Comparing GHD vs Steampod: Which Hair Styling Tool is Right for You?

Tangled, frizzy hair is a never-ending problem for women. It’s not possible to visit the salon every single time and spend money on expensive hair styling services. When you can bring the salon home, investing in a good hair straightening tool is a better idea. Hence, presenting to you the best GHD vs Steampod straighteners for taming unruly hair.

For most women out there, having smooth, glossy hair is a dream come true. The only way to receive that is to get hold of the best hair styling tool in the market. Hence, straighteners have slowly occupied the shelves for women. It gives that fresh, healthy glow to the hair, just like it is blow-dried in the salon.

Both GHD styler and Steampod from L’Oreal are professional hair styling products that offering premium quality straightening. The straighteners help manage different types of hair for an effortless look. It’s time to understand the best features of these brands to help buyers make the ultimate choice.

GHD vs Steampod 3: Which is the better option for customers?

GHD vs Steampod

GHD has an amazing range of hair straighteners. The flat iron model, titanium, and platinum collection are high on performance. The plates are made of ceramic and do not burn your hair while straightening them. The adjustable temperature controls further to make it easier to equally spread the heat to every single hair strand for a smooth finish.

The L’Oreal Steampod is also an excellent hair steam straightening tool infused with the latest technology. It is recommended to use a keratin conditioner before using the Steampod for effective results. The Steampod slowly releases steam onto sections of your hair and restores its natural balance. It’s a great way to replenish all the natural nutrients in your hair before using other heating tools.

The new Steampod 3 model comes with different steaming controls that provide excellent steaming to the hair. Using products like the ‘’Steampod replenishing and smoothing cream’’ before using the tool allows the hair to store all the moisture and restore the hair’s natural glow.

While the GHD straightener, as well as the Steampod, has received massive praises from customers, one should purchase the products according to specific needs. Hence, for quick straightening for taming frizzy hair, the GHD straightener is the best device. If you are looking forward to a hair spa at home, the Steampod 3 model is an excellent choice. The Steampod however, is a little heavier to use. Therefore, it requires professional handling when styling.

GHD vs Drybar straightener: The Features!

GHD vs Steampod

The GHD straightener is an affordable styling device that provides a smooth finish to your hair. The Drybar straightener provides great shine and seals the ends of your hair to make it frizz-free.

The Drybar device can be used for all hair types. It successfully manages to straighten hair within minutes with active temperature control. Use this straightener for professional straightening of your hair of any length!


  1. Which is better GHD or Steampod?

The GHD hair straightener is well-known for its quick straightening solutions. If you are to head out to a party and straighten your hair in minutes, the GHD straightener is the answer. On the other hand, the Steampod by L’Oreal is used to treat highly damaged hair by steaming it. As a result, it gives a healthy look to your hair. It makes your hair more manageable without any frizz.

  1. What is the L’Oreal Steampod?

The L’Oreal Steampod is a steaming device that aims that steaming the scalp to restore all essential hair nutrients. Applying certain keratin-infused products before using the Steampod, results in extra shine and gloss to your hair. You will instantly feel the difference once you touch your hair.

  1. How to use L’Oreal Steampod?

The L’Oreal Steampod must be used with care as it is a heavy device. Simply plug it in and apply the steam to your hair. There is a water reservoir attached to the Steampod. It’s good to add filtered water or mineral water into the reservoir to add more nutrients to your hair. Once your hair is steamed, it can be followed with a good hair cream or serum to increase its shine. The Steampod is a great device for naturally styling your hair!

  1. Is GHD Platinum better than Original?

The GHD platinum hair straightener is just an updated version of the original GHD straightener. There are more temperature options available in the platinum version. Plus, the hair gets a good after-glow, resulting from the smooth plate coating of the straightener!



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