Conair True Glow vs Clarisonic Mia: Which Facial Cleansing Device is Better?

The evolution of facial cleansing brushes shows how we love to simplify our regimes and are slaves of machines. Facial cleansing brushes give a cleaner and softer skin. So, it’s imperative to reason out which one is the best, Conair True Glow vs Clarisonic Mia? Read on. 

First and foremost, facial brushes are not good for all skin types. They deeply clean and exfoliate the skin but those suffering from acne, eczema or any skin-related problems should avoid brushes. It can further aggravate the condition. Only if you have a normal skin type, opt for facial cleansing brushes

Before buying one, always go for a patch test on your cheek and jawline. If redness or itching is experienced, immediately abandon the brush and run away! No, kidding. Just don’t think of inducing a facial brush as it is definitely not suiting your skin type. Consultation with a dermatologist in such cases is a must. 

Now, How many times can it be used in a week? If you are a newbie, take it slow and start with once or twice (maximum) in a week. Always keep them clean as they can be potential sources of exacerbation. 

As the basics have been outlined, we can move on to the comparison. 

Pick one – conair true glow vs clarisonic mia 2?

Conair True Glow brush comes with a handle and 3 brush attachments. The bristles are very soft and glide over the skin perfectly spreading the cleanser evenly. It is really easy to use and requires 2 “AAA” batteries. This facial brush comes with a two-speed factor but it is best advised to use the slower speed to avoid skin irritation. 

The brush heads are easy to clean and should be replaced after an interval of 3 months. It is most effective around the neck, face, shoulders, and back. This brush is best suited for sensitive skin.

Affordable, compact, and waterproof, Conair True Glow is a good buy. 

Conair True Glow vs Clarisonic Mia

Moving on to Clarisonic Mia 2. This brush gives the skin a soft and supple appeal and exfoliates very well to keep away acne. Mia 2 has two speeds very much like Conair True Glow. The added advantage is it has a programmed timer to inform you when to cleanse a certain part of your face and when to move on. The motion is really nice and lets the bristles do their work without adding any pressure. 

Consumers have praised its cleansing properties for not only exfoliating thoroughly but also making the skin tone even. This device is also waterproof and lasts for 20 minutes. The Clarisonic doesn’t rotate a full 360 degree but oscillates back and forth serving good exfoliation for the skin. 

Second Comparison- conair true glow vs clarisonic mia prima:-

Conair True Glow is clinically proven and dermatologically tested to be 2X more effective than regular cleansers. It claims to remove 98% of environmental toxins. Due to its two cleansing brushes, there is a significant reduction in oily patches and visible blemishes. The experience is akin to a facial at home. Couple it with your favorite moisturizer and enjoy the massage! 

Mia Prima is different from its predecessors. It doesn’t come with a charging dock or magnetic charger and comes with a Daily Radiance Brush Head. It is no doubt the simplest Clarisonic facial cleansing brush. Automatic shutting off, thinner handle, one-speed setting, and no pausing at regular intervals -all these features makes the Mia Prima an ideal fit! 

Conair True Glow vs Clarisonic Mia

Lastly, which one is superior – conair true glow sonic facial brush vs clarisonic?

Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Brush keeps skin clean and helps prevent clogged pores and blackheads. It comes with a three-speed setting and is way better than washing the face with bare hands or cloth. The Conair brush operates at 300 oscillations per second for the professional cleansing action. It removes dirt without irritation. It is effective in reducing pores and in the first wash itself cuts down the redness of the skin by 30%. Inexpensive, affordable, and waterproof- this Conair brush makes the skin plump and bright! 

Clarisonic cleansing brushes refresh and exfoliate the skin thoroughly. It is also helpful in removing makeup. They even have an acne cleansing brush designed for sensitive skin. Clarisonic can be used with all types of cleansers. The latest Clarisonic Mia Smart even syncs with your phone and you can track how often you cleanse. Clarisonic works wonderfully to de-puff under eyes quickly. 


what is the difference between clarisonic mia 1 and 2?

Mia 1 uses a one-speed setting and uses oscillation technology and fluid forces. Mia 2 offers a two-speed setting to remove make-up dirt, oil, grime, and sweat 6x better than regular washing. Mia 2 is slightly more expensive than Mia 1 as obviously it is an upgrade. However, both are compact, lightweight, and waterproof.


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