How to apply nail polish like a Pro

Beautiful and elegant looking hands is one of the things which all women desire. And to achieve this you must know how to apply nail polish properly.

Surely a manicure is best for the purpose but what about the cost it comes with. In this fast pace of life, most of the women do not prefer giving a lot of time to a salon. So, it is best to learn an ideal method on how to apply nail polish like a pro at home.

There can be nothing better than getting your nails done the best way and in the comfort of your home. You can get the desired nails by applying the nail polish as mentioned below.

How to apply Nail polish

1. Always clean your nails with a non-acetone remover

Non acetone nail polish remover

It is necessary to get rid of any chemical remains of the old nail polish before applying a new one. For this purpose, a non-acetone remover instead of an acetone remover is a better choice as it will make your nails healthy and shiny.

Always use a cotton pad for the easy removal of nail polish without damaging the surface and the cuticles. After removing any chemical remains it is advised to apply a primer to remove the excess moisture and for making the nail polish last longer.

2. A base coat is a must

base coat nail polish

Applying a base coat is a must as it provides a solid hard layer for the nail polish. A base coat also prevents the nails from chipping, peeling, and breaking. Colored nail polish doesn’t fade when it is applied over a base coat.

There is a technique in which the base coat should be applied for best results. Starting from a white half-moon a base coat is applied in an upward motion. It is better to let the base coat dry for 4-5 minutes before applying the nail polish over it.

3. Apply a good quality nail polish

nail polish

Always apply a nail polish which is of good quality. A quick-drying or any cheap nail polish should be avoided as they degrade the texture of nails.

Before applying the nail polish rub it well between your hands. For an even application remove the excess of nail polish by rubbing the brush gently against the wall of the nail polish bottle. It is always better to apply 2 coats for a vibrant and long-lasting look.

4. Don’t forget the Topcoat

how to apply nail polish - top coat nail polish

A topcoat locks the color and prevents any smudges and peeling of nails. It also helps the nail polish last longer without any wears. A top coat should be a fast-drying product without any harmful chemicals.

5. Dry your Nails

Let your nails dry for about 5-10 minutes after applying the nail polish to avoid any kind of unnecessary smudging and uneven surface.

There is a specific procedure that is to be followed while applying nail polish. How to apply nail polish in the right way is all we need to do for getting clean and beautiful hands.  A pro like finish comes with time by following a step by step procedure.


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