Which is Best: GHD vs Dyson Hair Dryers? – An Expert Comparison

The hair-styling products are getting innovative to save time and be safe for the hair. Major brands like GHD and Dyson have launched a variety of hair-styling products that make people transform their hair at their homes.

Once you get to know the differences between GHD vs Dyson, you need not visit a salon to transform your hair. The GHD – Good Hair Day and the Dyson are the two brands discussed in this article.

GHD vs Dyson hairdryer

Hairdryers are the most useful products that help people to get hair dry for styling in just a few minutes after a shower. But the quality of the dryer is essential as it should not damage the hair in this process.

The GHD Air Professional Hairdryer has a superfast drying capability due to its powerful 2100W motor. It has an iconic technology that reduces frizz while drying your hair. It does not make much noise and turns your hair to be smoother than before.

GHD vs Dyson

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer looks stunning and is an innovation. It has a lighter and smaller motor to reduce weight and sound. Hence, it is easier to hold. It protects the hair from unwanted heat damage and is safer than any other hairdryer.

The Dyson could be a better option, but it is costly. You can get the ones according to your affordability as both the hairdryers are good.

GHD vs Dyson flat iron

The GHD hair straighteners and flat irons are making customers satisfied with their flawless results. Be it the Gold Styler, GHD Platinum + Black Styler, GHD Classic Styler, or any other flat iron, they accept universal voltage. They make your hair lay flat and even lock the curls when made.

The Dyson Corrale hair straightener or flat iron work great to create curls and beachy waves. It can be used cordless which many people find as a big advantage. It has an intelligent heat control system that keeps it at a constant temperature.

GHD vs Dyson airwrap

The GHD and Dyson have gone competingly innovative in creating hair styling products. The curler and straighteners of the GHD line have great reviews from its customers. The Dyson airwrap on the other side is no less than its competitor. The GHD vs Dyson conflict is further explained.

GHD vs Dyson dryer   

The GHD is a compact hair dryer which makes it easier to use than other normal hair dryers. It prevents frizz and controls the flyaway of hair.

A unique feature of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is that, is has a vent at the bottom of the handle. Therefore, the hair will not be caught by the vent and burn. This makes it easier and more comfortable for people with long hair.

GHD Glide vs Dyson Airwrap

The GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush is designed to do instant styling on your hair. If you do not wish to use a straightener every day, this hot brush will give a straighter hair than usual.

The Dyson Airwrap does two tasks at a single strike, it dries and styles your hair at the same time. It makes your strands stand firmly and does not let your hair burn.

GHD vs Dyson

GHD Oracle vs Dyson Airwrap

The GHD Oracle Curling tool gives you fantastic curls like a salon finish. It is not rocket science to learn to use it. This product makes your hair shiny, super-straight, and even swinging as you tune it.

People mostly find the Dyson Airwrap out of stock due to the high arrival of the customer to buy this product. It has such great demand among the other hair-styling products. It is a simple hair drying and curling product that can be used daily.

GHD Creative Curl vs Dyson Airwrap

The GHD Creative Curl turns out to be your hairstylist by giving you natural-looking waves and curls. It locks the curl so well that it does not collapse even when brushed or combed.

The Dyson’s low-drying nozzle helps to dry the hair before curling. It consists of flat and rounded brushes to help dry the hair while brushing. This airwrap is designed such that it measures the temperature multiple times to maintain a safe heat limit. Hence, it is temperature-healthy for your hair.


  1. Is Dyson Airwrap less damaging to the hair?

Yes, to be precise, it works at the perfection that barely causes any damage to your hair. It is significant due to the technology that checks the temperature multiple times to keep it constant.

  1. Can the Dyson Airwrap be used for small hair types?

Even if you have a bob cut, you can for sure use the Airwrap styles to curl your hair. It smoothens your hair and gives a neat, tidy, and shiny look.


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