Comparing GHD vs T3 Curling Irons: Which is Best for You?

Curling irons are essential to your hair styling needs but very often knowing which product you should invest in the huge sea of hair styling products can be difficult. We recommend you to read through our GHD vs T3 Curling Iron comparison and let us guide you navigate through the curling iron market!

However, there isn’t a universal answer to the question of which curling iron is better. The experiences with both the irons can be different for every customer. The hairstyle you want and your hair type influence your experience with different curling irons and the product you should invest in GHD Vs T3 Curling Iron.

So let’s start with unwrapping the different features for both the irons.

GHD vs T3 Curling Iron

GHD vs T3 Curling Iron, Both the curling wands have different features and are suitable in a wide range of conditions.

An ideal curling wand should be able to curl hairs with ease and cause little to no amount of damage. Many factors including your hair type, your ideal hairstyle, and your budget might influence your preference in curling irons.



In GHD vs T3 Curling Iron sing, a GHD curling wand is more efficient in styling soft curls and increasing the hair volume while the T3 curling wand helps with polished curves and requires less effort.

Heat Settings

The GHD curling wand heats only to 365 degrees to ensure “optimal styling” whereas the T3 curler comes with 5 heat settings enabling the customers to switch heat levels as per their hair requirements. The T3 curling iron is more flexible when it comes to heat settings.


The new T3 curling iron model has a 9 ft long cord that allows 360° flexibility. The older and cheaper T3 models have a shorter cord compared to the GHD curling irons which make the process more convenient and keeps you safe from burns.


Overall, the GHD models are more expensive than T3 and easier on your pocket. However, the latest T3 model is the most expensive curling wand available in the market. Both these brands may sound expensive but are the investment your hair deserves.

Easy To Use

GHD curling wand follows a classic model and has optimized features for beginners whereas T3 is the choice of experts as its complex design allows more flexibility.


Any product that uses heat will cause damage to your hair. Both these brands cause a minimal amount of damage depending on the frequency and the heat settings.

Is T3 Iron worth it?

If you can afford the T3 Curl ID then it’s definitely worth its price considering the wide range of features it provides. It is adaptable to a variety of hair types and styles making its purchase a smart choice.

There are also older T3 models available that are cheaper and don’t provide the same amount of features as the T3 Curl ID but are efficient in styling your hair.

Which GHD curler is the best?

The GHD curve® hair curlers range provides a variety of options for its customers. The curler which is the right fit for you completely depends on your hair type and the hairstyle you need. If you want big and softer curls then GHD Curve® Soft Curl Tong is suitable for you whereas the GHD curve® creative curl wand is more ideal for beachy waves. If you want neither of these and want to go for classic waves then GHD curve classic curl tong is perfect for you!

These are the most popular curling options available, by browsing more you can narrow down your ideal type.

T3 Curling Iron vs hot tools

Although both these irons have similar sizes and often receive similar reviews so here’s how you can know which one is more suitable for you:

The barrel of the T3 curler has more space which makes it more suitable for long hair.

Hot tools curlers can generate more heat which on one hand helps in styling your hair properly but on the other hand damages your hair severely. T3 comes with different attachment options available making it more accessible.

Overall, T3 curlers have a higher number of features but the hot tools curler makes styling easier. Pick whatever’s suitable for you!

T3 Curling Iron 


 1. What makes a GHD curl wand so expensive?

The optimal temperature and the classic design make it very easy to use and don’t damage the hair. It might seem overpriced compared to other products.

2. What makes T3 single pass and T3 curl ID different?

The T3 curl ID uses advanced heat ID technology and 9 different heat settings which don’t damage the hair and keep your hair color intact.


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