Color Fix vs Color Oops: Which Hair Color Remover is Best for You?

If you have long or short hair with unwanted permanent hair, then you must try the color fix. It helps in removing that unwanted permanent hair. In particular areas, you can correct color when used in a controlled manner.

In this article, we will tell you everything about color fix vs color oops. If you are searching how to recolor your hair on the same day you have colored, or are you in search of products that are bleach and ammonia-free then you must try color oops. It helps in coloring your hair, it has two versions namely the original one like yellow and extra strength like red.

Different types of coloring

  1. Permanent coloring

 color fix vs color oops

To permanently change hair color, then it generally contains ammonia and which should be mixed with a developer, where ammonia helps in a permanent change in color

2. Demi-permanent coloring

It is a hair color that contains an alkaline agent rather than ammonia which is employed with the developer, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is a little bit less than it is in permanent hair color since alkaline agents can remove less natural color than it was in permanent

3. Semi-permanent coloring

It doesn’t have a developer like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, which is less damaging to hair. Where compounds of lower molecular weight are used

4. Temporary coloring

Rinses, shampoos, gels, sprays, and foams are variously available for temporary color change.

5. Alternative coloring

It is not found in nature which is a combination of different colors.

Color fix Vs Color oops

Color oops before and after

 color fix vs color oops

If your hair is naturally light brown and dyed hair dark brown you will see the original light brown after applying color oops. Don’t forget to remove it after 25 minutes. Use a light blonde shade if you want your hair to be dark ash-blonde

Color fix before and after

 color fix vs color oops

It is a great product to be used if your hair color is a dark blond with reddish tent, and if you dye your hair with bluish-black for approximately 2 to 3 months then you get orangey-red which looks well

or if your hair is grey and brown and if you use henna indigo then you see black color which is good looking

Dying hair after using color fix

Once you have used color fix then you can see that shading of color starts from 2 to 3 weeks. And you have colored your hair, then mostly everyone recommends someone to wait for 6 to 8 weeks before doing this.

Color fix on red hair

 color fix vs color oops

You must remember about color neutralization because it makes your hair to neutral, you might use a green color fix and start drying then you can see that your hair is neutralized where it is very impressive to look, not only the color fix on red hair to change color, you may use many colors which may neutralize to our wished color further

How to apply

Off scalp

  • It is highlighting if part of the hair is treated with lighteners.
  • If part of the hair is treated with darker hair colors, it is low lighting.
  • If part of the hair is treated with bleached hair, then it is splash lighting.


Where you can color to hair as on your selection and foil or firm is used to separate the hair you don’t want to color cap, balayage or, tip dying are various other methods for coloring

On scalp

  • If you want to color on the root site of the hair, you need to do the root touchup
  • If all hair should be colored then you can use an over color technique
  • If you want to color more than two colors, then block coloring is generally used
  • Where he above all techniques are generally used with any type of colors which you want

Color fix ingredients

We generally see that the color fix ingredients are complex, where they vary from product to product, manufacturer to manufacturer.

In general, these include dyes, modifiers, antioxidants, alkalizes, Ammonia, wetting agents, fragrance, which makes the color fix more special.

In general 4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene and m-Aminophenol can be seen as dye chemical.

In the case of pigments titanium oxide, and iron oxide are mostly used.

Color oops extra conditioning hair color remover

Are you searching for a safe way to remove permanent and semi-permanent hair color in just 20 minutes then your best choice is color oops extra conditioning hair color remover? It is gentle and safe to use it. You can simply wash, and where hair color corrects hair by shrinking the molecules of color.


  1. Which is better color oops or color fix?

Color oops treatment is just 2 steps while the color fix is 3, Color fix is a little more expensive than color oops. But whatever you use just follow the instructions very strictly and apply them carefully if not you might have damage to your hair.


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