Comparing Biolage vs Pureology: Which Hair Care Brand is Best for You?

If you are a person who uses numerous hair products a day including basic shampoos, conditioners with additional hair creams or sprays, you probably have heard about Biolage vs Pureology. Among the countless brands that offer different hair care products, Biolage and Pureology are some of the older and effective ones. Want to know more about their features? This article is for you then!

Matrix Biolage vs Pureology:

Matrix is the company that is offering Biolage shampoos. Both of the companies are great and garnering more popularity with each day. If you are concerned about your hair and want to give it a new hair care regimen, you can go for either of these two. They both have some specific features and aims while offering haircare. Between Biolage vs Pureology, Pureology goes for moisturizing the dry hair while it also helps to lock in the moisture and the different natural oils of your hair. Biolage’s target audience is the people who have oily hair, with sulfate contents it easily removes the excess oil and dirt that oily hair is prone to attracting.

Biolage vs Pureology

Biolage vs Pureology: Shampoo

Both Matrix and Pureology are some of the most popular and best companies which offer good hair care products. The shampoos they are offering are genuine. Biolage offers shampoo which promotes shiny hair, and in addition to that, because their hydrating shampoo’s pH is considerably low, they can be very good for coloured hair. Pureology on the other hand offers a hydrating shampoo that is great for normal and thick hair, and everything in between with a pleasant scent. And they do not use any sulfate in their products, while Biolage does.  So it is up to you which elements you want your hair colour or natural hair exposed to. 

Biolage vs Pureology

Between Biolage vs Pureology, both are reputed companies and are known for some great hair care products available in the market. Both their shampoos target specific conditions and are very effective. Pureology is advised for normal to thick hair with natural and aromatic ingredients, while Biolage is known to have more great effects on oily hair because of the presence of sulfate in their shampoos.

Pureology uses some natural ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein to keep your scalp and hair moisturized, and aromatherapy with ylang-ylang, bergamot and patchouli. Biolage goes with Orchis Mascula Extract to help your hair stay nourished along with sulphate elements. Both of the shampoos can be a little high end and different from your normal products, but they are reviewed to be great for different hair concerns. They are also known to have great smells if you are concerned about that. 

The important thing that you must remember before you choose your shampoo and conditioner is to consider the nature of the hair to which you are applying them. Nature means which type of hair you have, what length it is, if it’s dyed, if not, then what is the natural colour, the porosity of your hair etc. Then go on to decide your favourite!

Which Matrix Biolage Shampoo is best?

All shampoos that Matrix Biolage offers are some of the best shampoos you can get in today’s market. You should choose which is best for you based on your personal preference and hair type. But here is a list of shampoos offered by Biolage- 

Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Shampoo 

Biolage vs Pureology

with aloe, cupuacu butter, Matrix Biolage Fibrestrong Shampoo for thin hair to add volume and strengthen the cuticles.


Is Biolage vs Pureology better?

Both shampoos of Biolage vs Pureology are good for your hair. They offer some great shampoos infused with different but specific ingredients which are targeted for your particular hair concerns. Pureology, as per its name, goes for an approach where no sulphate is involved.

Pureology Purify Shampoo is created with ingredients like witch hazel and baking soda to help with the oily scalp to prevent from exuding more oil and soothe the itchy scalp. Biolage uses salicylic acid and green tea leaf extract which are known for both their anti-inflammatory properties and to dissolve dead cells and flakes.

Which is better than Redken or Pureology?

Redken and Pureology both are known for their excellent hair care products range. Pureology is advised for people who have coloured hair because it has some colour-protecting purposes. And Redken is in general a very good brand if you are looking for something to soften and add some silky components with.


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