Comparing GHD Original and GHD Gold Hair Straighteners: Which is Best for You?

Straightening irons are necessary for hairstyle, but deciding which product to invest in among the vast array of hair styling tools may be challenging. We recommend reading our GHD Original vs Gold comparison and allowing us to assist you in navigating the straightening iron market!

The topic of which straightening iron is superior, however, does not have a uniform solution. Every customer may have a different experience with both irons.

GHD or Good Hair Day is a UK-based hair care products brand. It was founded in 2001 by Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls. GHD currently is leading the hair straightener irons market. You can get the straightener in original, gold, platinum, and platinum plus. The high-tech straightener does come with a hefty price but its results are worth it.

ghd original vs gold review

GHD Original hair straightener uses ceramic heat technology and it works at an optimum hair styling temperature i.e. 185°C. It ensures that your hair is sleek and shiny with a long-lasting finish. It is a classic, iconic, and effective iron.

Suitable for all hair types, GHD Original hair straightener is the perfect package of benefits without a hefty price tag. The floating plates glide through your hair effortlessly without causing any friction or burned hair.

GHD gold hair straighteners also have the standard ceramic technology, 185°C styling temperature, and floating plates. The round barrel helps in snag-free styling. All the features available in GHD Original hair straightener are there in GHD gold and more.

The design is very sleek and fancy. Smooth, contoured floating plates that glide through your hair quickly without any frizz, leaving a salon finish shine. You get 2 new generation heat sensors instead of one which is an upgrade from GHD original hair straighteners.

Heat resistant protective plate guard assists you in covering the heated plates after using, immediately. Ensuring safe styling.

GHD straighteners original vs gold

 In GHD Original vs Gold  GHD straightener original is small, lightweight, and travel size. You get a 2-year guarantee but it will work flawlessly for over 5 years. For everyday usage, the ghd straighteners original is fantastic. In terms of price, convenience of use, and overall efficiency, it is the best hair styling straightener. It will last you for many years. It’s suitable for all hair types, including the most unruly. It warms up in about 30 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long.

All these benefits and more are included in the gold edition. These features are improved in gold with high technology. It makes your hair sleeker, smoother, and healthier compared to ghd original. It provides a salon smooth finish while maintaining the optimum styling temperature.

GHD original iv styler vs gold

 In GHD Original vs Gold ghd original iv styler is amazing for everyday use. It is the best hair straightener in terms of affordability, ease of usage, and overall performance. It will last you years to come. It works just fine with all hair types even with the untameable ones. You won’t need to wait for an eternity, it heats up in just 30 seconds.

Ghd Original

All of these advantages, as well as others, are included in the gold edition. These characteristics are enhanced in gold by advanced technologies. In comparison to the ghd original, it makes your hair smoother, softer, and healthier. It gives a salon-like finish while keeping the heating temp at the right level. The upgraded tech also comes with a price tag.

GHD original styler or gold

The GHD Original styler straightener employs ceramic heat technique and operates at a temperature of 185°C, which is ideal for hair styling. It gives your hair a smooth, lustrous, and long-lasting finish. It’s a timeless, classic, and strong iron.


GHD gold also includes ceramic tech, a style temperature of 185°C, and floating plates. Snag-free style is aided by the circular barrel. GHD gold has all of the characteristics of the GHD Original hair straightener, plus a few more.

The design is elegant and sophisticated. Sleek, contoured floating plates glide through hair swiftly and frizz-free, giving a salon-like shine. Instead of one, you get two next-generation heat sensors, which is an advance over GHD’s original hair straighteners.

GHD original vs gold vs platinum

Compared to ghd original and gold as mentioned above, the technology gets really advanced with platinum. It can predict the needs of your hair with ultra-zone technology. It is more on the luxurious side. It can recognize the thickness of your hair and also adjust the heat across the plate. It is although the most expensive out of all of them.


1. Is ghd gold better than the original?

Yes in terms of technology, gloss and shine gold is better.

2. which ghd is better gold or platinum?

Platinum for its luxurious finish and benefits. It uses ground-breaking tech to understand your hair’s needs.


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