Gel Nails Vs. Acrylic Nails: The Most Wanted Difference in 2022

It is highly significant to understand the difference between Gel Nails Vs. Acrylic Nails before we get into more details. Basically, the whole difference can be summarized through three simple steps in the nail extension process:

1. Polymerization Process

2. Nail Density

3. Ease of Removal

Gel Nails Vs. Acrylic Nails

Usually, acrylics form part of the harder nail category. Typically, a mixed powder, popularly known as polymer, as well as a liquid, known as a monomer, is properly mixed to create a dough. This dough-like consistency product is then filed and properly molded into various nail shapes. These are known as acrylic nails.

If you have got your nails done and witnessed a dip powder in the nail extension installation process, then you are pretty familiar with acrylic nails as the dip powder method is a popular form of acrylic nail extension. However, you should also know that dip powder can be pretty harsh on your nails. Few reasons include:

  • Difficulty During the Removal Process
  • Hard
  • Less Flexible Alternative

If you are looking for soft and flexible nail extensions, then you should go for gel nail extensions. Few gel nails can be easily removed by soaking them. Other than this, the mixing process of gel nails and acrylic nails is quite different. Gel nails are already mixed and only require an LED or UV lamp for curing the nail extensions. Acrylic nails, on the other hand, require mixing as you further move along in the artificial nail art application process.

The best part about getting gel nail extensions is that they are pretty flexible for longer duration handling, and also a very natural-looking nail extension alternative. It does not even have a strong chemical smell like acrylic nail extensions.

We hope the above-mentioned gel nails vs. acrylic nail difference gave you a better understanding regarding which one is going to be the personal best option for you.

Do gel nails or acrylic nails last longer?

When it comes to flexibility, gel nails are the best nail extension option. You can assume gel to be similar to plastic, and acrylic to glass, in terms of a prominent nail extension characteristic. Although acrylics seem to be the harder option just like glass, it has more chance of falling and breaking off, while plastic will last the crash pretty much better. There you have it! Gel nails last longer and are a durable nail extension alternative any day.

Any genuine nail extension technician or salon service will ensure to serve its customers with the best quality experience and service only. They will offer a host of customization nail extension alternatives, be it gel or acrylic nails. They will make sure that their clients receive only the latest services and skip on any outdated nail enhancement methods unless it is a bestseller or unique service.

Note: Avoid going to salons that offer methyl methacrylate (MMA) inclusive acrylic service. Why? Because MMA tends to make your nails pretty yellow. It also results in irritation, numbness, and air blockage in the nail area as well as the surrounding nail area.

The key to getting the most amazing and gorgeous manicure lies mainly in the hands of the nail technician you choose for the job. A good nail technician service will ensure long-lasting nails too.

Gel Nails Vs. Acrylic Nails Vs. Shellac

Gel nails and Acrylic nails are nothing else but the fake nail extensions that are finely placed on your nails. Both acrylic and gel nails have the power to bring new definitions to your nails by significantly improving your nail shape as well as help in extending it to the desired nail length. An inaccurate fake nail application can ruin your natural nail if it is not taken care of. Shellac nails, on the other hand, are a rich blend of nail polish and gel.

It is like a polish for your nails but it cannot be used for extending your nails. As shellac nails are gel nails, they are extremely full of strength and also very durable. If you look into the long-term way, Shellac nails way too less damaging to your natural nails as compared to acrylic and gel nails. However, shellac nails do not chip easily.

If you wish to have gorgeous long nails, then acrylic nails are definitely going to your best bet. If your main moto of getting a manicure to have long-lasting nails, then shellac or gel nails are the absolute way to go. Gel and shellac ways are the best option for women who are looking forward to durable and chip-free nails. If you like natural nails the most, then you will be glad to know that the major trait of Shellac nails is their natural-like finish. Also, acrylic nails can cure themselves while the Shellac and Gel nails usually require UV light.

No matter what you choose, an artificial nail job done by an experienced technician is going to last and is easily going to make up for every penny spent on it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What lasts longer gel or acrylic?

Gel nails tend to have a more appealing appearance than acrylic nails any day. Gel and acrylic nails usually tend to have a very glossy and natural-looking appearance. But in terms of sturdiness, acrylic nails are always going to win the bet. Acrylic nails are also quite durable in comparison to gel nails due to their hardened texture.

Generally, acrylic nails are like press-on nails that are attached to natural nails. A glue or primer-like substance is essentially used to attach these fake nails. After the application of this glue or primer, the artificial nail is exactly put on top of the natural nail. Acrylic nail application has a slower curing time as compared to gel nails. If an accurate application technique is followed, acrylic nails will last longer than gel nails without causing any nail bed damage.

Which is more expensive gel or acrylic nails?

Gel nail application is usually more expensive than acrylic nail application. You can assume the gel nails to be at least 15-20% costlier than the acrylic nails. But, the main advantage of getting gel nails is that they require less maintenance in comparison to acrylic nails. Most women can go as long as 3 weeks without getting another gel nail job done. Such an increase in the cost of gel nail application is absolutely worth it. Why? Because gel nails have been done from a good salon and at a high price is going to last as long as the acrylics. That’s a great trade-off! Isn’t it?


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