy to use as it straightens quickly so you don’t have over and over again brush the iron through your hair.
  • Along with fast straightening, the straightener has protective bristles. The straightener also has the 60 minutes turn off feature which turns off the straightener after 60 minutes. This feature makes the straightener easy to use.

best steam straightener for thick hair


With this article, Hopefully, you will be able to get an idea about the best steam straightener for hair. The best steam straightener for black hair, the best steam straightener for curly hair, best steam straightener for thick hair are also available in this piece of content. You can choose according to your hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best steam straightener?

The best steam straightener is undoubtedly the magicfly’s steam straightener. This straightener is on the list of top 10s or top5s and is highly loved by the users. The steam straightener has some features like the tourmaline ceramic plate which heats up pretty quickly and accumulates heat as well. Then another feature is that it can also adjust the temperature so you can choose the temperature best for your hair type. This straightener is why called the best steam straightener for black hair and also the best steam straightener for thick hair.

2. Does steam straightener work on black hair?

Yes steam straighteners work on black hair and the best steam straightener for black hair is available in the market as well

3. Where to buy a steam straightener?

Steam straighteners are available along with normal straighteners in the shops. You can choose the best steam straightener for hair according to your type.


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