What Causes Horizontal Ridges on Toenails?

Nail Tek Xtra Ridge

Nail Tek Xtra Ridge

Nail straightening base coat
Masks the nails
Covers imperfections
Perfect combination of ingredients
Easy to peel off
Mavala Ridge Filler

Mavala Ridge Filler

Smoothens uneven surfaces
Matted pigments
Prevents breakage
Matt effect on nails
Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Base Coat

Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Base Coat

Dense fibre formula
Advanced formula
Helps the nails to grow and be strong
Long lasting effects
Easy to use
Barielle Ridge Filler

Barielle Ridge Filler

Hydrating formula
Suited best for brittle and dry nails
Silk protein fibres
Shiny look to the nails
7-free formula
Orly Ridge Filler Smoothening Base Coat

Orly Ridge Filler Smoothening Base Coat

Salon quality
Enhanced with natural fillers and micro fibres
Vibrant colour intensity
Easy application
Long lasting effect
PS Cosmeceutical Ridge Filler

PS Cosmeceutical Ridge Filler

Non-toxic ridge filling
Strengthens the nails
Formulated with special blend
Prevents brittleness
Hydrates the nails
Anti-fungal formula
Long lasting effect
Londontown Kur Fortifying Ridge Filler

Londontown Kur Fortifying Ridge Filler

Nails stay hydrated
Blended with natural vitamins and minerals
Prevents from breakage and going dry
Vegan product

Everyone wants to remain tip-top by maintaining their looks, including the tiniest details. However, toenails are not such an important part of our body, but it still does hold some key points for your beauty! Beau’s lines or horizontal ridges on toenails are deeply grooved lines that goes through one end of the toe nails or finger nails to the other end and they look like ridges. It is also known as Beau’s lines because Joseph Honor  Simon Beau was the first French physician to address about this condition.

If you see any horizontal lines on toenails, horizontal white ridges on toenails, small horizontal ridges on toenails or anything of that sort, then identify it as the Beau’s lines. This condition is curable. Generally, it is been caused from temporary cell division in the nail, an infection or a skin disease. However, if you want to grab some of the products from the beauty section to cover up your horizontal and white ridges on toenails, then you are exactly at the right place! The article is going to lead you to the top 7 best products for ridges on toe nails that you can use and enhance your toe beauty!

Before going forward, if you are one of them who thinks that toe nails are not that important to be a part of your beauty, then you are wrong! Your toes are been covered for most of the time but what happens when you have to open your shoes and get inside anywhere and you have shabby toenails? Not a very good impression that would be! So, in order to save you from these little embarrassments in life, we have come up with the products that can help you with it!

Horizontal Ridges on Toenails – Buying Guide

Like you look for all the specific details while buying any beauty product, you need to do the same with the products for your horizontal ridges on toenails!

The list of things that you need to keep in mind while buying the best products is been mentioned below. Have a look at it to save sometime from your shopping!

Factors to look for while buying products for your horizontal ridges on toenails:

  • Brand name- The product brand name plays a very significant role for the consumer group. Especially, when it comes to beauty and cosmetics product, no one likes to take risk by purchasing a non-branded product. So, before hopping on to buy fillers for your ridges, check its brand name and also analyse the reputation of the brand name in the public eye.
  • Reviews and feedbacks- No matter if it is a branded item or a non-branded item, you simply cannot miss to check out on the reviews and feedbacks from people who have already used it. In case you know any of your close acquaintance uses it, it is a better option for you to know the quality of the product. Online shopping provides you with the help of reviewing your product before the final buy!
  • Specifications and details of the product- When it comes to beauty products, you will see that there are an ample number of the same product but suited for different skin tones and types. Same goes with the ridge fillers of your toenails. Not everyone has the same type of toenails and hence, you need to read the details of the product before the final buy.
  • Budget- We never forget to mention about your budget, whether it is for buying a brand new car or a ridge filler, is not it? Because budget is that important for any of your purchase! Check the price of the product and the tagged specifications of the product and then finalise your purchase.


Best Products For Ridges On Toenails Reviews


Most of the times, the horizontal ridges on toenails are a result of temporary cell division in the nails. The horizontal ridges on toenails causes your feet to look ungroomed and shabby. As a result, your beauty look somewhat incomplete!

Would not it be better if we could find cures for all your ridges as well? Yes, exactly! We have lined up the top 7 best products for you at your reach!

  1. Nail Tek Xtra Ridge

horizontal ridges on toenails

It works as the base coat for your nails and it is undoubtedly one of the most successful products that you will come across, after your use!

It works as a nail straightening base coat to fill the white horizontal ridges on toenails. Not only this product is a pro in hiding your horizontal ridges, but also it helps you to make your nails look better and shiny. They mask the nail imperfections and control the damage while keeping your natural nails straight, hence no ridges! This base coat is the perfect combination of natural fillers, strength, conditioners and micro-fibres, thus making this product the best one for your toenails.

