Comparing E45 vs Aveeno: Which is the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin?

There is certainly no such thing as ‘best’ skin products but you can purchase skincare that caters to your needs the most. E45 vs Aveeno, which cream will suit your skin the most? We’ll help you make that decision.

Before diving into this article, keep in mind the different skin products will react differently on different skin. Facets like your race also come into play while choosing a skin product. So be careful, educated, and empowered while purchasing.

Aveeno cream vs E45


E45 vs Aveeno: Starting with similarities, they both do not have drying alcohol, essential oils, or fragrance. This is great because the fragrance is the no. 1 reason for contact with Dermatitis and co- sensitizers. And alcohol can strip moisture out of your skin and dry your skin over time.

Another thing is that both Aveeno and E45 ingredients are curated to cater to dry skin needs. Especially eczema-prone skin. So they both are great for children 0-3 to prevent eczema. They are not recommended if you have oily skin.


E45 vs Aveeno: E45 is a UK-based skincare company. It first released its product, moisturizing cream in 1952 in response to the public’s demand for a soothing and protective product.

It constitutes Paraffinum liquidum ( 14.5% white soft and 12.6% light liquid). Paraffin is great for dry and normal skin, especially for eczema-prone skin. It is a great occlusive that acts as a second skin and traps water in your skin. It also prevents epidermal water loss which is basically evaporation of water from your skin.

An inclusive barrier also prevents any allergens, bacteria, or pollutants from entering our skin. It is important to note that Paraffin is not a humectant i.e. is it not a water magnet but an occlusive. For that, we will recommend you to take a lukewarm shower and pat your skin dry so it is still damp. Then, while you still have water molecules in your epidermis, apply E45. trapping the water in.


Aveeno is an American-based skincare company. It started when two brothers, Sidney and Albert Musher, began studying oats and their skin benefits. Oats for skin use have their roots in ancient history. Together they developed colloidal oatmeal.

Aveeno cream has colloidal oatmeal. It is basically oats that have been finely grounded and then boiled. It is a natural source of protein and has important emollient properties. It also constitutes anti-inflammatory vitamin C, therefore it is a great moisturizer for dry sensitive skin.

It also has vena tyramide which is an antioxidant that mops up free radicals on your skin. Beta-glucan which is a humectant i.e. it draws water molecules into your epidermis.

E45 Vs Aveeno Lotion


E45 vs Aveeno: Now, both of their lotions have similar ingredients as their creams. They are great for winter especially when we all are staying home and everyone’s body is feeling dry.

They both have isopropyl palmitate which is a great lubricant for dry skin but it is 4 out of on comedogenic scale. So if you are breaking out on your chest or back, avoid using it.

If you have eczema you need to minimize inflammation. Especially for brown and black skin, it can lead to hyperpigmentation. E45 lotion will help you in adding a second layer as a barrier.

Aveeno has petrolatum which will help in trapping the moisture in your skin and prevent dry and flaky skin.


1. Is Aveeno better than E45?

There is no definitive answer, if you do not mind spending money you can buy from both brands and see for yourself which product suits you the most. Price point wise Aveeno is more affordable. E45 also does have paraben as one of its ingredients while Aveeno does not.

Paraben is believed to mess with hormone function by acting like estrogen and may irritate your skin.

While E45 is dermatologically recommended and the brand is renowned for its quality.

2. Is E45 better than aqueous cream?

E45 is dermatologically recommended. Aqueous cream does contain sodium lauryl sulfate which may be the causal issue of eczema in babies. It also does not help with itching. E45 is great for eczema-prone skin. If you are looking for a basic cheap moisturizer then Aqueous cream is alright. But for specific needs and quality go for E45.


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