The Best Tourmaline Curling Iron for Perfectly Styled Hair

Infinitipro By Conair Tourmaline Curling Iron

Infinitipro By Conair Tourmaline Curling Iron

Tourmaline ceramic protection
More shiny hair
5 temperature setting
30 seconds fast heat-up
Protective shield
Best tourmaline curling iron
1-inch barrel
Bestope Tourmaline Curling Iron

Bestope Tourmaline Curling Iron

Tourmaline coating
15 second extra fast heat up
Anjou Tourmaline Curling Iron

Anjou Tourmaline Curling Iron

Fast heating, 60 seconds
410 degree Fahrenheit
30 minutes auto shut off
Digital display
CHI Tourmaline Curling Iron

CHI Tourmaline Curling Iron

Tourmaline Ceramic Protection
Non-stick coating
60 minutes auto shut off
410-degree Fahrenheit
Parwin Pro ourmaline Curling Iron

Parwin Pro ourmaline Curling Iron

Tourmaline ceramic coating
LCD display
Auro shut off
Coolkesi Tourmaline Curling Iron

Coolkesi Tourmaline Curling Iron

PTC heating Technology
Tourmaline Ceramic coating
Digital display
230-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit
2 in 1, curler and straightener
60 minutes auto shut off
MiroPure Tourmaline Curling Iron

MiroPure Tourmaline Curling Iron

30 seconds fast heat-up
1.25 inches barrel size
1-button temperature control

Let us see what Tourmaline is and why should you buy the best tourmaline curling iron. Tourmaline is one of the semi-precious stones. It is a crystalline Boron silicate mineral and is often compounded with other elements like Iron and Aluminum. These minerals are found in nature in a variety of colors. You might have seen tourmaline being used in jewelry. This is because of the variety of colors that it is found in. Tourmaline is said to be a therapeutic mineral. Some variants are used as insecticides as this mineral also has medicinal properties

If you have frizzy, thin hair tourmaline curling irons will reduce the frizziness that is caused by most of the heating equipment that we use in our hair because they produce positive ions. Tourmaline emits negative ions naturally to counter the positive ions that are produced on heating. Positive ions are known to open the hair cuticle. In doing so, the positive ions release the moisture from our hair. This is why our hair looks frizzy and unnaturally dry after we have curled or straightened or styled our hair.

Best Tourmaline Curling Iron – Buying Guide

When tourmaline curling iron is heated, it produces negative ions along with infrared rays. These rays along with the negative ions penetrate the hair without causing any damage.

Factors to look for while buying a tourmaline curling iron

Hair type: Tourmaline curling irons are best for the hair type that needs more protection while heating. Since tourmaline is a gemstone, it wears out faster than ceramic. Titanium doesn’t wear out at all. But then again it is up to your hair type as to which hair curling iron will suit you the best.

Barrel size: For more natural curls, curling iron with a big barrel size is perfect. If you have long hair, the bigger the barrel size is the better it is for your curls to make them look even bouncier.

Temperature control: The curling irons can heat up to a significant temperature with if exceeds your preference will end up damaging your hair. Temperature control options and fast heat-up means that you will be able to keep the temperature constant until you are done.

The material used: If your hair has been damaged, you must go with the curling iron that comes with ceramic and tourmaline coating. Ceramic is also known to produce negative ions to counter the positive ions while the iron heats up. Therefore, some curling irons are made by crushing tourmaline, infusing them out on the iron plates along with ceramic.  If your hair is just thick and needs more protection, go with tourmaline curling irons.

Your desired hairstyle: When you’re thinking of curling your hair, remember that there are many styles to pick from. The size of the curling iron will determine the size of your curls too. Maybe you want small or medium curls. Or maybe you are thinking to go with the wavy style or with the big curls.

Safety: Whatever hair curling iron you choose, you should know that you are applying heat to your hair which means that your hair needs extra care before and after the procedure of curling or styling in general. Heat protectant serum, heat protectant spray, heat resistant gloves, etc. are some of the products that you might want to have with you before you start styling your hair.

Titanium Vs. Ceramic Vs. Tourmaline Curling Iron:

Tourmaline does not only heat up quickly but it also produces or emits negative ions to help your hair be protected from positive ions that are released when the curling iron is heated. Titanium heats up quickly as well and more evenly. But Titanium is not safe for fine hair because of the positive ions. Ceramic also produces negative ions that help with the health of the hair. Ceramic and tourmaline are often combined in heating equipment. Tourmaline curling irons affordable than ceramic curling irons. If you have thick coarse hair you will want to go with Titanium curling irons but they are more expensive than the Tourmaline curling irons.

Best Tourmaline Curling Iron Reviews

1. Infinitipro By Conair Tourmaline Curling Iron

best tourmaline curling iron

This curling iron is one of the best in the market. Due to its affordable pricing and perfect finish, InfinitiPro curling irons are one of the highest-rated yet.

Let’s look at its amazing features now:

Tourmaline Ceramic Protection: Tourmaline and ceramic technology give extra care while heating and styling your hair. Tourmaline and ceramic are known to produce negative ions that counter the overproduction of positive ions while the curling iron heats up. Tourmaline curling irons heat up faster than the other irons.

More Shine: With the Tourmaline and ceramic technology, this curling iron reduces hair damage, tames down frizzy hair adds extra shine to the hair.

5 temperature settings: This curling iron comes with 5 temperature settings that will help style all hair types.

Fast heat-up: The curling iron reaches a temperature of 400-degree Fahrenheit in just a matter of 30 seconds.

Protective shield: The protective shield is very helpful while handling the hair curling iron. You don’t have to worry about taking up and storing the iron after using it.

1-inch barrel: The 1-inch barrel provides extra beautiful curl with the tourmaline and ceramic surface.

