Chicco vs Himalaya Baby Care Products: Which is Better for You?

Both of them are well-known brands when it comes to baby products. Choosing Chicco vs Himalaya could be a tough task. A bit of negligence can cause lifetime skin damage to the baby. Both bring forward chemical-free products and can be safely used for the baby. Both of them have paraben-free compositions. So they use natural ingredients.

The products they have in the market are all plant-derived products and are best for your baby. The baby’s skin is very delicate and good research is required once you start relying on any product. There’s a lot of products which claim to do the work. Read this article in order to get a clear image of what to use for your baby.

Chicco vs Himalaya baby products

Chicco vs Himalaya

Himalaya has a great range of baby products namely baby lotions, baby gentle wipes, baby powder, moisturiser, shampoo, baby oil and much more. On the other side, Chicco’s baby products, baby diapers, lotion, massage oils and more. Though it is always recommended to do a patch test first in order to know which brand is best. Chicco vs Himalaya products hardly have any dissimilarities.

But if your baby has dry skin you can prefer chicco products more.

Are chicco baby products good

Chicco baby products are the safest when your baby has dry skin. It’s a European made product. It is made from natural ingredients. As well all know that in order to have healthy skin, we should always opt for paraben and sulphate free products. They are clinically proven to be gentle on baby’s skin. They are also suitable for sensitive skin.

 Are chicco baby products safe

Chicco vs Himalaya

If you are looking for something that is 100% safe for your baby, this is the best brand you can refer to. The products are free from alcohol and hence they are safe for your baby’s skin. It is also free from dyes. So it is safe even for sensitive skin. They also have a non-sticky formula for their moisturiser so that it absorbs well in the skin of the baby. They are hypoallergenic on the skin.

Sebamed or chicco which is best

Sebamed baby soaps are very soft even in touch. They don’t foam much though. But seamed products are only suitable when your baby has very dry skin. They tend to leave the skin greasy and sticky. Otherwise handling the soaps will become hectic work for you.

Chicco on the same side foams pretty well. And can be used for every skin type from dry to oily. Those babies who have oily skin can easily use a non-greasy moisturiser on their skin. The cicco face cleansers also are good face cleansers for the baby.


  1. Why are sulphate products bad for skin so that we need to buy chicco’s products?

Sulphate products tend to rip off the moisture from the skin. This can be very harmful to the baby as they have very sensitive skin. They should always be kept surrounded by as many natural products as you can. The usage of any alcohol or sulphate products can prove to be very damaging to their skin.

  1. What are the main features of Chicco products?

  • The shampoo and body wash used are paraben-free.
  • They are mild and hypoallergenic. So you can use them for your baby without any hesitation.
  • Their composition of the products causes less irritation on the baby’s skin and eyes.
  • The baby moisturiser from Chicco has sweet almond milk which nourishes the skin of the baby and also gives a non-oily look.
  • The use of almond milk also keeps the skin deeply moisturised.
  1. Where can you find the Chicco products?

You can easily click on the link provided in the article and keep buying them. You will also be able to read the distinctive features of the product. Chicco products are affordable and are the best for your baby.

  1. Are chicco products clinically tested?

Yes they are clinically tested. Every product they have launched for the babies are clinically tested. They have been tested on sensitive skin in order to assure that they are safe for your babies. They are best for the babies with dry and sensitive skin.

  1. Are chicco products paraben free?

Yes, the chicco products are paraben-free. They are made from plant derived ingredients. They are also tested products.


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