Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden: Comparing Which Brand is Right for You?

Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden are American Beauty Brands. Both of these brands are much loved by their customers. This Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden Review will help you in deciding which one will suit your beauty standards.

Estee Lauder was founded in 1946. It is based in New york. The company is a multinational manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, and hair care products. The Estee Lauder Companies own a diverse portfolio of many other brands.

Estee Lauder’s best-selling products are double wear stay in place foundation, revitalizing supreme+ moisturizer, daywear moisturizer, micro essence, pure color envy lipstick, bronze goddess powder, capsules, retinol, and creams.

Elizabeth Arden was founded in 1910. It is based in Florida. It was originally founded by the name ‘red door’. The company manufactures and markets a diverse collection of color-coordinated makeup kits, skincare products, and skincare treatments.

Elizabeth Arden’s best-selling products include daily use serums, ceramide capsules, retinol ceramide cream, under-eye creams, grand entrance mascara, color bold lipsticks, and flawless finish skin caring foundation.

Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden

Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro-Retinol

This product is a high-grade retinol treatment that targets fighting dark spots and wrinkles. The retinol in this serum works to provide a smooth and even-toned surface for your face. Within 28 days, you will see an improvement in the texture of your skin. Your wrinkles will diminish, fine lines will be reduced to a noticeable extent, and deeper wrinkles will start to lighten.

It evens your skin tone and lightens the dark spots significantly after 28 days. If you continue using it, it will remove all the deep wrinkles and dark spots on your face. It will also make your skin look and feel much softer. This product lives up to its name and is perfect. It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen that makesyour skin look plump.

are new to this brand and continue using it if you are satisfied with it. The key benefit of using this product is its encapsulation. When retinol is put in a capsule, it maintains its full potency. The retinol in their capsules is a whopping 76% more potent. Which means you can expect faster results. It moisturizes your skin with its non-drying formula. This serum is best used at night. It minimizes the look of pores, improves radiance, skin texture, tone, and clarity.

Every capsule contains enough serum for a single-use. The capsules show a lot of improvement in a short time. It is recommendation-worthy and the best way to pamper yourself before getting a good night’s sleep.

Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden

Estee Lauder advanced night repair vs Elizabeth Arden ceramide

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This serum fights all the aging signs. It is versatile and ideal for every skin type. This serum, unlike other serums, is oil-free. It doesn’t feel sticky on your face and absorbs nicely. Every skin concern is addressed. From dullness and radiance to skin tone and texture.

You have to use this serum every night to see the best results. The serum hydrates the skin for 72 hours, thanks to the hyaluronic acid. You can also feel your skin barrier tightening in just 4 hours. If you continue to use it, your pores will be diminished.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum

This capsulated serum is proven to make you look many years younger. The ceramide present in the serum is well potent and more effective because of the capsulation. The ceramide technology revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. It also improves the radiance, smoothes the skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. This serum provides a boost in the skin’s natural collagen production that results in a firmer look.

In this comparison of Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden products, both the products are equally beneficial but if your concerns are more serious then you should select Elizabeth Arden.

Elizabeth Arden capsules vs Estee Lauder

Elizabeth Arden Capsules

Elizabeth Arden provides a complete product line of anti-aging and youth-restoring serum capsules. The capsules are pure and potent. They precisely focus on individual skin concerns. 7 products of Elizabeth Arden capsules are award-winning. The company knows what it is doing and the awards are proof of its expertise. There are capsules for every use such as daily use, night use, line erasing, hydration, radiance renewal, etc.

The Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules focus on radiance renewal. Unlike the usual vitamin C serums, these capsules are 173x more potent. It brightens and moisturizes the skin.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Ampoules

There is only one product available in ampoules form. The advanced night repair ampoules are ideal for treating causes such as oily skin, stressed skin, dullness, and irritation. It brightens and repairs the skin every night.

If you want to use capsules, from this comparison of Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden you can choose Elizabeth Arden capsules because it gives a wide range and focused solution.

Elizabeth Arden flawless finish vs Estee lauder double wear

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation

This foundation is available in 40 shades for all types of undertones. It gives a natural finish and buildable coverage for 24 hours. The main ingredients are vitamins C, E with Hyaluronic Acid that gives a perfect look. The major plus point of this foundation is that it is heat and humidity-resistant.

Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This liquid foundation is available in 56 shades, no matter how rare your skin color is, you will find your shade. It provides a flawless matte look and is waterproof for 24 hours. It is free of parabens and gluten. This foundation doesn’t clog pores or settles into fine lines. It controls oil all day and is transfer resistant.


1.Which is better Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden?

In this Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden comparison, it can be concluded that Elizabeth Arden has more experience in the beauty industry and provides a wide range of skincare capsules. Whereas Estee Lauder is a more popular and widely used brand with trusted products.

Picking between Estee Lauder vs Elizabeth Arden is challenging because both companies offer skincare-focused beauty products. Estee Lauder has a more variety of makeup products when compared to Elizabeth Arden. Whereas Elizabeth Arden has a more focused variety of skincare capsule products when compared to Estee Lauder. Whichever brand you choose, all your skincare concerns will be solved.

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