Biosil vs Biotin: Which is Better for Hair and Skin Health?

Both bioSil and Biotin are entirely different products with different functions. Still, confused between the two terms? A bioSil vs biotin comparison might help you figure out the difference in both.

Both BioSil vs Biotin has similar benefits as they help in the growth of Keratin which maintains dead cells and works as a skincare product. But while Biotin is a natural vitamin, BioSil is a supplement with an advanced collagen generator that is made up of Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid (ch-OSA).

The deficiency of Biotin might lead to bad hair or skin thus making it essential in your diet whereas BioSil intake depends on your already existent deficiency and prescriptions.


Biotin is often referred to as the Vitamin B⁷ and sometimes as Vitamin H. It is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the human body in releasing energy. It is a vital component for the growth of your dead cells and skin.


Natural Biotin is found in meat, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts, and in some vegetables. Biotin enhances your Keratin structure which is responsible for human hair and skin, directly acting as a skincare product.



Biosil is a supplement that consists of different minerals and silicon. It helps with healthier nails, hair, skin, bone, and joints. BioSil claims to thicken its user’s nails and hair. BioSil generates collagen which is an essential protein that holds the body together.


Hair Loss is a problem that affects millions of us. If you’re trying to find a perfect solution to this problem, you’re not alone. The market is filled with products that help you control your hair loss but which one is actually better?

The right product may depend on the cause of your hair fall whether it is hereditary or due to stress or pollution so here’s a quick comparison of both Biotin vs BioSil as a hair loss solution that might make navigating through the market a little easier for you.

Despite both BioSil vs Biotin’s different nature, their similar benefits make it difficult to identify which one is better as your hair care solution. Both these products are scientifically recommended solutions as maintaining and forming Keratin is essential for hair growth.


In some cases, biotin is a better option for hair while biosil is better for nails. Their results on a larger scale remain similar. Here’s a comparison of these products in different aspects:


BioSil starts showing positive results on nails by the third week of its prescribed course and by the second month on hair. Biotin intake starts showing positive hair growth by 1-2 months.

Intake Requirements

The BioSil capsule needs to be taken twice daily. If you decrease your intake, you might still see some positive effects but the pace would slow down.

The Biotin capsule depends on your deficiency and prescriptions but is mostly required to consume one capsule once daily or anything between 30 and 100 mcg per day(for 10 years or older)

Side Effects

While the natural Biotin comes with no side effects and is amazing for your health. The Biotin supplement may cause some stomach problems. BioSil has little to no side effects. The only downside is its unpleasant taste.


1. Which is better: biotin or bioSil?

We recommend you to buy according to your health conditions and advise a physician if you feel the need to. Natural Biotin is great for your health and should not be deficient in your diet but when it comes to its supplement product it may have some side effects making BioSil better in this aspect. Some studies claim that Biotin is better with hair while Biosil is better with nails.

2. What is the difference between biotin and bioSil?

Biotin is a naturally found water-soluble vitamin whereas BioSil is a supplement with a patented formula of advanced collagen generator. Biotin supplements are advised on the deficiency of Vitamin B7 and BioSil is recommended to improve your health overall.

3. Can I take Biotin and BioSil at the same time?

You can take both of them together for better health but make sure to take a limited dose or advise a physician to know proper intake requirements, especially for your health!


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