Dermalogica Vs Obagi: The Perfect Vitamin C Serums in 2022

With skincare gaining importance, Vitamin C is an important addition to your daily routine. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and helps with scar reduction. Brands like Dermalogica vs Obagi are well-known for their Vitamin C range of products.

Recommended for all skin types, Dermalogica, along with Obagi Vitamin C serums offer protection from pigmentation and gives a brighter looking skin. For an even skin tone, it’s important to add two drops of Vitamin C daily.

While different brands have their own professional Vitamin C serums, Dermalogica and Obagi have received positive reviews from buyers. Hence, let’s take a look quickly at the properties of individual serums, the ingredients, and their effectiveness.

Skinceuticals vs Obagi Vitamin C: The Ultimate Guide for buyers!

Dermalogica vs Obagi

Skinceuticals is a paraben-free brand, approved by top dermatologists. Along with the Vitamin C serum, Skinceuticals is popular for its sunscreens, night creams, and retinol. The Vitamin C Serum comes in a small 30ml bottle. There are both oil-based, as well as water-based Vitamin C serums available. Buyers can purchase the serum, depending on their skin type and requirements.

The Obagi Vitamin C serum is loaded with antioxidants, as well as hyaluronic acid. To get plump skin, free from blemishes, start with a few drops of this serum every morning. For extremely dry skin, this serum is most effective in making your skin look healthier. It’s good to use the oil-based Vitamin C serum for dry skin and the water-based one for sensitive skin. Dermalogica vs Obagi.

It’s good to apply Vitamin C serum after you have cleansed your face in the morning. A boost of Vitamin C right in the morning before applying sunscreen gives a sudden glow. Plus, it saves your skin from getting pigmented. Do not forget to massage the serum on your neck and hands too. With time, you will see noticeable differences in your skin!

Obagi vs Skinceuticals: The Effectiveness!

While choosing the best Vitamin C serum among brands in the market, buyers are most concerned about the effectiveness of the product. Will the product show visible differences on the skin? Both Obagi and Skinceuticals assure their customers of great results with regular usage of their Vitamin C serum. The presence of ascorbic acid and hyaluronic acid further helps in boosting skin hydration, thereby promising a good glow.

The serums are odorless and are extremely light on the skin. It doesn’t leave any residue behind and moisturizes your skin. The SkinCeuticals results promise results within 3 days. Therefore, keep on using the serum daily to achieve desired effects.

Before using Vitamin C serums, customers must do a small patch test first. Apply a small portion of the serum onto your hands. In case you feel a tingling sensation, or redness, stop using the serum immediately.

However, with brands like Obagi and Skinceuticals, customers have not complained of any side effects. The serum worked well on all skin types and guaranteed skin glow! Dermalogica vs Obagi.

Obagi vs Skinceuticals: The best in the market!

Dermalogica vs Obagi

To help buyers with their ultimate choice of the best Vitamin C serum in the market, one must quickly take a look at individual skin issues. Vitamin C serums from Obagi and Skinceuticals target different skin conditions. For addressing skin conditions like skin sensitivity and dark spots reduction, the Skinceuticals Vitamin C serum is a great choice.

On the other hand, to get healthier-looking skin, the Obagi Vitamin C serum range is the answer. It promises to take care of fine lines and keeps wrinkles at bay. Plus, it promises to keep your skin hydrated and nourished because it contains hyaluronic acid.

All Vitamin C serums provide a strong barrier on your skin to protect it from ‘’free radicals’’. Plus, when used daily in the morning with sunscreen, your skin receives double protection from UV rays.

Considering all the advantages of Vitamin C serums, it’s time to add one to your routine immediately. Find your perfect Vitamin C bottle and feel the difference!


  1. Which is the best for buyers- obagi or SkinCeuticals?

Skinceuticals are great for all skin types. If you have dry skin and looking for extra hydration and glow, the Obagi Vitamin C is best. It contains Hyaluronic acid that leaves your skin soft and supple.

  1. Is SkinCeuticals good for acne-prone skin?

Skinceuticals Vitamin C serum is good for acne-prone skin. It lightens acne marks and gives you brighter-looking skin.

  1. How to use the Obagi serum?

Take a few drops of the Obagi Vitamin C on your fingertips. Wash your face and massage the serum gently on your skin. The serum absorbs quickly and you will wake up with brighter and plumper skin!



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