Find the Best Tanning Bed for You: Top Rated Tanning Beds in 2023

Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face tanner

Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face tanner

Fulham electronic ballasts reduce energy consumption.
12 high sun fusion lamps give salon-like results.
High gross aluminum reflectors for an optimal result.
Uniformly tans every part of the body.
Available in three shades- red, black, and silver.
Sunfire 16 Deluxe tanning bed

Sunfire 16 Deluxe tanning bed

Easy setup and usage.
Saves up to 40% energy.
The acrylic removal system makes the cleaning process easier. Equipped with standard Wolff bronzing bulb.
Tanning bed Relaxsun 24 Plus by Prosun

Tanning bed Relaxsun 24 Plus by Prosun

Consists of 24 high-efficiency lamps.
Inbuilt MP3 audio system to listen to your favorite track.
Large tanning surface of 81”* 36”.
Presence of additional features like internal cooling fans and power window facial bulbs.
Can be easily connected to any standard 110 VAC cable.
Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning bed

Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning bed 

Consists of 24 high-efficiency lamps and 16 Wolff bronzing bulbs.
Warranty of 12 months.
Consumes less energy.
Large tanning surface.
SUNFIRE PRO 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed

SUNFIRE PRO 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed

14-minute commercial tanning bed.
Extra-long Wolff-bronzing bulb.
Acrylic removal system for easy replacement and cleaning purposes.
Equipped with a cooling system and audio player.

With the improving technology, where earlier people had to stay long under the sun to get bronzed. Now, the process has become much easier with the invention of the sun tanning bed which emits ultraviolet rays of light which penetrates deep into the skin flourishing your bones with vitamin D. To get healthy tanned skin you need to seek out the Best Tanning Bed.

A highlighted brown skin looks more pleasing and attractive than white pale skin. Especially people in western European and American countries are more tanning enthusiasts. Well, everyone craves a sun-kissed glow, so they prefer to spend their summer holidays and spare time on beaches or outdoor to get beautiful tanned skin. But those with a hectic lifestyle working from morning to night, they don’t get the benefit of staying outdoors. So, this technology is the perfect choice for these people who prefer indoor tanning and for everyone to flaunt your natural glowing bronzed look.

Best Tanning Bed – Buying Guide

Factors to look for when buying the best tanning bed

  • Style of bedThe systematic working mechanism of a tanning bed is a fascinating output of the latest technology. It uses a long tube that contains inert gases, phosphorous coating, and traces of mercury. When connected to the plug, the electricity causes mercury atom to lose their balance which in turn emits energy in the form of ultraviolet radiation that starts the tanning process. Tanning beds are available either as a vertical or horizontal capsule. If you have been eagerly anticipating the finest quality sunbed, this factor always needs to be considered first. As a beginner, you might be afraid to stay longer inside the capsule or your room might not be that spacious. Then a stand-up or vertical bed is the best option. In this type, the heat of the bulbs is more intense, making the process much faster. Also, it occupies less space as it can be easily placed in a corner.

However, if you wish to relax after a tiring day, then a horizontal or laying-down sunbed is great as it allows users to take a short nap and enjoy the process.

  • Usage of bulbs- There are varieties of bulbs used in a sunbed, but all of these are categorized into two basic types- high-pressure bulbs and low-pressure bulbs. The quality of your tan depends solely on the bulbs used. High-pressure bulbs are powered by fulham ballasts ranging from 250-2000 watts. It emits a high amount of UVA lights and filters UVB and UVC lights by using special dichroic glasses. The most common power used is 400 watts in professional tanning salons.

Unlike, high-pressure bulbs, low-pressure bulbs emit a higher amount of UVB rays compared to UVA. It heats less, but the rays are absorbed by the skin faster, resulting in a long-lasting tan.  These bulbs increase the risk of sunburn resulting in damage, redness, and rashes.  Regardless of the type of bulb used, expert advice should always be considered for an optimal result.