Being suitable for damaged and weak nails, this will work perfect on your ridged nails, making them look ever beautiful and surely, you do not want to miss it out!

  • Along with being a base coat, the product acts like a nail surface smoothening, which evens out all the ridges and uneven surfaces on your nails.
  • You can use this for both- your fingernails and toenails.
  • It is easy to use and it strengthens your nails.
  • Being easy to remove, you can peel it off whenever you want to.horizontal ridges on toenails
  1. Mavala Ridge Filler

horizontal ridges on toenails

Are you also the one who is irritated and annoyed with their deep horizontal ridges on toenails? Do not worry, as you are not alone in this situation! Furthermore, we have the best solution for you!

Mavala Ridge Filler is one of the best products for ridges on toenails and is the best base coat that you can use for your nails! Like any other filler, this product fills out the ridges and uneven surfaces on your nails and even smoothens them but in a lot better way! The special feature of this product is that it contains matted pigments that covers the rough surface perfectly on the nails and makes the nail surface smoother. It is a paraben-free item, which will prevent your nails from drying out or breaking.

The most attractive thing about this item is that it will save your manicure and pedicure cost, as it provides a long lasting effect on the nails that you will love all the while!

  • One just needs to apply 2 coats before polishing the nails with nail paint.
  • The matt effect of the base coat provides a different texture to the nails.
  • It prevents discolouration of the nails and keeps it hard and strong.
  • It smoothens the nail surface and makes your nails ridge-free!horizontal ridges on toenails
  1. Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Base Coat

horizontal ridges on toenails


By the time you read the name of the product, we are sure that you already interested in it just because of its name! Let us tell you that it is a 100% perfect name! The Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Base Coat can solve all your ridge problems, including horizontal raised ridges on toenails.

This base coat has a formula, which makes it work as a protective barrier for the nails. It protects the nails against moisture, chipping and UV damage. The special feature of this base coat is that it smoothens out uneven nail surfaces with a dense fibre formula, which helps in gripping the nail in its position, being hard and strong! Your nail paint is going to stay in the perfect way, if you use this base coat to fill out the ridges and rough surfaces of your nails.

Your toenails will get a new look and the horizontal and white ridges on toenails will vanish just like this! It will keep your natural nail long and growing, just like it is.

  • It is easy to use and the compound is good for smoothening natural nails.
  • It provides a long lasting effect on the toenails.
  • Save your pedicure cost, as this product provides the effects of pedicure as well!
  • Protection from the harmful things will keep the toenails in shape and help them in growing.horizontal ridges on toenails
  1. Barielle Ridge Fillerhorizontal ridges on toenails

As we all know, horizontal ridges on toenails causes your nails to look shabby and ungroomed. For getting your nails better, the Barielle Ridge Filler is perhaps one of the best horizontal ridges on toenails filler that you will get in the market!

The very reason why this product is so recommended for your ridged toenails and fingernails is because of its hydrating formula! This product is the best suited for nails that are dry and brittle. The ridge filler is been enhanced with silk protein fibres that helps your nails to grow stronger and in turn, moisturises them. Along with the horizontal and white ridges on toenails vanishing, you will also see a new and shiny look on your nails! Being pregnancy-safe, the ridge filler is a great way to polish and make your natural nails stronger without putting much of efforts!

With the thick horizontal ridges on toenails disappearing, you will get an added confidence along with some super shiny and strong toenails! This product is definitely not going to disappoint you in any way and be ready to have ridge-free nails soon!

  • Along with removing the bumpy horizontal ridges on toenails, it deeply moisturises the nails, and hence making them stronger and thicker.
  • It is a great way to heal your dehydrated and weak nails.
  • It is a 7-free formula and is completely safe for use even during crucial periods like pregnancy.
  • The ridge filler is easy to use and has a long lasting effect on the nails.horizontal ridges on toenails
  1. Orly Ridge Filler Smoothing Basecoathorizontal ridges on toenails

Why pay extra bucks and go to a salon to get your horizontal raised ridges on toenails done, when you can do the exact same thing at your home with the same quality products? Not a bad idea at all, it seems!

The Orly Ridge Filler Smoothing Basecoat is that premium quality ridge filler that you will get in salons! Along with treating your small horizontal ridges on toenails, it will leave your nails sparkling! This basecoat is been filled and formulated with natural fillers, micro fibres and conditioners that instantly gives a glowing look to your nails. Apart from all these, they are also a source to make your nails stronger and harder naturally. It treats and covers the deep horizontal ridges on toenails and all your ‘nail imperfections’ as well! The smooth application of the product is the reason why many choose to use this product than the others!

The vibrant colour intensity, shade and the perfect finishing touch up is everything that a person wants along with covering his white horizontal ridges on toenails and there is certainly no other product that ticks off all these from your list!

