Comparing GHD vs Amika: Which is Best Hair Straighteners?

Both, GHD and Amika, are pioneer salon-quality hair stylist brands. From quality hair straighteners, curlers, styling tools to a variety of hair care tools, buying a product either from GHD or Amika will make a wise decision any day. However, there are certain ghd vs Amika brand differences that you have to know before you go shopping out of any of these two hair styling and hair care brands.

GHD vs Amika: Basic Differences

Honestly, the biggest ghd vs Amika difference is that ghd offers several hairstyling equipments to choose from. While Amika only has a very limited range of hairstyling equipment.

This simply means that finding a hair styling product that would best suit your hair will be easier in case of ghd as compared to Amika. Apart from this difference, you also have to keep in mind that ghd is a UK-based brand and Amika is an American brand.

On the basis of pricing as well, buying a hair styler from Amika is a lot cheaper than buying a hair styler from ghd. People looking forward to purchasing budget-friendly hair styling products can go for the Amika hairstyling brand.

GHD vs Amika Hair Straightener 

In this ghd vs Amika hair straightener comparison, we will be comparing the ghd platinum + professional hair styler and Amika confidante moisture styler straightener.

Ghd Platinum + Professional Hair Styler

The ghd platinum + professional hair styler makes one of the best alternative hair styling products for people looking for premium quality straighteners.

Ghd is a top-notch brand that delivers the best quality hair styling products, especially straighteners. Many salon professional have also been seen using ghd hair styling tools in their salons. However, we recommend the platinum straightener because it would make the best choice any day.

The ghd platinum hair straightener makes the perfect for use at home straightener.

The ghd platinum straightener has been specifically designed to maintain 185 degree heat temperature. It is also known for adding 20% extra shine to your hair. It is definitely the perfect replacement for ghd eclipse professional hair styler.

Amika Confidante Moisture Maintenance Straightener

ghd vs Amika

Amika confidante moisture maintenance straightener is one of the most popular straighteners in Amika’s hair styling range of products. The straightener comes with some great features that make styling your hair super-easy and convenient.

Manipulating your hair easily to the desired style is made easy with this hair stylist’s infrared light beam.

Just like any premium hair styler, the Amika hair straightener comes packed with a negative ion projector. This further ensures smooth and frizz-free hair styling results.

The Amika hair styler comes with a dual voltage feature. This makes the straightener a perfect international product choice. It also has an LCD interface that aids in easy temperature monitoring at all times.

The Amika confidante moisture maintenance straightener also has a smart shut-off feature.

GHD vs Amika Hair Dryer

In this ghd vs Amika hair dryer comparison, we will be comparing the GHD Air Dryer and Amika The Accomplice Dryer.

GHD Air Dryer

ghd vs Amika

Ghd air dryer makes one of the best professional hair dryers for people with thick hair. It is one of the most award-winning ionic hair dryers out there.

Ghd air hair dryer is a powerful, compact, and ergonomic hair styling tool for home as well as professional use.

Despite the small size of the ghd air dryer, the hair dryer comes packed with an incredibly strong and powerful motor. This ensures your hair gets dried much faster as compared to any average hair dryer.

Ghd air dryer leaves the hair silky and bouncy for gorgeous-looking hair.

Amika The Accomplice Dryer

Amika the accomplice dryer aims to reduce the drying time of your hair almost by 70%. The hair dryer comes infused with tourmaline, ionic, and infrared abilities. The hair dryer is also very lightweight and compact to use.

Amika the accomplice dryers comes with two heating settings and two speeds only. This Amika the accomplice dryer has utilized the best of Korean technology to date.


  1. Which brand is the best hair straightener brush?

Ghd’s Glide makes the best hair straightener brush. The straightener brush also adds extra shine to the hair. The ceramic technology brush makes the perfect investment for people with dry hair.

  1. Which GHD styler is best?

Ghd’s platinum + professional hair styler is the best hair styler in today’s date. It is one of the most premium quality hair straighteners out there. It works exceptionally well for home as well as professional use.

  1. Is GHD platinum plus worth the money?

Yes, absolutely! The ghd platinum plus is worth the money because it gives fast and long-lasting hair styling results.


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