  • Educating yourself- If you are buying a tanning bed for the first time, then before making any final decision, you must have a piece of detailed, comprehensive knowledge about the mechanism, parts, and placement of sunbeds. This one-time investment if done properly proves to be worthwhile, but if not, then all your money and efforts go in vain. So, before taking any step, always check customer reviews, seek professional advice to avoid any mess in the future.
  • Scrutinizing- Before purchasing anything a sunbed, you must go for a trial round to test its usage. Many factors like your comfort, intensity of the lamp suitability to your skin type should be assessed. Also, the warranty period must be considered.
  • Extra features- additional special features make your product stand out among the rest of the products. After looking for the major basic factors, some extra like an iPod docking station, internal cooling fan, Mp3audio system, face, and shoulder tanners need to be looked for within your budget. The iPod docking station lets the user connect their iPad, iPhone, or iPod to play music. The face and shoulder tanners uniformly tan every part without any patchy effect. A cooling fan is a necessity that reduces the effect of high intense heat inside the closed capsule.

After having attained information about factors and tips,  are you still bemused about whether to use a tanning bed or not? Are you still stuck in a perplexing situation about which type of tanning bed you should invest in? For that, you need to grasp a comprehensive knowledge of the most efficient and finest quality turning bed for yourself.

Different types of tanning bed:

  • Level 1 tanning bed- It is the basic entry-level sunbed for beginners. If you are new to this process, then you should start from the basic level to get accustomed to this method. The low-pressure bulbs emit high UVB rays and lesser UVA light. The higher UVB light can increase the risk of sunburn if not done properly. Since it is for beginners, therefore, it takes more time. You need to stay inside the bed for a longer duration. In this way, one easily relaxes while dusting off all the day’s tension and enjoy the session. For level 1 beds, one needs to tan 3-5 per week to obtain the best results. It is a great way to make your bones stronger through the intake of vitamin D nutrients.
  • Level 2 tanning bed- Similar to level 1, level 2 is also an entry-level bed but equipped with some extra features. It consists of an in-built facial shoulder bulb which lacks in level 1 bed. The benefit of these bulbs is that it evenly tans the facial area and shoulder for which everyone anticipates and uses a sunbed. Compared to level 1 beds, it consists of higher bronzing bulbs. The tanning sessions need to be repeated 3 times per week to get the best results. The lights are a great source of vitamin D, which is better than taking any pills or supplements.
  • Level 3 tanning bed- These beds have a much larger unit and include the features of level 1 & level 2. This ensures more productive and efficient use. The 160-200 watt bulbs give a darker but natural bronze tan in much less time. While using this bed, one needs to maintain intervals with a training session of 2 to 3 times per week. It also has an in-built fan which cools the heated temperature, to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Level 4 tanning bed- It consists of all features of level 1, 2 & 3 tanning bed to obtain professional salon-like results. It is equipped with high-pressure tanning bulbs emitting a higher amount of UVA  and low UVB lights, staying gentler on the skin. Because of high-pressure bulbs, the tanning session should be repeated only 1-2 times per week to maintain the color. The comfortable curved acrylic removal system makes the cleaning and setup process trouble-free. Compared to other level sunbeds it offers the largest tanning surface with an in-built cooling fan. The special iPod docking station allows the user to connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod to play music or to charge the unit along with a nice relaxed session.

Best Tanning Bed Tips For Beginners

With the onset of the summer season, most people look forward to roister on the beaches. Many women prefer to get prepared before going to the beach to get a sun-kissed glow. Summer is that time of the year when beaches are queued up with people from all walks of life who take out time from their busy schedule. So, if you are one of them looking for a tanning salon or want to get a personalized best tanning bed at home, then some important tips you need to follow to achieve a beautiful tan without a sunburn.

  1. Skin type- Every person has a different type of skin. Depending on your skin type, you have the chance of getting tanned faster or slower pace. :
  • Type 1- People falling under this category have pale white skin. They do not get tanned easily but have an increased risk of sunburns.
  • Type 2- People with this skin type have fair, white skin. Even they are susceptible t sunburns and skin damages.
  • Type 3- These people have a fair or creamy skin shade. They are not that prone to burning, reducing the high risk of skin damage.
  • Type 4- These people have a brown skin hue. They tan easily and are rarely prone to sunburn.
  • Type 5- If you have high-pigmented dark brown skin shade, then you are likely to fall under the type 5 category.

