Comparing GHD vs Parlux Hair Dryers: Which is Best for You?

Self-care is one of the most crucial parts of life. Beauty products are an essential of the self-care package. Few hours of pampering go a long way. The variety of products available today raises confusion. This article will help you make an informed decision in concern with ghd vs Parlux.

Self-care implies rewarding the self with the kindness and pampering we deserve after conquering the daily hassles of life. Ghd offers a range of products that helps you do just that. Ghd stands for good hair day, which we all know is extremely important. A good hair day elevates confidence and boosts self-esteem. GHD products can get you dolled up and ready in a matter of minutes. It is the perfect way to style your hair for a business meeting, a house party, a date night, or a girl’s night out. GHD offers a range of hair straighteners, hot brushes, hairdryers, hair curlers, and hair styling products, hairbrushes, and then more.

The beauty industry is home to quite a few promising styling brands. To decide which one to invest in is a tricky business. One of the successful brands is Parlux. Parlux offers a wide range of impressive and technology-savvy hair styling products. The official store of Parlux portrays an array of several hair products that are bound to take you a step further towards your hair goals. Parlux takes pride in the manufacturing of their products that takes place in Italy. The process ensures premium quality checks that make sure the product imbibes top-notch quality. Make a decision and a fully informed call with the help of information and comparative analysis. Let’s take a further look into ghd vs Parlux.

One must take good care of the hair and for that, it is important to choose the perfect hair care products.

GHD vs Parlux Hairdryer


Hairdryers are an integral part of the hair care routine. Therefore, it takes a certain level of consideration when it comes to investing in one. GHD hair dryers are a professional range of designs that eliminates the frizz of the hair. The new addition to the variety of hairdryers offers a salon-like finish to the hair. The products promote faster drying that results in shiny, glossy hair. Traveling with your hair care tool kit is made easier with the lightweight hairdryer.

Parlux offers an affordable and portable range of hairdryers. If you are looking for a compact and easy-to-carry hairdryer, Parlux is the better option for you. Parlux hairdryers are an eco-friendly option as well. If you are an advocate of a green environment, Parlux is an advisable alternative for you.

GHD Helios vs Parlux Alyon

GHD recently added an extension to its range of hairdryers. The GHD Helios is the newest, most advanced addition. It offers several benefits. To mention a few, ghd Helios is a professional hairdryer that serves faster drying of the hair. It provides 30% extra shine and gives the hair a salon-like finish. The hairdryer design uses the aero précis technology that ensures powerful airflow and precise control.

The parlux alyon comes in a range of different colors. The customers are free to choose the color of their choice. Parlux alyon is a high-performance professional hairdryer. The gold version of the hairdryer includes a free magic diffuser. It uses the Air Ionizer Tech Ionic Technology that ensures static-free performance. It also serves faster drying of the hair. The motor lifespan is at least 3000 hours as it functions on K-advance plus DC motor. The span is significantly higher as compared to similar hairdryers.

Parlux Advance vs Ghd Air


The ghd air is a hairdryer that highlights getting the work done in just a few minutes. It functions on a 2,100 W strength motor and includes removable air filters. The filters enable faster drying of the hair. The ghd air uses ionic technology that ensures frizz-free hair. It also provides a smooth salon-like finish. The ergonomic design of the hairdryer makes it easy to handle. The power control allows you to alter and style accordingly. It comes with a 3m long power cable.

The Parlux advance comes in different colorful designs. The ceramic and ionic technology eliminates the static electricity of the hair that helps in the maintenance of health. The motor lifespan is 2,500 hours. It comes with a one-year guarantee. This light hairdryer ensures smooth operating and results in smooth, shiny, and voluminous hair.

GHD Air vs Parlux Advance light

Ghd air uses a high-pressure flow enabled by a robust 2,100 W motor strength. It features a concentrated nozzle that provides perfect styling. The temperature controls are easy to handle. The ghd air hairdryer has garnered 300 beauty awards.

The Parlux advance light comes in a variety of colors. It includes two concentrator nozzles and, 9 feet strong cable. The motor strength is 2200W. The hairdryer comes with a one-year guarantee.


Is Parlux the best hair dryer?

Parlux is one of the most successful brands offering a variety of hair styling products. Parlux hairdryers possess various benefits and have several striking features.

What is the most powerful Parlux hairdryer?

Parlux has a variety of hair dryers. The different products hold distinct striking features. Parlux advance light and Parlux alyon are some of the leading hair dryers.

Is Dyson hairdryer better than ghd?

Ghd is one of the most successful brands. The hair styling products are crafted to perfection. It has garnered a popular reputation.


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