How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

Getting a correct hair care routine for yourself is as tricky as getting a skincare routine that suits you and works the best. You also wonder how often should you shampoo your hair, here’s a thing, it’s difficult to find the correct routine but once found, it is easy and fruitful. The process of finding the correct hair routine can be intimidating especially when you have a lot of options for the same hair type.

Both men and women have different hair care routine. Washing hair is the primary factor for the hair care routine. Cleaning your hair is like therapy, it mostly seems impossible to have a thought about the right and wrong ways to wash your hair.

Factors that may just increase the need to wash your hair

  • Sweating

An intense workout or use of a hat or helmet for a long time can mess your hair. The amount of sweat produced is the biggest factor in how often should you wash your hair.  The sebum in the hair gets spread due to the sweat and makes your hair look dry and also feel dry. The sweat causes an unpleasant smell from your hair and also makes your hair look dull.

  • The hair styling products

how often should you shampoo your hair

Your hair goes through all the hair spray and cream for styling purposes, and these styling products can cause irritation and damage to your hair. So if you are using the heavy product frequently you may have to wash your hair more.

  • Dirt and pollen

If you are into gardening, cleaning, and all the tasks which include all mess and dirt then you may have to wash your hair frequently This dirt can cause your hair to look dull and also trigger your allergies.

  • Hair type

The curl and wavy hairs are different from straight and thin hairs. The straight and thin hair needs to be washed more frequently than the curly and wavy hair. The straight and thin hair easily gets coated with sebum and makes your hair look greasier. Whereas, the curly and wavy hair is drier as the sebum doesn’t coat the strands of the curls easily. The curly hair feels dry and it needs sebum to add moisture to your hair.

  • Oilhow often should you shampoo your hair

This factor is the biggest reason behind your dirty hair. The oil produced by your hair depends on your age, genetics, gender, and also by the environment. The sebum produced in children and older adults is lower than teenagers and adults in their mid-20s and 30s. Some people produce enough oil to make them wash their hair daily and those are in minority.

As we have seen the factors on your question of how often should you shampoo your hair, now, let us see the dos of washing hair.

  • Rinse

Before applying shampoo rinse your hair thoroughly, this helps the shampoo to lather easily and spread evenly. Once you have rinsed your hair thoroughly you will notice, the requirement for shampoo is less.

  • Use warm water for rinsinghow often should you shampoo your hair

Using warm water for rinsing helps in opening the cuticle of the hair and to penetrate the shampoo easily to remove all the dirt and oil from your hair. When the cuticles are opened it absorbs the oil and the moisture from the conditioner.

  • Mix it

Mixing shampoo with water helps in spreading it evenly on the scalp. You must avoid applying shampoo directly to your hair. And also, it requires less shampoo when mixed with water. 

Choosing the right shampoo for different hair

Before you think about how often should you shampoo your hair, you must think about the right type of shampoo that will be suitable and works for your hair. To buy the right shampoo for your hair is confusing. It can turn into a head game if you do not know which shampoo to buy.

The below pointers are essential before buying any shampoo

  • The hydrating shampoo, which helps in moisturizing your hair and provides shine and smoothness. This type of shampoo is good for hair type which has less moisture and is dry. For example, curly hair and thick hair.
  • The volumizing shampoo helps provide volume to your hair and is best for thin hair.
  • The strengthening shampoo helps in managing the damaged hair, highlighted, heavy with hair products, and weakened hair. This shampoo contains a protein that helps in improving the overall health of your hair.
  • The shampoo with balance, as the name suggests it provides your hair with a balance neither too moisturizing nor making hair dry.
  • The smoothing hair shampoo is rich with moisturizers and helps in sealing the cuticle, and provides a good start for the straight and smoothened hair.
  • The curly hair shampoo helps in moisturizing the hair and not weighing down the natural curls.

You might have always thought about how many times should I wash my hair but have you ever wondered how often should you shampoo your hair in the first place. Have you ever thought about why your hair feels so good after a visit from the salon? It is simple, a strong shampoo game, the salon hairdressers are the pros and know how to use a shampoo and provide mind-blowing results. So, let’s see the right way to wash your hair step-by-step and also make your shampoo game strong.

  • No washing hair every day

Do not wash your hair daily. It makes your hair dry and brittle. The experts say that wash your hair thrice a week is enough. When your hair is washed frequently it tends to produce more oil.

  • Use warm water and then cold

Using warm water to wash your hair helps in opening the hair cuticle to absorb the moisture. Before mobbing out, rinse your hair with cool or cold water to seal the cuticle to help moisture retention.

  • Massaging the scalp

As you know, healthy scalps mean healthy hair. The scalp plays a vital role in your hair growth. Massage your scalp for a minute or two, do not put pressure on your scalp. Do not massage with your nails on your scalp. Massaging the scalp boost the blood flow and stimulates the growth of your hair.

  • Choosing the shampoo

If you think that shampoo doesn’t stay long in your hair so why give so much attention to it? Then you must have a definite read over this. Same as skincare, you must identify the best hair care product that will suit your hair and provide nourishment to it. It is about identifying and choosing the best-formulated shampoo for your hair type.

  • If you have oily hair, you must find the best oily hair shampoo for hydrating and moisturizing your hair.
  • If you have dry hair, then you may opt for the smoothing and moisturizing shampoo, which will help you to manage your hair.
  • If your fine hair, then uses gentle shampoo in a small amount so it does not weigh down your hair.

If you have bleached hair, then you may consider using a clarifying shampoo to prevent your hair from turning to an unwanted yellow tone. Conditioner

Apply conditioner to your hair after shampoo. Leave the conditioner on your hair for five to six minutes. Patience is the key to conditioning. You can use a wide-tooth comb for detangling. Do not keep the conditioner for a long period, it can leave residue in your hair.

  • Follow up

Your work isn’t over with just washing your hair, you must dry your hair with a towel and treat your hair after wash. The treatment after washing is vital for the overall health of your hair.


  1. How many times a week should I wash my hair?

You can wash your hair thrice a week. If you wash your hair customarily, then the hair produces more oil. So the best way to wash your hair is, to not wash it all the time.

  1. How often should men wash their hair?

Men can wash their hair every two or three days. If you are someone who can’t imagine roaming around without showering, then you may wet your hair. Wetting your hair doesn’t harm, but the usage of shampoo will, with the chemicals present in it. So, washing your hair every two or three days is a better idea than damaging your hair.

  1. How often to wash curly hair?

If you have curly, then you must use hydrating shampoo to moisture your hair. And use conditioner to seal the cuticle of your hair. Wash your curly hair one to three times a week with an extra-gentle shampoo that doesn’t cause dryness to your curls.

  1. How often should you wash your hair woman?

A woman can wash their hair every two to three times a week, and it also depends on the hair type you have

  1. How often to wash natural hair?

You can wash your natural hair only once every two weeks until you feel your hair is dirty and need a shower. And if you are desperate to wash your hair, then make sure to use a shampoo that is gently followed by a cleansing conditioner.


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