So, knowing your skin type is very important to guide you further to choose the best tanning bed for yourself.

  1. Tanning Goals- Well, your tanning goal depends on your skin type. For example, compared to the type 1 category, type 5 people will take less time since type 1 people are more susceptible to sunburn. This means you need to be patient and need to look for ways to get a glowing tan without burning.

Depending on your tanning goal, you should always consult a professional as they can provide you with sound advice.

  1. Prepping up skin- Preparing your skin is the most important step to ensure optimal use of the best tanning bed. After spending so much if you fail to get a quality tan, it becomes frustrating. So, getting prepared before is a must to allow the UV rays to penetrate deep under your skin. For that, a good shower and exfoliation with shaved hands and legs are necessary. This process removes any dirt settled on the outer surface of the skin. After exfoliation, moisturizing is the next important step to stay smooth.
  2. Protection- Direct expose to ultra-violet radiation can cause damage to sensitive parts like the eyes and lips. To avoid any injuries, you should always wear tanning goggles to prevent the harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering the eyes. The lips should be protected and covered with an SPF lip balm. Also, if you have recently done a manicure or nail art, then steps should be taken to protect it from any damages.
  3. Tanning lotion- Tanning lotion moisturizes the skin giving an impeccably gorgeous golden glow. These lotions intensify the UV light, which accelerates the tanning process. Another benefit of using a tanning lotion is that it helps to retain moisture which gets depleted during the tanning process. The skin tans uniformly and avoided blotchy effect keeping the skin healthy and young-looking. If you skip applying lotion, then 50% of the tanning session is wasted as dry skin cannot absorb it faster and most of it reflects. It even increases the chances of skin damages like rashes, sunburns, or redness.

Types of tanning lotion-

  • Intensifiers– These are super hydrating and a good starter lotion for people who are beginners. It is white, so it doesn’t have bronzers which darken your tan.
  • Bronzers– It has all the benefits of an intensifier with an instant color changing. Thus, it enhances and darkens tan and prevents splotches and patches.
  • Tingle– If you wish to get a deep exotic tan in much lesser time, then you should choose tingle lotions. This is the most intense lotion compared to any other in the market. The work of tingles involves boosting UV rays. The lotion’s ingredients include Methyl Nicotinate or Benzyl which intensifies the tan.
  1. Skin Care- Good skincare is a must after the tanning session. Right after the session, your skin becomes dehydrated, leaving you parched or thirsty. So, drinking water just after the best tanning bed session is essential to hydrate the skin. The next step involves moisturizing it well. Cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin making it more elastic and young-looking. Before and after tanning, moisturizing is essential for healthy glowing skin.

There should be a gap between every tanning session to prevent skin-damaging and pre-aging.  After moisturizing, using a sunless tanner darkens the outer surface of the skin. It contains chemicals that help to achieve a darker shade without being exposed to UV rays.


