Compare Biotique and VLCC Products: Which Brand is Best for Your Skin?

Biotique is an Indian brand, which focuses on Ayurvedic Indian brands. VLCC is one of the oldest beauty brands in India. It was started in 1989 by Vandana Luthra.

Biotique vs VLCC

Biotique is expertise in coming up with Ayurvedic beauty products that are advanced by science expertise. The mission of the brand is to satisfy those customers who are looking for natural beauty. The brand comes up with a product, which is not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

The brand is a blend of the authentic Indian practice of traditional medicine and Swiss biotechnology. It is a legacy of the products, which are built on sustainability, purity, pioneering research, and Universality. Biotique doing a tremendous job in the beauty industry for more than 25 years.

Vlcc has a strong national as well as international presence in the beauty sector. The VLCC beauty programs for skin, hair, and body care are best known for their advanced cosmetology and dermatology solutions.

They have customized their products through an extensive database, which covers multiple skin types. The brand believes in shaping your confidence and transforming the lives of the people in the beauty and wellness sector. Let us discuss more Biotique Vs VLCC.

Biotique vs Vlcc facial kit

Biotique VS VLCC

While discussing Biotique VS VLCC, we have to keep in mind that both brands have some hits and miss in their respective product range. The VLCC gold facial kit is well known across many beauty salons. The products which are best for you depend a lot on the type of your skin.

The VLCC gold facial kit will help your skin elasticity and will help in keeping the moisture intact. It will also help you in eliminating the dead skin cells, which will help to regrow the new skin cells. VLCC is quick, and you can see the change in your skin texture instantly. However, because of the instant glow, the VLCC gold facial kit might get too rough on sensitive skin.

On the other hand, the biotique facial kit is infused with honey, which will give your skin a glow from underneath. Biotique may not help you with dead skin cells, but it will help in removing the skin impurities. It will clean your face to make your skin glow like never before. However, the biotique facial kits might take longer to work, and they are a bit drying.


If you are looking for a facial kit that gives an instant glow and keeps your skin moisturized, then go for VLCC facial kit. However, if you have sensitive skin, then it is better to opt for biotique.

 Biotique vs vlcc face wash

Biotique VS VLCC

Biotique bio honey face wash is considered to be the best face wash in their product range. The face wash is pink in color, which almost looks like honey from the outside of the packaging. The face wash is soap-free and has a gel-like consistency; the application of face wash is easy. It lathers quite nicely and is not heavy like other cleaning face washes. However, the face wash is a little difficult to take off as it leaves slippery residue behind.

It does a perfect job in cleaning the impurities, dirt, and excess oil. It is perfect for cleaning your sunscreen and make-up thoroughly. However, it is not a very deep cleaning face wash. It is more reliable to use this face wash during the daytime. It is a perfect face wash for oily skin or combination skin. If you have dry skin, then this face wash might make your skin drier.

On the other hand, the VLCC face did not dry your skin out and keep the moisture. The VLCC face wash contains Melia extracts, which protect your skin from pimples. If you are looking for acne control face wash, then VLCC is your best option. The face wash will also help you in sebum secretion, which will make your complexion brighter and fresher. It also contains vitamin C, which will help with blackheads, pigmentation, dullness, and wrinkles. It is the best face wash for dry skin. Biotique vs VLCC


  1. Which is better Biotique or VLCC

You can compare the brand through various parameters like ingredients, scent, price, and application. Both the brands are well known, and you will find thousands of positive reviews on the internet. It means that both the brand is doing well with their respective product range. You have to know your skin type and choose the brand that is most suitable for your skin type.

  1. Which VLCC face wash is best

VLCC Melia face wash is the best for all skin types. It is suitable for all skin types.

  1. Which Biotique face wash is best

Biotique bio honey face wash is a soap-free face wash, which works best to remove all the impurities from your skin. It also works as the best cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen


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