BlondMe vs Blondor: Which Professional Hair Color is Right for You?

Hairstyling powder or mattifying powders are dust-like products applied to the roots of hair for creating volume and texture. They are lightweight and do not weigh down your hair. Similarly, another way to give your bland black hair a makeover is to bleach it. Here, we will compare Blondme vs Blondor by dissecting the characteristics of their bleaching products. 

Wella, a company founded in the 19th century by a German hairdresser Franz Ströher has been enabling hairdressers’ creativity by delivering innovations and services. Through the years, they have come up with many innovations from the first hairdryers with built-in motors to their first demi-permanent colour launch. The brand has a range of products that achieve excellence across the full blonde spectrum. The products of this line offer gentle lightening for hair and scalp and create a wide range of lightening blonde results. 

Schwarzkopf, on the other hand, is a hair cosmetic brand that has been there in this business for over 120 years and pioneer in the quality and expertise of hair care. There are many shades of blonde- from sun-kissed to cold iced. The Blondme range brought forth by Schwarzkopf professionals offers the perfect blonde, irrespective of hair type or hair colour. The Blondme line offers expert lightening, lifting, and toning range minimizing hair damage. 

A quick blondme bleach review-

The product comes with a binding agent and with easy-to-follow instructions, one gets the desired look in simple steps. Also, it saves you a fortune by not having to spend on Olaplex! Blondme assures no damage to hair and this has been repeatedly supported by satisfied customers who marveled at the discoloration and how it is very gentle on the scalp. 

A bleach that lifts the hair gently and quickly in just one sitting! The Blondme toners are said to make the hair even and cool without a salon session! Mix it with Schwarzkopf developer in 20/30 volume to achieve the best results. 

What is Schwarzkopf blondme lightener powder?

The Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Lightener Bleach is a dust-free powder that neutralizes your hair color as you bleach it. It doesn’t burn your scalp and goes best with Schwarzkopf cream developers. This powder leaves the hair really soft, less damaged, and lifts the hair up to 9 levels. The scalp doesn’t itch or feel dry after its application. It comes with an integrated bonding technology and easily workable consistency. 

Next, let’s head towards blondme lightener reviews –

Firstly, hair lightening and bleaching use special lightening products with a developer lifting hair up to 8 tones. But lightening and bleaching are not the same although the process involves applying the solution and natural pigmentation due to oxidation. The process of lightening involves artificial reduction and dissolution of pigment in the hair. Blondme Lightener receives superb reviews. The dust-free lightening powder can bleach your hair from dark/black. Forget battling brass and not enough lifts, this lightener gives a healthier look without damaging the scalp. 

The Comparison- wella blondor vs schwarzkopf blondme

As this article has explicitly described the pros of Schwarzkopf blondme products, let’s understand the Wella range of products a bit.

Blondor Multi Blonde Powder is simple to mix lightening powder that comes with a creamier consistency. It promises reliable lightening up to 7 levels of lift. This German hair care company is bent on providing the best lifts with minimal damage. The solution contains anti-yellow molecules to help reduce orange/yellow undertones. The best part is it contains lipids that coat the hair to protect from moisture loss. 

Final verdict- schwarzkopf blondme vs wella blondor

Users find perfect colour pigmentation, ease of use, consistency, and formulation, and value for money, in the case of Wella Blondor. It even provides perfect lightening, even on pre-colored hair. 

However, Blondme scores a higher point owing to its consistent lift with easy and smooth mixing. After bleaching, use a toner to get rid of the brassy yellow colour. You can go for the Icy Toner for a bright, light blonde. 

Styling your hair gives it a funky and chic look. But don’t go for cheap products. It can lead to severe damaging of the hair as bleaching and lightening are consuming processes and although there are hundreds of products flogging the market, most do not take care of your hair whilst providing hair lift. 


How to use schwarzkopf blondme?

Blondme Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener protects hair bonds during processing. 

Step 1- Mix the desired amount of powder with Premium Developer until a smooth cream is achieved.

Step 2- The mixing ratio should be 1:1.5 to 1:2.5. Take thin sections, and apply the mixture evenly to dry hair immediately. Then, fold in a foil.

Step 3- Processing time is 20-40 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly using Blondme Bonding Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask. You can check Here


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