  • As understandable, the filler gives a long lasting effect on the nails.
  • It fills the extremely deep ridges and covers all other imperfections, just after its use.
  • The application is easy and the nails get a shine after its use.
  • It glides on the nails and makes the surface smoother and ridge-free.horizontal ridges on toenails
  1. PS Cosmeceutical Ridge Fillerhorizontal ridges on toenails

Are you irritated with the white spots and the horizontal lines on toenails? If yes, then what is stopping you to buy the PS Cosmeceutical Ridge Filler? Here is a glimpse of this product that you need to know before finalising your buy!

This ridge filler is non-toxic and that is not all! It is been formulated with a special blend of vitamins and plant stem cell complex, which does not only make your horizontal ridges on toenails vanish but also, strengthens your nails to look them better! This ridge filler hydrates the toenails or fingernails, ensuring that it does not break easily and prevents brittleness. The high concentration of minerals in the ridge filler helps to hide your nail imperfections and the yellowish tinge on your nails. It is an anti-fungal formula, which is completely safe to use for any kind of nails.

Would not it be amazing if using one product can help you deal with your white spots in the nails and also, heal the bumpy horizontal ridges on toenails? Try and use it, as it is surely not going to let you down and expectations!

  • The natural ridge filling base coat offers a long lasting effect on the nails and helps them to grow stronger and harder.
  • It keeps the nails hydrated and in turn, provides from breakage.
  • Combined with minerals, vitamins and plant stem cells that makes the filler one of the best products.
  • The filler is easy to use and easy to remove as well.horizontal ridges on toenails
  1. Londontown Kur Fortifying Ridge Fillerhorizontal ridges on toenails

We would not be surprised if you tell us that you have not ever heard of this ridge filler! As surprising the name sounds, it is an amazing product for filling out the thick horizontal ridges on toenails and fingernails as well!

If you are thinking about doing manicure and pedicure for your nails, then let us tell you that you can do it at home with the help of London town Kur Fortifying Ridge Filler! Being the perfect ridge filler, it is been formulated in such a way that it corrects all your nail imperfections and not to forget, wipes away your deep horizontal ridges on toenails. It creates a an even and smooth base on your nails and the filler helps the nails to stay hydrated. This product is a blend of natural minerals and vitamins that prevents the nails from being dry, thin, brittle and breaking.

It is a cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free natural ridge filler, which is safe to use. Apart from ridge filling, it can also cover the yellowish tinge in your nails and make them look prettier than ever!

  • Blended with natural ingredients, this ridge filler is the best option for manicure and pedicures.
  • The use of the filler provides a smooth and even finish to your nails.
  • It keeps the nails hydrated and prevents it from breaking.
  • The ridge filler has a long lasting effect on the nails and also, it is a vegan product.horizontal ridges on toenails

The mentioned are the top 7 picks in the best products for ridges on toenails. Surely, nobody likes to have horizontal lines on toenails, any white spots or any imperfection. All your related problems have one solution right now- that is ridge fillers! They work surprisingly well and gives your shabby toenails a whole new look that you are definitely going to love! Try your hands on the natural ridge fillers and know the difference in your nails yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How to get rid of horizontal ridges on toenails?

One can temporarily cover the ridges on toenails by using the different products available in the market. It can also be treated by moisturising and nourishing the nails often. Manicures and pedicures are a good way to keep your nails safe from getting the horizontal ridges.

  1. What causes the horizontal ridges on toenails?

Horizontal ridges on toenails are usually the signs of ageing in older people. However, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body especially in the nails or any type of skin disease can also cause the nails to have horizontal ridges.

  1. What causes Beau’s lines on toenails?

Beau’s lines on toenails can be the reason for cell division in the nails, sudden interruption of nail keratin synthesis in the nail plate or any sort of trauma caused. Beau’s lines will disappear as the nail grows and it can also be covered temporarily.

  1. What vitamin deficiency causes Beau’s lines?

Nutritional deficiency like the lack of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin B12 or Keratin can result in ridges on fingernails and toenails. Beau’s lines are a sign of iron deficiency anaemia. However, this condition can be treated and cured.

  1. What are horizontal nail ridges?

Beau’s lines or horizontal nail ridges are horizontal lines that runs through your fingernails or toenails. These ridges can be deep, bumpy and sometimes, multiple lines can appear in the nails.

  1. Why does my big toenail have horizontal ridges?

Horizontal ridges on toenails can be caused by various reasons. One of the main reasons being the cell division in the nail plate. It can also be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body or any skin disease.

  1. What does Beau’s lines look like?

Beau’s lines are horizontal lines that pass through the nails. They can be deep, white and bumpy or multiple lines at the same point. They are grooved lines that runs from side to side on the fingernails or toenails.


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