Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse: Which Hair Color is the Best for You?

People who have a fascination with coloring their hairs and keeping different hairs stylings are always seen confused about which hair dye to choose. However, answers to this question vary from person to person. Do you know which is best in Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse? Some people are allergic to different chemicals present in color-based hair dyes? This is so because of the material present in the dye.

Some people use different cosmetics for hair growth and repair. The first thing you need to do is know your scalp type and choose the dye accordingly. Like if you have an oily scalp or dry scalp you must choose one made to cure these problems. On the other hand, you must, choose a hair dye according to your hair type and texture.

Many more things are there on which you must look for before selecting the best dye for yourself. The color of the dye must be selected wisely. Imagine you got your dream hair color the pleasure of looking at yourself in the mirror is like heaven. If you also want to get desired results.

First of all, know that whether you want a permanent or semi-permanent dye. Using a permanent hair dye has many amazing perks. These dyes last up to 25 washes. They are long-termed and are absorbed into your hair. Whereas, semi-permanent dyes are not long-lasting and can not be absorbed into your hair. You must also choose the hair dye according to its smell and fragrance.

Some hair dyes come up with a good long-lasting smell and make you feel better. Some people are also confused about whether to dye at home or in salons. The answer is quite simple if you know the right way to dye your hair you can do it by yourself and if not I recommend you get it done in a salon only.

Because dying hair is not an easy task sometimes you are not aware of the contents of the artificial hair dyes and they can damage your skin if spilled by mistake. So you must always know the right manner of dying your hair otherwise you can face some issues.

Another thing is to keep precautions. All the hair dye kits come up with a pair of gloves. You must always wear them while coloring your hair. By doing so you will save your skin from any rashes.

Also, there are certain precautions mentioned on the pack of hair dye you can read and follow those instructions thoroughly and you will color your hair perfectly. As we discussed the things to consider while coloring your hair. Now let’s have a glance over which is best among Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse.

Garnier is known for its best products. As both the hair dyes are from the Garnier family, you can easily trust both. Both the dyes provided a shiny and smooth hair color. The only difference between these two dyes is Garnier Nutrisse contains ammonia, and Garnier Olia doesn’t contain ammonia. So if you are looking for a no ammonia color you must choose Garnier Olia hair dye.

Which is better Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse?

In my view, when we compare Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse. Both the dyes are excellent, but I recommend you go for Garnier Olia this is so because it is available in 36 exciting shades. Also, it has a variety of nude shades which is not provided in Garnier Nutrisse. Also, the Garnier Olia hair dye is free from ammonia.

In case you are dying your hair for the very first time and you don’t know whether the ammonia-rich hair color suits you or not. In this particular situation, you must go for the Garnier Olia. This hair dye improves the quality of your hair. Also, it is a permanent hair dye. So if you are looking for long-lasting results you can surely go for Garnier Olia.

Is Garnier Olia a good hair dye?

Of course yes, it is a good hair dye that comes up with different features. It is available in many different shades, and the dye is permanent. So if you are also confused between Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse. I recommend you to go to Olia. It is a 60% oil-powered hair color and it provides amazing results. According to the reviews of users, Garnier Olia has termed the best hair dye. It gives a maximum color performance and available in a variety of colors.

Does Garnier Nutrisse damage your hair?

We can not surely say it but you must use a proper amount of hair dyes always. You must know that how frequently it is safe to use hair dyes on your hair. Increased concentration of chemicals present in hair dyes can sometimes lead to skin cancer. So make sure you do not color your hair more frequently.


Is Garnier Olia good for GREY hair?

Yes, Garnier Olia is best for grey hair. It can cover 100% of your grey hair and give you an even, smooth and shiny texture.


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