GHD Gold vs Classic Hair Straighteners: Which is Best For You?

We all have different hair structures. Some have wavy hair, some curly and some frizzy as well. The texture is also something that varies from person to person. Not just you, everyone is a bit cautious while choosing the best for their hair. GHD Gold vs Classic has a lot of differences in their key features. One needs to go through them carefully to know which one suits their hair. Keep reading this article to get the apt information.

Ghd gold vs classic hair styler

GHD Gold vs Classic

Both of these hair stylers have great names in the market of hair styling products. They have a great range of styles to choose from. They help to make your hair look fresh and feel amazing. The ghd gold v classic takes just 25 -30 seconds for the plates to heat up. They aim to deliver smoother and healthy-looking hair. They can be used for any styling. That is, it can be used to curl or straighten them up.

On the same side, the GHD Gold v Classic hair styler provides ceramic plates which protect your hair from damage. In short, you can just say that it’s your heat protectant. It also travels friendly as it is light in weight.

Ghd Gold vs classic hair straighteners

They have sleek designed plates. The ceramic plates provided in them minimise your hair damage when styled. The plates have a smooth texture which gives your hair a glossy look. It smoothly glides through all your hair length and gives your hair a frizz-free look. It is the most gorgeous product in the world of straighteners. The plates also provide you with versatile styling. You can straighten your hair or curl them up according to your choice. They also have a temperature which is ideal for hair straightening. The temperature which is already fed into them helps you to not end up damaging your hair.

Ghd Gold vs classic styler temperature

They have a universal pre-set temperature. This gives you that beautiful fresh look every time you style. No matter when you style your hair, you are always gonna rock the hairstyle. You always get the same professional look. When they reach their temperature, they make a beep sound. You can easily take your hands near the plates and feel the heat through the radiation. The heating also happens quickly which enables you for a quick hair styling. The preset temperature also ensures that you don’t end up burning your hair.

Ghd v gold classic styler bewertung

GHD Gold vs Classic

Their plates are completely made up of ceramic. The maximum time taken for heating is 30 seconds. There is an automatic heat control system. The outer shell of the ceramic plates is powder coated which protects them from any kind of damage. This is the most important advantage you will have. The heat you give to your hair should always be checked as it can damage your hair. This hair styler protects the same.  The plates are movable so that’s feasible enough to use. This provides you to easily style your hair.


  1. What is the actual pre-set temperature in ghd v  classic hair styler temperature?

The actual preset temperature is 180-185 °C. This is the most optimum temperature for styling as well. When you tend to use straighteners at high temperatures they tend to damage your hair texture. So one should avoid using them. They tend to make your hair brittle and damage-prone.

  1. What is the benefit of ceramic plates in ghd gold v classic hair straighteners?

The ceramic plates have a keratin coating in them which leads to minimal damage to hair. They tend to heat up faster than other normal plates. You can easily style your hair if straighteners have a ceramic coating. They don’t feel too hot if touched with your skin.

  1. What are the main reasons to consider when buying ghd gold v classic hair styler?

  • The plates provided are movable in order to provide you the curls and waves you want in your hair.
  • The cable length is around 3.0 mts which enables you to easily use it.
  • It is travel friendly which means you can carry them easily.
  • Having a preset temperature allows you to always have that professional look you want.
  • There’s an automatic control of temperature. This also states the fact that you will always have that constant shiny hair with minimal damage done.
  • The heating time period taken is around 30 seconds which means you can quickly style your hair.


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