Clarisonic Vs Soniclear: Which Is The Perfect Facial Cleansing Brush?

If you’re one of those moody teens who at times believe in the commonly misunderstood norms about cleansing brushes while at the other end, you google very often which can be your best suitor for facial brushes among Clarisonic vs Soniclear, then you are on the right page.

By any chance, if you feel intimidated by the idea of face brushes and cosmetic damage- please don’t be. Considering Clarisonic vs Soniclear, both are gentle on the skin, unlike certain brands that tend to be harsh like sandpapers on your skin cells.

In this article, you’ll be narrated about the introduction, similarities, features and differences or simply call it Clarisonic vs Soniclear.

Brief Introduction to Clarisonic Vs Michael Todd Soniclear

First of all, taking the most important aspect of cleansing products, that is their brush life, so through this Clarisonic vs Soniclear report, we come to know that the Clarisonic brushes have a life of 3 months whereas the Soniclear brushes have a directly double lifespan of any other cleansing brands, i.e. 6 months life, which makes it likely to be purchasable.

Among these two, firstly take in hand the Clarisonic brushes whose cleansing systems are based on The Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, the brainchild by the Washington based company, selling products for both men and women. Since the Clarisonic spread their paws in the market, they have gained utter popularity and have sold at least 10 million designs with several innovative models like the Mia series- Mia 1, Mia 2, Mia 3 etc. along with the Smart profile, Plus etc. models.

The other popular facial cleansing brush from Michael Todd’s company is Soniclear. Buying a product under their aegis means that you are applying a product produced using natural ingredients, promising extraordinary results simply extracted to serve humankind.

The best part while you interrogate Clarisonic vs Soniclear is- the Soniclear brushes are the world’s first antimicrobial facial brushes. They further come in handy with features like the C-boosting technique, which stimulates the elastin and collagen production, everything is done so naturally that nothing can stop you from having any of the Clarisonic vs Soniclear brushes.

Two Popular Models, One Battle- 

  • Soniclear Elite Vs Clarisonic Mia Smart 3-in-1 

Amidst the Soniclear Elite vs Clarisonic, the Elite in this lineup is, without any doubt, one of the largest pore brushes. This is large enough to cover more skin surfaces and comes with 6 customizable speeds and patented anti-microbial technology to equip your cleansing experience.

Clarisonic vs Soniclear

The Elite brush’s waterproof body also comes in different colours, engaging the users to brighten their skincare routine with super fun. Apart from all that, when it comes to cleansing, the device itself should be clean enough to protect one from breakouts or clogged pores etc. Hence the Soniclear Elite becomes the number one user’s choice as it also functions as a massager.

The Clarisonic Mia Smart 3-in-1 is one of the popular and reliable cleansing brushes since 2004 that can be used very easily daily, is rechargeable and also serves to blend your makeup or simply to massage and tone your skin cells. 

This Clarisonic device can be preferred over the Elite brush because of its easy to use and clean functionality. But if you are someone who wants the anti-microbial feature, go with Sonic Elite.

  • Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Vs Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing Brush 

The Soniclear Petite is the Elite brush’s baby sister, which means it’s just a smaller sized pocket-friendly, also a wallet-friendly cleansing device that comes with a deep cleansing mechanism with 3 different cleansing speeds. It’s a perfect choice if you need a basic antibacterial sonic device that just acts right to do the given task with no massage functions at the right wallet point.

Clarisonic vs Soniclear

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is also a pocket-friendly waterproof brush that has remained the favourite of daily users to date. To many users, the Petite resembles quite a lot with the Clarisonic Mia 2 deep cleanser for pores, but it is undeniable that Mia 2 is insanely effective and yet so gentle at cleansing deep pores than the Petite one. 

Mia 2 comes in handy with 2 speeds, though lesser than the Petite but pretty manageable and one of the features that sets it trendy is the huge array of choices of the cleansing heads for your skin, leaving its users with no disappointment at all, rather will let your pores thank you for using it on them. 

The Bottom Line

So in all, these devices will serve you with amazing salon-quality cleansings giving you gorgeous skins and scratching out every little clog or dirt for you. Think wisely and then choose among your very own Clarisonic vs Soniclear.


  1. Among Clarisonic vs Soniclear, which is good for older skin?

Answer: Though both have their own benefits, Clarisonic has come up as the people’s choice anti-aging cream.


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