The Best Tanning Bed Bulbs for a Perfect Tan Every Time

New Wolff Dark tanning bed bulbs

New Wolff Dark tanning bed bulbs

It is an F 71 type of bulb that is of 100 Watts
It is made up of economical materials
Brilliance Advanced tanning bed bulbs

Brilliance Advanced tanning bed bulbs

It comes with dual bronzer face tanning lamps
Give better face coverage
SunMaster tanning bed bulbs

SunMaster tanning bed bulbs

It gives red light therapy for glowing skin
Prevent sunburn due to its low wavelength light
24 NIB Wolff Velocity bed bulbs

24 NIB Wolff Velocity bed bulbs

Has a good battery life

Get the best tanning bed bulbs for yourself that helps in providing vitamin D along with natural tans that don’t harm your skin.

Best Tanning Bed Bulb – Buying Guide

There are a few factors that you should consider as a buyer while getting the best tanning bed bulbs for yourself.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Tanning Bed Bulb

  • Wattage:

The best tanning bed bulbs have three different options of wattage such as 100 watts, 100 to 120 Watts, and 120 Watts. You should select the correct wattage of the best commercial tanning bed bulbs that can provide you with the natural tan possible.

  • Length:

It is important to know the length of the tanning bed bulbs and have a predetermined measurement so that it fits in properly. The bi-pin replacement bulbs are usually 72 inches whereas the RDC replacement bulbs measure around 73 inches.

  • Shape:

Before buying any tanning bed bulb you should determine the shape of the world that you think will perfectly fit your needs. There can be tube shape or lamp shaped bulbs that operate a little differently when compared to other shaped best tanning bed bulbs.

  • Tanning hours:

It is important to know the maximum number of tanning hours that the bulb can provide the user. Usually, the hours vary and depend on the type of bad bulb you are using and how long the sessions are running.

  • Lamp end:

Along with the measurement, it is important to know what type of lamp and is needed to fit in properly as two main types are bi-pin and RDC tanning bulb endings. They cannot be interchanged so it is important to have a predetermined list of the lamp ending that you need.

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1.    New Wolff Dark Tanning Bed Bulbs

best tanning bed bulbs

The Wolff new case dark is one of the best home tanning bed bulbs that consists of many features that help the user to get the best tanning session at home.

  • It causes a faster tanning effect due to its good wattage feature.
  • It helps in giving the user a dark tanned improved skin in a short period of time.
  • It comes with an economical lamp that consists of a lot of punch.
  • The tanning bulbs are made up of high-quality economical materials that go through a series of quality control checks.
  • It comes with a free product guide and F 71 with 100-watt bulbs.

best tanning bed bulbs

2.    Brilliance Advanced Tanning Bed Bulbs

best home tanning bed bulbs

The Brilliance Advanced provides its user with the best commercial tanning bed bulbs that have many advantages and give the user perfect tanning sessions at home.

  • It comes with dual bronzer face tanning lamps.
  • It helps in better face coverage.
  • You can get a rich dark tan with the help of these F71
  • You can get a measuring natural tan with a simple 20-minute session.
  • It has a long life of 1000 hours.

best home tanning bed bulbs

3.    Sunmaster Tanning Bed Bulbs

best rated tanning bed bulbs

The SunMaster provides a user with rejuvenating best-rated tanning bed bulbs that produce red light which helps in curing skin issues such as fine lines acne and dullness.

  • It comes with red light therapy that has an instant youthful glow to the skin.
  • The low wavelength helps in repairing the damaged skin tissues that it helps in rejuvenation.
  • There is no risk of getting Sunburns as it produces low wavelength light.
  • It has a long life expectancy of 2,000 hours.

best rated tanning bed bulbs

4.    24 NIB Wolff Velocity Bed Bulbs

best commercial tanning bed bulbs

These 24 NIB Wolff velocity bed bulbs help the user to get dark brown glowing tanned skin. It is 10% stronger and produces a skin-friendly level of UVB and UVA.

  • It causes stronger light penetration that helps in adding a darker look to the skin after a single session.
  • The bulb is 100 Watts and comes in a bi-pin style.
  • It is absolutely perfect for full-body tanning as it spreads the light consistently so that it reaches all the parts and gets equally tanned.
  • The battery life is good and can go for 1000 hours or more of usage.

best commercial tanning bed bulbs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How Do I Choose the best tanning bed bulbs?

While choosing the best home tanning bed bulb you need to know the proper size and types of replacement bulbs available for that particular bulb. The most common size of tanning bed bulbs is f 71,72 and 73. The F means fluorescent and 71,72 and 73 are the lengths of the tube. After that, you should also check whether the base is bi-pin or RDC as they determine the light fixture.

2.     What Is The Equivalent Of 10 Minutes In A Tanning Bed?

According to studies a single Sunbed session is approximately equal to two hours of outdoor sun tanning sessions.  The best-rated tanning bed bulbs have a relatively stable source of energy output when compared to the natural outdoor sun tanning process as they are usually the highly unstable source.  The sun’s UV exposure gets influenced by factors such as pollution clouds ozone levels dust in the air elevation from sea level season of The year geography and the timing UN consists of risk like skin burns that is easily eliminated during the indoor tanning sessions due to the control over variables and time.

3.     How Can I Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed?

One can follow the given tips to fast in the tanning process while using sunbeds.

  • You can exfoliate your skin by removing dead cells and debris that helps in getting a better absorption. But you should also keep your skin hydrated.
  • You can also use tanning bed lotions that help in retaining the time for a long time period.
  • You can also use multiple tanning bed bulbs that give you faster results.
  • The tanning session also depends upon the quality of tanning bulbs.

4.     How Do I Know If My Tanning Bed Bulbs Are Bad?

therefore science by which you can know whether your tanning bed bulbs are bad or need to be changed.

  • Sometimes the lamp flickers and goes absolutely blank that indicates the replacement of the bulb.
  • Many tanning bulbs lose the potency after use for 500 to 800 hours that require to be replaced.

5.     How Often Should You Change the best tanning bed bulbs?

After the use of 500 to 800 hours, many tanning birds lose the potency to give a perfect tanning session. It is important to replace them within a year if you are using lamps but the sun tanning beds can be used for 3 to 5 years without any replacement.

6.     What Is The Difference Between Bronzing Bulbs And Tanning Bulbs?

The bronzing lamps give a darker 10 and last for a longer period when compared to the tanning lamps as they take time to give a regular tanning effect. The bronzing lamp does not burn the skin as the rays penetrate deep into the skin of the user.


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