  • Boosts vitamin D- Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which makes our bones strong and helps one to stay fit and healthy. But people who stay in a freezing climate are most devoid of this benefit. Over there getting an adequate amount of vitamin D is not possible. For them, this alternative method of using indoor best tanning bed proves to be beneficial. Even, many office workers and students have a tiring and busy schedule from morning to night. Taking out time to relax under the sun is extremely difficult. This system of using light therapy fulfills their needs for vitamin D for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduces S-A-D – Seasonal Affective Disorder also named as SAD is a type of depression that occurs due to changing seasons. People suffering from SAD feels depressed and inactive most of the time. The activities which they used to enjoy become uninteresting. They always tend to feel sluggish and face difficulties in concentrating on their work. Sun exposure kills depression.  If you are suffering from this type of syndrome, then you don’t need to worry about your ailment. All you need to do is book yourself for an indoor tanning session or buy a tanning bed to enjoy the best tanning bed session in the comfort of home. Light therapy works like magic, similar to outdoor sun exposure.
  • Improves sex life- Your health decides your sex life. If you feel lethargic and lazy every time, you start losing interest in a physical relationship with your partner, eventually affecting your love life. The light therapy not only boosts vitamin D for a healthy life but also improves sex life. Studies have shown that men’s erectile dysfunction is greatly affected by this factor.  Boosting the quantity of vitamin D in the body increases sexual desire among men and women. In women, it increase s the estrogen level and cures erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Treats skin problems like eczema and psoriasis- Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis affects a person physiologically as well as aesthetically. The itchy spots not only create discomfort but also lowers self-confidence. They cannot wear a dress of their choice and are always conscious about what will someone think if they come to know about it. But don’t worry, light therapy works like magic, even for this disease. The radiation emitted kills the growth of fungus inside the skin, thus reducing it with time. The dry, itchy, flaky skin is bothersome, which affects your personality. To get rid of this disease, you need should immediately consult a dermatologist who will provide you with mindful advice on the benefits of light therapy.
  • Stress reliever- Stress has now become a part of our life. Almost every person now is suffering from stress, whether stress related to work, relationship, or career. But thanks to this amazing invention which works efficiently in reducing stress and depression. After a full day busy schedule, one can easily relax in sunbeds. This increases the production of endorphins. Endorphine is hormones made by the pituitary gland, which controls how one deals with stress and pain. Increased production of endorphins reduces mental stress and uplifts your mood, helping you to stay happy and contended. Also, it increases the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure.
  • You decide how the intake of light- An amazing advantage of using the best tanning bed is that you have the control, i.e. you decide how long you want to tan yourself and how much light should enter your body. While going out on the beaches, you don’t have any idea about this. While laying down, you may stay longer than sufficient time putting yourself at the risk of skin damage. But in a sunbed, you have the full liberty to control, which reduces this risk. This ensures that takes the sufficient amount required for healthy glowing skin.

Product Description

  1. Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face tanner

Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face tanner

Booking a tanning session for every weekend can be hectic as well as costly. To, enjoy the best tanning bed session alone in the privacy of your home, Solar Storm 24S is a perfect choice.

  • The specially designed tanning beds for residential use can be plugged into any standard 110 volts.
  • 12 sun fusion lamps ensure professional quality tanning in the comfort of your home and save a lot of money.
  • It is available in three colors- black, red, and silver.
  • The high gross aluminum reflectors ensure high-output and optimal results.
  • Full ham Electronic Ballasts save money by reducing energy consumption by up to 40%.
  • The overall length and width of the bed are 83″ and 39″ with 24 standard Wolff lamps.

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  1. Sunfire 16 Deluxe tanning bed

Sunfire 16 Deluxe tanning bed

Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning bed is designed using an upgraded and latest technology. It lets you enjoy the swimsuit season in your favorite swimwear and get rid of the pale, whitish skin.

  • The electronic fulham ballasts reduce energy consumption.
  • A pillow and tanning goggles ate available with this bed.
  • It consists of an in-built body cooling fan, an Mp3 audio system that offers the choice to listen to your favorite song.
  • A budget-friendly product which can be easily set up and used with minimal efforts.
  • After a day-long and tiring busy schedule, one can get relaxed.
  • The acrylic removal system makes the cleaning process much easier.
  • It is equipped with a Wolff-bronzing bulb which works excellently preparing you for beach shoots and vacation.

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  1. Tanning bed Relaxsun 24 Plus by Prosun

Tanning bed Relaxsun 24 Plus by Prosun

Tanning bed Relaxsun 24 Plus is the best designed personalized tanning bed by Prosun. It will save your monthly salon cost and gives you the feel of commercial tanning.

  • It consists of 24 high-efficiency lamps emitting UVA and UVB lights.
  • Along with high-efficiency lamps, it has an in-built Mp3 audio system to play music.
  • The tanning bed has the largest tanning surface of 81”×36”.
  • Some extra features like body cooling fans and power window facial bulbs tan the skin evenly. The body cooling fan helps one to stay cool.