Best tourmaline curling iron: At this price range it is almost surprising how great and effective this infinitipro curling iron is. Is this can easily be the best tourmaline curling iron available in the market.

best tourmaline curling iron

2. Bestope Tourmaline Curling Iron

best tourmaline curling iron

This might the only 2 in 1 hair curler and straightener on our list that gives out magnificent results for both styles. The extra fast heating technology is the best feature of this curling iron. Look at all of the features:

15-second fast heat-up: This curling iron is the best if you need to rush in the morning quite often. Most curling irons need a minute or two to heat up but no this one.

Tourmaline protection: By now, we know how beneficial tourmaline is for hair styling tools. So, you need not worry about your hair damage with this curling iron.

best tourmaline curling iron

3. Anjou Tourmaline Curling Iron

best tourmaline curling iron

This curling iron is designed with a thermally insulated anti-scalding tip. The tip of the curlers heat up instantly and can be dangerous. So, this safety measure is a plus point.

Fast heating: This curling iron comes with a PTC Technology which lets your curling iron heat up to 210-degree Celsius for 410-degree Fahrenheit in up to 60 seconds. Then the temperature goes constant for even heating.

Barrel size: The barrel is 1.25 inch the coated layer of ceramic and tourmaline for extra glossy and salon finish curling.

Anti-scalding: The tip of the curling iron is thermally insulated to avoid scalding.

Auto shut off: This curling iron automatically shuts off after 30 minutes for your safety and in case you accidentally forget whether or not you switched off the curling iron.

Digital display: You get perfect temperature controls and also a digital display that lets you control the temperature manually. This is much better than the pre-set temperature settings in most of the curling irons.

best tourmaline curling iron

4. CHI Tourmaline Curling Iron

best tourmaline curling iron

The tourmaline and ceramic coating in the CHI curling irons are so perfect that you will not feel excess static or missing hot patches anywhere. The even distribution of the heat also reduces the risk of damage to a great extent. Here are the rest of the features:

Tourmaline Ceramic Protection: The CHI curling iron comes with the protection of tourmaline and ceramic for extra Shiny, silky and smooth hair. This ensures even heat distribution while styling your hair. The tourmaline and ceramic coating produce a great number of negative ions along with infrared to protect your hair without damaging it.

Non-stick coating: The ceramic layer of the coating and sure that the hair smoothly gets curled without the hassle and reduced frizziness.

Auto shut off: The curling iron is designed to automatically shut off after 60 minutes keeping your safety in mind.

Temperature control: This curling iron has a maximum heat up of 410-degree Fahrenheit which is perfect for all hair types.

best tourmaline curling iron

5. Parwin Pro Tourmaline Curling Iron

tourmaline curling iron

For starters, the brand Parwin Pro is one of the top choices of the experts in terms of any styling tool in the market. Created with tourmaline ceramic material, the Parwin Pro Curling iron makes hair smooth and glossy after you are done curling. With amazing features, let’s see why this brand of curling iron is a popular favorite:

All barrels in one: When you order one Parwin Pro Tourmaline Curling Iron, you receive 7 wand sets along with the package. Isn’t this a great deal? Now you don’t have to worry about deciding which hairstyle do you want to keep up with.

Auto Shut off: For safety purposes, the curling iron has been designed to automatically shut off after 60 minutes of being in use.

Digital display: With the temperature heating up to a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you get the temperature control on an LCD digital display.

tourmaline curling iron

6. Coolkesi Tourmaline Curling Iron

tourmaline curling iron

With PTC heating technology, these curlers will be your morning routine favorites. The Coolkesi curler also has an integrated straightener. And now the rest of the features:

PTC heating Technology: For fast heating PTC heating technology and shares that the curling iron heat in up to 30 seconds.

Tourmaline Ceramic coating: This coating of ceramic and tourmaline is for the safe and gentle styling of your hair.

LCD: The digital display lets you have proper control of the temperature which will range from 230-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit.

2 in 1: This curling iron is also a straightener as it is designed with a twisted plate.

Safety: Automatic shut off time is 60 minutes in this curling iron. You will also receive a pair of heat resistant hand gloves and a travel bag.

tourmaline curling iron

7. MiroPure Tourmaline Curling Iron

tourmaline curling iron

MiroPure curling irons are great when you want more wave-like curls in your hair. Also, fast heating technology is amazing in these curlers. Take a look at its features:

Fast heating: This curling iron instantly heats up in 30 seconds for you.

Barrel size: The barrel size of this curling iron is 1.25 inches. This will help you get bigger curls and volumized hair.

Temperature control: Temperature control can be managed by one button on the curling iron. You can switch the culling iron off and on by 1 long press on the button. The temperature can be changed by a short press of the button. The curling iron heats up to 410-degree Fahrenheit.

tourmaline curling iron


  1. Are tourmaline curling irons better?

They are better considering the emission of negative ions along with the ceramic protection that is responsible for the overall reduction of hair damage.

  1. What curling iron is best for waves?

If you want to style your hair into waves that means you’ll need to go for making bigger curls. All the curling irons from over 1.25 inches of barrel size are suitable for getting waves in your hair.

  1. What is better for your hair hot rollers or curling iron?

Hot rollers do not heat as much as the curling irons. This is the reason that you get messy curls with hot rollers and rather sleek and gorgeous curls with curling irons. But hot rollers are safer for your hair for that very reason too. Hot rollers can give amazing loose curls if you have very thin hair. For thicker, coarse, or short hair, curling irons will work the best giving you an immaculate look with the curls.

  1. Is a wand or curling iron better?

Curling irons come with a clasp. Curling wands have no clasp. In case you want a more polished and gorgeous look, go for curling irons. For more beach waves, unruly curls, use curling wands.


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