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  1. Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning bed

Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning bed

If you wish to get a beautiful sun-kissed glow in much less time then the Solar Wave 16 lamp Home best tanning bed is the best option.  Because of its easy setup and use, it cuts down your salon expenditure.

  • It consists of 24 high-efficiency lamps and 1 Wolff bronzing bulbs which give an attractive bronzed look.
  • Pre-assembled, it has a warranty of 12 months.
  • It can be easily connected with 120AV power and consumes much less energy.
  • The large tanning surface of 81”×36″ uniformly tans every part of the body.

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  1. SUNFIRE PRO 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed

SUNFIRE PRO 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed

Well, who doesn’t awaits beautiful and highlighted skin? We apply tons of makeup to create that effect, but with the efficient use of SUNFIRE PRO 32 Deluxe tanning bed, it is possible to get a natural highlighted face.

  • A 14 minutes commercial tanning bed that penetrates ultraviolet rays deep under the skin for a beautiful tan.
  • The extra-long Wolff bronzing bulb and face lamps give a pleasing bronzing look. The face lamps uniformly tan interior areas like the back portion of the neck where direct rays cannot reach.
  • Also, its special attraction is the acrylic removal system for easy and safe cleaning purposes.
  • Last but most important is the cooling system installed to cool down body temperature inside the warm capsule.
  • It includes an audio player equipped for you to immerse yourself in the magic of music eradicating stress.
  • It provides you with a relaxing and blissful moment with yourself.

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So, what are you waiting for? With some of the best sunbeds mentioned over here, choose the one suitable for you and enjoy a good personalized tanning session. But always make sure you don’t overuse as this also has its side-effects. Consulting an expert opinion and with optimum use, you can achieve a desirable and alluring healthy tan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the benefit of indoor tanning?

In this busy lifestyle, indoor tanning lets one enjoy tanning in the comfort of home. This process takes less time to give a sun-kissed glow.

  1. Which is the best tanning bed to buy?

Solar Storm 24S with arm and face tanner is a great choice. The high-standard Wolff bulbs and 12 sun fusion lamps give a quality tan. It also has a large tanning surface area of 83″ *36″.

  1. Which is the best tanning bed for commercial use?

For commercial use, Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home tanning bed is a perfect choice. The 24 high-efficiency lamps and 16 Wolff bronzing bulbs give a beautiful tanned look.

  1. Which is the best tanning bed for vitamin D?

Tanning Bed RelaxSun by Prosun uses the latest technology which penetrates the radiation into the skin, and the vitamin D nutrients flourish the bones making it healthier and stronger.

  1. Which is the best tanning bed for the home?

Sun fire 16 Deluxe tanning bed is an optimized subbed for personalized home use. It saves energy consumption up to 40% and offers a pillow and the best tanning goggles to protect the eyes.

  1. What level tanning bed gets you the darkest?

Level 4 tanning bed which is mainly used for professional use, makes you the darkest. It consists of all the features of level 1,2 & 3 best tanning beds. It consists of high-pressure bulbs that emit a high amount of UVA rays for darker and gentle tan.

  1. What is the equivalent of 10 minutes in a tanning bed?

Tingles and bronzers are equivalent to 10 minutes in a tanning bed.  This is strong and intense lotions which gives a beautiful fake tan and nourishes the body.

  1. How can I tan faster in a tanning bed?

To get a safe and faster tan, you need to apply tanning lotions that moisturize the skin, providing you with a deep and exotic tan. Even tanning lotion comes in different forms like intensifiers, bronzers, and tingles. Along with this, good skincare ensures healthy skin.

  1. Can you get tan in a week from the best tanning bed?

You can tan yourself easily in a week by using a tanning bed suitable for your skin type. To intensify tanning, lotions should be applied to achieve a faster tan. However,  a good skincare routine must be followed to avoid any injuries or pre-aging. The best tanning bed should only be used after proper consultation wit


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